Friday, June 15, 2012

All you need is...

The only thing that makes me happier then sending off presents for others is getting them in the mail.  Yesterday Lucy absolutely made my day with her thoughtful and overly pink package for me.  Yes, this beautiful pink glitter LOVE sign was in there.  What do you think?  Is it me :)
 At first all I could do was admire how pretty everything was, right down to the sweet card!
She even sent Peetee something.
 Lucy ~Peetee loves it! Small, check~ squeak, check~ Peetee's new favorite toy~mini Hello Kitty :)
 The cutest brightly studded barrettes for my hair, a heart book mark some adorable tissue.
This owl t-shirt.... who doesn't love an owl on anything?!?!?! 
Don't you Love Love?!
 She also sent me this gorgeous winged necklace.  I put it on right away with the necklace Vix sent me.  I'm invincible wearing these!  Thank you for your kindness LUCY!
I'm wearing another $5 dress and I love the green and pink color combo. 

 I love how it ties in the back.
 Bracelet from my sweet Vix. 

 I think summer is finally here.

I have a busy weekend celebrating a friends birthday and Father's day and it looks to be gorgeous out maybe I'll even get a little sun on these white legs of mine :)  Have a lovely time whatever you find yourself doing!


just me said...

cute photos. the dog is sweet, reminds me of mine :)))

Anonymous said...

Pink punk perfection!!
Lucy is awesome and very talented and now I find out that she has an amazing taste in presents!!
Peetee looks adorable with his hello kitty plush!!Oh my!that photo makes my day!!I'd love to cuddle him so much!!!I think that you holding the Love sign should become a poster!!
I LOVE LOVE and this amazing post, your dress is fabulous and so your new head gear!!!
Love you and Peetee more than pink punk princesses!

Vix said...

What a fantastic parcel, Lucy has the most perfect taste! I love that LOVE sign, the winged pendant and those stunning hair grips and that owl would be a lovely friend for my bag!!! Your dress is so hot with that tie back, fingers crossed you have a sunny weekend and you'll be showing off tanned legs on Monday!!
Peetee looks so happy with his kitty!
Keep watching out for that postman, there could be something else arriving very soon!
Love you!!! xxx

Trees said...

What a beautiful parcel and I love that Peetee has a Hello Kitty toy now! That "LOVE" sign is so perfect for you and I love that necklace.

Your pink cowboy boots are amazing.

I think one day I will have to visit you and you can take me to buy a whole bunch of $5 dresses:D


Love your dress and pink accessories, but the boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the boots I WANT.
Have a grand weekend, my friend.

Louise said...

I wish the summer had come here! It's so dull, but your summery pinkness is enough to brighten up the day. What a fabulous package, no wonder you were pleased. Xx

Nat said...

Such fab goodies! You and Peetee have been thoroughly and deservedly spoilt :-)
Have a wonderful weekend...


Look at Peetee! That photo made my day. I'm so glad the parcel reached you quickly.
The boys have NOT stopped talking about "the pink lady". Sonny wants me to have pink hair, Ricky wants to call you again to tell you what we ate for lunch, and Liam wants to visit!

LOVE is what you spread around so freely, and you make us all happier for doing so.

That dress is gorgeous, the back of it is stunning and suits your little waist a treat.

Hope the sun has shines all day for you, rain, as predicted here.

Love yooooooo

Lucy x

La Dama said...

You pink lushious dolly, love your green and pink dress.
Rose pink headband is so pretty and love the added feathers.
Luce is the sweetest amor, that love sign was made for you.
Those rainbow hairclips will look great on your pink hair.
Awww Pete's new Hello KItty chew toy.
Hope you get better luck than us and the sun shines.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I adore Peetee with his huge eyes! Lucy's a lovely lady and her parcel of delight couldn't be more perfect!! cxxx

Heather said...

oh such cute pictures...that pup of yours is adorable. You and your 5$ dresses your amazing!! Great find it looks fantastic on you has a really neat back as well love how it ties...enjoy your weekend ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Oh, the wings necklace is fine. And I love the love she sent you! And yes, I love love.

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love the photo of Peetee, he is just so cute.
The "love" is just perfect for such a gorgeous lady like you.
What a fabulous and kind parcel of joy.
Love v

Sara said...

You make me smile; you are so beautiful! :D I adore all of your jewelry..all that wrist goodness is so fantastic! And that dress is delicious!

What lovely gifts; the LOVE sign suits you perfectly! :D

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Perfect pink presents for you from Lucy - I do indeed love the LOVE sign and it's very much you. The wings necklace is gorgeous too x

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE everything! That beautiful dress is so whimsical and perfect on you - the accessories are FRICKIN PERFECTION! I love that pic of you so much - I'm gonna print it and put it on my wall of love at the beach shack, if that's ok with you. The pink boots always rock my world and yes, I love love. And YOU! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

What wonderful gifts from our lovely Luce. LOVE and wings, that's a fabulous combination.
Your frock is so cute, especially with that fuck-off floral headband. YOU have brought the summer, Krista! xxxxxx