Thursday, May 17, 2012

See me, feel me

For me, the most unexpected and cherished aspect of blogging are the real connections I have made with some of you.  The world is just not big enough to keep us from becoming friends :)  thank goodness for that!   Imagine my meltdown as I pulled out this hand painted tote with a picture of me on it!  Edie Pop of Homesick Blues has blown my mind with this juicy painting of me.  I love her Edie!!!! Thank you so very much!
and if that wasn't enough to make me do my happy dance behold...her Mom yes her sweet Mom made me this pink fabric and silver hoop ring necklace
 It's so comfy and makes the softest sweetest little chi chang chi chang :)
I really love it!  I guess that means I really love myself which is the only way you can love others.  I love you all!!!  Also tucked into that sweet gift package was this amazing mini dress.

 The puzzle pattern of bold green and blue have me in love with this dress.  I think it will come with me to the UK :)  The fit could not be better.
 Her original design on a card with the sweetest sentiment.  I love her style.
 and yet  another necklace made by her Mom for me.  I am feeling the love.

Cowboy boots are going to be on my feet a lot this summer.  It's gonna be that kind of summer :)
 Wish me luck with the Governor tonight.  I pimped out my ride, polished my nails, and even packed snacks :) I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.


Miss Magpie said...

That bag is ace! Have fun tonight. x

La Dama said...

You totally deserve a bag made in your honour.
Those necklaces are pure creatividad.
Edie is such a talented amorcito.
I am blown away by her beauty and generosity. I think your tacos will be so honorary Mexi.
mini go go dress shows off your sexy legs nicely.
I am so proud of my blog gang of prostis.
good luck tonight! I'm sure the governor will be in such great company.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you get your packet!!!!
And you did an amazing photoshoot, can't wait to show it to my mom!!!
She'll be so excited and proud about how you styled our creations!!!
And the dress is perfect with your socks and hat,you look like a supermodel: it's the best fashion editorial I've ever seen!!!
Thank you for this surprise!!!
I love you more than worldwide shipping and airmail!!!
Finger-crossed for tonight, I'm sure that everything is going to be great!!

pastcaring said...

What a fabulous bag! All Edie's gifts are wonderful. How great do you look in that dress? Love the colours and print.
You look so cute in your plaits, and whether you top the look off with a hat or a headband, you look HOT!
Good luck for tonight, I know you will be charm personified and the Governor will love you! xxxxx

Bella Q said...

That package is awe inspiring- the dress was made for youse, and the whole round up of gifts is so you. AND THAT BAG with YOU ON IT is freakin' AMAZEING! What a thoughtful, creative and out of control kind of gift.

Good luck with the Govn'r tonight!

Vix said...

Wow! What an amazing package, that bag is freaking fabulous as is the card and those gorgeous necklaces Edie's Mum made, they are one talented family. Yes, you must bring that dress to the UK then I can borrow it! Not that I'd look half as hot as you do in it!!!
Wishing you loads of luck with the escorting later, she's gonna adore you!
Love YOU! xxxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love it, I saw sarah's earlier and that was fab too, Edie is great and her mum is so sweet too! xx


You in that dress - sensational! It's perfect. Edie has found the perfect muse in you, that's for sure.
Quick reply, I'll email you tomorrow. Hope you calmed your nerves.
What's not to love about you?

Lucy x

Helga! said...

What a clever and sweet creature Edie is!!!! EEEEEEK!
Such delights,and as Edie said,such a fab photshoot to show it all off!!!!
Lucy is so right,what;s NOT to love about you?!Freakin' AMAZEBALLS!!
You're goon a be BRILLANT with the Governor tonight!Just be yourslef,and she,like the rest of us,will LOVE you!!
Will reply to your email over the weekend!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You'll be brilliant, just like that bag! And how cool does your hair look in plaits??!

Louise said...

I'm just laughing at Helga's way with words. Holy shitbox lmao. That bag is really astounding, what a talented lady, it looks just like you. Blogging makes the world seem a much smaller place doesn't it? We love you too. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Spectacular!!! OMG how lucky are WE?? edie is such a gorgeous and amazing artist - your bag is FABULOUS and holy fuckoly, that frock is EXQUISITE on you!!! Good luck tonight - I just she will love you - what's not to love??? Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your "escorting" obligations. You and Sarah made out like bandits. I especially like any jewelry that announces my the first one her mother made.

Heather said...

Love the bag how cool is that!! I hear ya with the cowboy boots it is hot and dusty here where I am at and I have had mine on quite a bit already....That must be one super talented family!! And the dress looks fantastic on you, fits perfect and the braids are super cute love how the pink weaves in them ....oh a future trip to the UK that sounds like some exciting plans!! Have a good time out and enjoy your weekend ~Love Heather :)

two squirrels said...

You will be amazing tonight!!!!!
Look at that BAG!!!!
It is perfect, look at the beautiful lady on it. Wow what an talented lady she is, I just saw Sarah's too.
Sending love V

Trees said...

That bag is amazing - in fact the whole package is SO amazing!!

I do agree you, one of the best things about blogging is making friends from all over the world - wheee!

Nerd Burger said...

What an amazing artist. The print looks amazing and so do you.

Daniel said...

awesome tote !! Great !!! xxxxx