Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love is what matters most!

I'm lucky enough to have another short week.  Friday Chris and I head back up to Washington to meet up with some very dear friends of his.  I have only met this couple once so I'm excited to get to know them a little better.  I have already scoped out the thrift stores by our hotel as I hear they could be a treasury trove since the neighborhood itself is pretty swanky:)  I have my priorities! There are also some killer restaurants I am hoping to hit up too.
I have been loving the pink and red combo lately, forever Valentine's day baby!
I had my yard cleaned up on Monday so all this mess is gone and I can breathe easier.
 I don't own one cross anything but when I saw this one in pink it had to be mine $3 at Forever 21.
 I am in love with my nails, the blue Barry M polish and pink religious bracelet were sent to me by our one and only Vix.  Have you checked out her recent pictures from India?
I have a sock fetish but they have to be knee highs!!! I also received the most delightful package of rainbow happiness from Sarah of Misfits Vintage.  True story...she did a recent post wearing red suspenders and the comment I left was how now I wanted the rainbow suspenders from my childhood~ she told me that she was putting some things together for me and one of them were rainbow suspenders.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!!
She also included these two colorful belts and bright orange scarf.
 This beautiful tablecloth
 Handmade Hello Kitty corset passed on to me from a gift exchange she was part of.  I love it!
This cool ass Barbarella poster!
She also included a bright turquoise Capezio  parachute jumper that I will be modeling because it looks so much better on than any picture I could share with you now.  Thanks Sarah I wish you could have included yourself in that package too.

BTW, shame on you North Carolina for banning gay marriage!!!!! Love is what matters most! I'm so sick of this country caring about the WRONG issues.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

Stupid NC!

You look amazing and your packet of delight is wonderful - so lucky, look at the hello kitty top!!

I also scope out charity shops before I visit somewhere, it's an obsession


Funny you should mention the gay marriage ban, my friend Laura just left. She was showing me pictures of a gay wedding she attended on Saturday. The couple have been together 10 years, run a pub together and have so much love from their friends and family. Why shouldn't they be allowed to share their love with the world by getting married?

LOVE your treasures from Sarah! So amazed by your fitness this last few months, I'd love to know how it feels to be that fit!


Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Rainbow suspenders!!!?Hello Kitty corset!!?Barbarella!!? These heavenly presents could only come from a heavenly creature!!I love you both more than Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim!
You look heavenly too in your super cute pony tails, love the pink cross and all your marvellous accessories!

La Dama said...

Bunch of PENDEJOS in NC!
surprised they let other races get married.
Love is universal and should be appreciated no matter what sex you are.
You look very loved your stripey long socks and braids.
love all the goodies from Sarita, especially Barbarella poster.
I cant wait to see modeling your Capezio parachute jumper.

Vix said...

How hot do you look today? There's a minxy twinkle in your eye!
What a fabulous parcel from darling Sarah, I'd love to see that Hello Kitty corset and those rainbow braces worn together, it will blow my mind, I swear! Can't wait to see that jumper, either.
Your garden looks fab, nice to see that the lake's dried up a bit.
Have a brilliant time in Washington and don't forget to take lots of pictures.
Miss ya already! Love & kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

I love red and pink on you too, it's a very Krista combination - every day is Valentine's Day!
Isn't Sarah a darling? Those gifts are spot-on for you - rainbow braces, Barbarella and a Hello Kitty bustier, lots of colour and lots of gorgeousness, all for lovely you!

Oh don't get me started on the ridiculous judgements some people feel they are entitled to make about who others are allowed to love.... I agree, shame on them. xxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Yeah,pink and red LOVE!
You're just working it,lassie,in the brightest,most fabulous way!!!
Yay for parcels of joy from sarah!!Those braces are so sweet,you're gonna look too funky!!!
Indeed,shame on NC and assholes who like to judge.It's just BULLSHIT.This sort of crap really gets me going.
You're doing your bit in spreading the love vibes,and I'm feeling them!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Thats the exact first thing that I do as well when we visit somewhere new - google where the thrift stores are!!
I love red and pink too, a happy combo. And yes, such a step back in the dark ages for NC - get in the 21st century please!!

Nerd Burger said...

Rad care package. That barabrella poster is rad.

VainGlorySinner said...

That is quite shocking that people and countries still think gay people have no rights.. love has no bounds!

You nails are so good looking! You must share your nail care :D I just got a nice lilac Nails Inc polish worth £11 in a magazine that cost £3 today.. BARGAIN! MUAHAHA!

I love the rainbow suspenders! They kinda remind me of Chucky from Child's Play with his rainbow top haha!

The star of the show has to be that absolutely friggin awesome Barbarella poster! That is so old school!

I'm just like you! If I know we're going somewhere different I always check online to see if there are any antique/second hand shops nearby! xxx

Bella Q said...

cool stuff and even cooler that they were from Misfits Sarah! xo.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista,
Lovely gifts you got there
I adore your hello kitty corset so cute!
You some good looking hand girl, long fingers very elegant!

Ariane xxxxx

Heather said...

Oh you look super cute!! Pinks your color girl!!! ~Enjoy all those new treasures Love Heather

Trees said...

You look great, I love your nails! I wish I had the patience to paint my nails more regularly, also I want to come and visit you and steal that HK top!

Ivy Black said...

You look a picture and yet again on this grey old day, you've brightened it up. I do love it when people get parcel.The corset will look fab on you.
I can't get my head around this attitude in parts of the US. It's not an issue here in the UK. Come and live over here...bring all your colour. Oh yeah, bring Obama as well because he's a top bloke.....thirty times better then the chinless tosser trashing our country at the moment!

Anonymous said...

You hit the jackpot with the package from Sarah. I want to see you in the corset.