Friday, June 29, 2012

Blue knew

Oh Friday I am so happy to finally see you!  Thanks for all your suggestions about the Lake District.  This weekend Chris and I are heading to the World Beat Festival!  His mom is leading a Tai Chi demonstration there for the third year in a row, this will be our first time going.  I'm excited!  There will be tons of international flavor in music, food and culture.  I get to bring Peetee too since the whole affair is outside next to the river.  Should be a good time!  What will I wear?

I have been really trying to get into my accessories and start wearing stuff that has been neglected.  Perfect example this little beaded purse necklace.  I've had it for years.
 and this hot pink leather belt with butterflies and roses.
See my critters lurking :)
 I hardly wear my glasses in my blog pictures but without them I'd hate to be.
I have been wearing my painted DIY rhinestone bracelet a lot before I painted it I hadn't wore it in years.
I have also been really gravitating towards greens and blues lately.  I do like the contrast with my hair.
 Peetee was licking me right there. Peetee!!!!
I wore this dress to eat a peanut butter, bacon and pickle topped hamburger.  It was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth! Trust me on this, I have the stain to prove it.
Lots of cool colors this week.
 What do you think of these bright beaded bracelets?  Forever 21 has tons of cool jewelry from India right now.  I picked these up for $8. I love the colors!
Well that was a long post and a whole lotta Krista :)  Until next time loves!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


See I even wonder about what Janis would do :)  WWJD?  If Janis Joplin were alive today she would totally rocks these shorts, but of course I gotta put a little me into it.
These are the shorts Vix made me.  Could they fit any better?  She's not a seamstress or anything just messes around :)  A bit of a tan would do my legs wonders.  Thanks again Vix, I really do dig them!
Did you see the skirt she just made?  LOOK HERE. 
These shorts and feathers make me feel like I'm channeling Janis Joplin. Southern Comfort anyone? (I can't stand SC)
She was a hot mess.
I still have my moments.
 but she sure had a sweet ride.

I wanted to ask all my lovely English bloggers if you had any advice or opinions on the best area to stay in for exploring the Lake District.  I have been looking into renting a place there for the last part of our vacation.  If it all works out how fun would it be to have a day out at the lake with all you gals?

Oh and can one of you please do this to a dresser you have, my American friends would think I was strange if I did this:)  but stars and stripes just wouldn't look as good.  I love this dresser and right now all things British!  I will be in you soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wonder...

Is it mean to put stuff on Peetee?
and mess with my kitty?
Egocentric to take a picture of my own ass?
Impractical to want a chandelier?
 or a Turkish smoking room?
 Is it a waste to want a hanging flower basket every year?
Is it selfish to miss my nephews in San Diego?
and then feel guilty for spending time with Chris's nephew Jack?
Am I too old for pleather?
  Pink hair?
Belts like this?
 Taking pictures of myself ?

What will life be like without my lil guy?
What do his insides look like?

Will I ever get to make a grand entrance down a fabulous staircase like this?
Will I ever return to Peru?
Why do we grow old?
What will he be like as a grown up?
Will I get another?
 What would it be?
How can he put up with me?
When will I see the sky on fire again?
What are you wondering about these days?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Spoiled ripe :)

I'm so excited to share with you guys what I received in my Jubilee Gift Exchange put on by the clever and creative Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.   She paired me up with Bohemian Goddess Vix of Vintage Vixen whom I will be meeting in less than THREE MONTHS!!!  Ok I won't start the countdown now, but know it's coming folks!

I am always commenting on how much I adore the silver gypsy coin jewelry she wears~ she sent me some!!!!!
 It seemed quite at home on my dress.
She wrapped things in comic book stash, do you know how hard it was to even open these.

Inside were more goodies but before we get to those, you will not believe what she made me?
 SHORTS!  They are a beautiful champagne pink, fit me like a glass slipper and were made by her beautiful hands!  Vix I love them!!!!  Check out that glitzy rainbow fringe! I have an outfit picked out that I will show you later this week.
Inside the comics were these treasures~more awesome Barry M polish, PURPLE, some cool blue black lashes, more pretties from India, my coin jewelry and some hair ties in gorgeous colors!
and this precious dream catcher.  I hung it up in the spare bedroom so anyone wanting to come out for a visit will have this protecting you while you sleep. The beads are a sparkly lilac and glisten on the wall.
Sweet dreams.
She also found another one of these vintage chevron rompers and sent it to me! How unlikely is it to find two?  I'll have to pair it with some knickers or my sweet little ass will peep out. I can't believe it fits but it does.  Candy land yum!
In celebration of Jubilee these crazy ass Union Jack leggings that I have already teased Chris about wearing on the flight over to London.  Need I tell you he was mortified at the very suggestion!
 A journal for my travels :) which I hope will be many and vast.
 I also purchased this book that she is in Wearable Vintage Fashion.  I really dig this book!  It breaks down fashion by era and the signature clothes that define it.  I actually learned a lot about style.  Lots of great photos and beautiful clothes. Vix has a whole 2 page spread!  You should be proud of yourself girl!  
Thanks to Lakota again for doing the exchange and Vix for my goodies! XXOO!!!! 
 I wanted to share with you the Nike shorts I mentioned last post.  Check em' out!
God I'm pale but anyway I love them.  So comfy and so much better than having my undies hanging out. 
My weekend was exhausting but a lot fun.
Tacos, bubbles, polar bears oh my!
What three words sum up yours?