Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tree sweaters

I saved the best for last. I was totally in love when I set eyes on this park.  Seattle based fiber artist, Susan Tidwell knitted some 50 sweaters for trees in a park in Redmond Washington.  I about died when I saw this installation.  Even Spring can be dark and dreary here in the Pacific Northwest but here is someone who added her touch to help make things a little brighter for everyone.  How dreary life would be without art!

 I want a tree sweater for the two trees in my yard....hmmmmm.

 I guess this makes me a tree hugger :)

 Life is meant to be lived in color!
As for the thrift shopping it pretty much sucked but I did find this beauty for $8 and honestly I was totally satisfied after that.  I couldn't believe it fit round my boobs:)
I just found out I will be doing something I never imagined myself doing!  I will be escorting a former Governor, Oregon's only female Governor Barbara Roberts to an event celebrating female leaders in the state of Oregon.  Chris's Mom does a lot of volunteer work in our state capital Salem, Oregon and well to make a long story short I have been choosen to bring Mrs. Roberts to this event and take her home after.  Eeeeeek!  I think I will wear a new navy blue dress and red cowboy boots, YEEEHAW!


Anonymous said...

The tree sweaters installation is awesome!! I love when art meets nature and the idea is brilliant!!
Those colors will be perfect in your garden, you must try to knit one by yourself (I hope your trees are smaller!)..Beside the eyeballs dress I need the one you've scored, it reminds a bit of the pink dress I put in my last post, but this is more beautiful, I love the rich skirt and the fabric!!
With a navy blue dress you can't go wrong at any event, especially with red cowboy boots!The lady seems very nice from her photo,I'm sure she's lovely and she'll adore you!Good luck my darling!!!
kisses & hugs

Vix said...

Those sweet trees in their rocking woollens are just magical although you're totally stealing the show flashing your gorgeous legs in those killer shorts!
That pink frock is so Krista it should have a picture of you printed on the label.
What an honour, getting to escort a former governor, that well and truly rocks. Navy blue is the perfect colour for a formal occasion and teamed with red cowboy boots? I want pictures!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathi said...

That's yarnbombing at its finest! She's well known for her displays all around Seattle.

Rachel - Firebird said...

Hiya, Vix sent me in your direction because I am a bit of a yarnbombing fan. They are magnificent - I've never seen yarnbombs on trees before but I am seriously inspired to knock up a little something for the trees in our garden. Love it!

pastcaring said...

Knitted rainbow tree warmers - genius!
I can see why you would want to hug those well-dressed trees, Krista, but admit it now, were you a little jealous?! You needed your stripey socks on to match!
That pink frock is TOO cute, and SO you.
Ooh, you're an escort! Of the nicest kind, I mean! I'm sure Barbara will be very happy to have a friendly, kind and wonderfully dressed person such as you to take her to the event and back. We will need photos! xxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's like something from a Dr Suess book - love it! Actually so are you :-)

"There children, look, just look over there -
There is a Krista, see her pink hair!"


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the knitted trees, I'd want to hug them too! They're all knitted in your colours!! So bright and gorgeous! Love that fairy dress, can't wait to see it on xxxxx

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Hello, Fellow Oregon Blogger! I'm so happy to meet you!!

Love your blog; the tree sweaters make me so happy!

Nerd Burger said...

congratulations on the radical dinner date. I can't wait to see pics of you out enjoying your outfit.

Helga! said...

EEEEK! Those tree sweaters are SO amazing,they make me want to be a tree HUMPER! yes,you def need some for your trees!
I'm FREAKING OUT over that DIVINE frock,I love LOVE it!You MUST wear it when we are there!!EEEEK!
And escorting the Governer!O MY!
That's aweosme,as are YOU,my darling!!!!


Trees without jumpers will now forever look naked!
I love how snugly they fit the trees, and her eye for colour is NEARLY as good as yours.
I cannot wait to see you in that pink fairy frock, I don't know how you get those boobs in!
How exciting to be escorting someone, and not just anyone, you'll look amazing and she's a lucky lady - you can escort me anytime!

Keep smiling,


Lucy x

Nat said...

How cool are those tree sweaters?! And can't wait to see you in that new pink dress :-)

La Dama said...

Trees wearing rainbow sweaters? I think your in candylane.
You need sone tree hugging sweaters for your backyard for sure,
Loving your little colorful shorts amor.
What an hounour to escourt such an important person.
Cant wait to see you in action.
What an exquisite pink prom dress , made just for you.
I totally need strength abd patience right now.
Yes, calmese amor, take deep breaths.

two squirrels said...

Oh oh happy trees!!! All the trees here are jealous its so cold today, I wish I had knit tree socks for them.
They are just fabulous. You look so cute in your shorts.
Oh oh my goodness, I just love Miss pretty frock. You will look amazing in her. She so needs a special occasion.
Love v

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of this and can only imagine the time it took to knit all this! And congrats to you on being chosen to be an "escort." Can't wait to see your look.

Misfits Vintage said...





Trees in stripy bright knitted sweaters is my favourite thing EVAAA! Holy guacamole - that is truly spacetacularly amazing!

Never mind navy blue - wear your amazing new Kristapink strapless frock with red cowboy boots!!! And, of course, take LOTS OF PICS FOR US!

You are so sunshiny beautiful Krista - I just ADORE you! Sarah xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

wow this tree art is amazing! LOVE IT!!! So much effort has gone into all those sweaters and I bed each one had to be sewn on the trees - phew! :)