Friday, May 4, 2012

Taxi rides and stormy skies

I love having vivid dreams!  When I was a kid I remember concentrating super hard as I tried to fall asleep because I thought for sure I could control what I dreamt about.  Sometimes I still like to try.  Last nights dream was bizarre as I was being followed by some very odd looking circus folk, I ran to the beach only to find dark storm clouds and rough waves crashing on the shore, it was not inviting at all.  I finally hailed a cab and ditched those characters straight from a Rob Zombie film, the cabbie had to make a pit stop at a strip club.  There I meant a lovely gal who cried a lot, she was oh so sad~ so I gave her my favorite lipstick and woke up smiling.
I'm happy it's Friday and soon my time will be my own again.
I love this cotton dress and all the ribbon detailing in the waist and straps.  Another score at $5.
My yard is a mess overgrown with weeds and I can't keep on top of it, nor do I want to.
So I have hired a Gardner to help me get it under control.  Writing a check is easier for me then spending hours weeding when I would rather be planting.
Chris thinks I'm getting weirder as I age, he's right!  After so many years of living in Southern California and trying to look like everybody else I'm finally happy to just be me!  Here's to finding who you are and not being afraid to share it with the world!

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!  Enjoy your time this weekend.



Well said Krista!
I love your style and vibrancy, when you think about it, why do we try and blend in with others? If you're a special person you should look special - and you do.
Ah, lucid dreaming, I've tried my best too, read books on how to do it. Dreams are the best part of being asleep. I love the dreams I have when I sleep in the afternoon, they're always more interesting. I dream that I've woken up and drive myself crazy thinking dead pets are alive again!
Have a well deserved rest Cariad. Love the dress, and your wild garden.

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love your words, everybody should try to look like their inner self, here we got the same problem, people try to imitate a role model like blind sheeps even with their clothes, I always try to be myself even if aging for me is quite the opposite and not because I want to be like everybody else, but because I had suffered enough from being misunderstand.But I'm so happy to have meet you and other strong women that make with their difference the true strenght.
Your dream was so beautiful, I love when they comes to me like that:thrilling, creepy and lovely with a twist of lipstick!
You are gorgeous in that awesome dress!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

woo! You're amazing, I'll be letting my freak flag fly too!

Gorgeous dress, I'm waiting for better weather so I can buy a sassy vamps headband!

I have weird dreams, I can control them sometimes but I can control when I can control them!!! I'm also dreaming a lot about other bloggers and sunny weather

Melanie said...

It's lovely when you gain the confidence to be yourself!


VainGlorySinner said...

Ooo Circus dream! How exciting! I wouldn't be happy to part with my favourite lipstick though that's for sure! :p

I used to have a dream diary as a teenager (it was faux black leather with a large silver pentagram on the front) and would record my dreams in it as soon as I woke in the morning (if I remembered my dream that is!) It may sound weird but my dreams were always more like nightmares when I was younger and I preferred it that way - it was always much more thrilling!

I remember one such dream - I was naked in a bath of blood with Elizabeth Bathory (kinda lesbiany I know!) but it was really surreal and afterwards I dressed in beautiful Victorian clothes!

One dream which I woke up crying from was just after my dad had moved out - I dreamt he was drowning in a large tank of dark murky water full of leeches and I couldn't get him out :(

I have been successful in making my dreams carry on too - say if I wake in the middle of the night from a nice dream - I just lay there and think about it until I fall back to sleep and my dream carries on. It's happened quite a few times which makes me think we do have some control over our dreaming!

I don't think I've dreamed for quite a while or if I have I don't recall them, it's probably all these restless nights plagued with coughing fits!

You always seem to find the cutest dresses and at such bargain prices - the must be drawn to you by your fun, loving and not to mention PINK presence! xxx

Sassy Filles said...
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Sassy Filles said...

When I grow up I wanna be as confident as you :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Krista, I want to shrink you and turn you into an earring so you come everywhere with me, whispering lovely things in my ear!

I agree re gardening - I have compeltely giving up even pretending that I could give a crap about it - I would so much rather pay someone to do all the yucky jobs for me - I consider it my contribution to the economy!

You look stunning, as always - I love the ribbon details on that gorgeous frock and of course, your stunning floral headpiece.

Happy weekend, beautiful woman! Love you! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Thank goodness you found who you are and are showing the world how marvellous it is being you! It's liberating, isn't it, not giving a fuck?! I'm flying my freak flag right beside you, darling!
Love your frock, such pretty ribbon, and that first pic of you is gorgeous!
Have a dreamy weekend! xxxxxxx

Bella Q said...

I think the term for paying to have someone do what you don't want to do so you can have the time to do want you do, is called leverage- you leverage your time and spend it wisely.
Love the $5 frock. Happy weekend to you!

Trees said...

Trying to be like the rest of the world is so draining! You are fabulous as you are so why bother trying to be anyone else ;)

Vix said...

You are breaking my heart in that fabulous frock, you look so freaking beautiful, what a bargain!!!! Who wants to be part of the herd when you can be memorable and stop traffic?
Well done for getting help with the garden. Why waste valuable time doing something you don't enjoy? I love weeding, I'd do it for free if I lived closer.
Your dream sounds very interesting, I haven't had a memorable one for ages!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

Your dream means all about emotions,feelings and maybe helping yourself.
love the detail on your pink frock.
If there is anything I hate is blending with the crowd. never change amor.

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