Friday, June 29, 2012

Blue knew

Oh Friday I am so happy to finally see you!  Thanks for all your suggestions about the Lake District.  This weekend Chris and I are heading to the World Beat Festival!  His mom is leading a Tai Chi demonstration there for the third year in a row, this will be our first time going.  I'm excited!  There will be tons of international flavor in music, food and culture.  I get to bring Peetee too since the whole affair is outside next to the river.  Should be a good time!  What will I wear?

I have been really trying to get into my accessories and start wearing stuff that has been neglected.  Perfect example this little beaded purse necklace.  I've had it for years.
 and this hot pink leather belt with butterflies and roses.
See my critters lurking :)
 I hardly wear my glasses in my blog pictures but without them I'd hate to be.
I have been wearing my painted DIY rhinestone bracelet a lot before I painted it I hadn't wore it in years.
I have also been really gravitating towards greens and blues lately.  I do like the contrast with my hair.
 Peetee was licking me right there. Peetee!!!!
I wore this dress to eat a peanut butter, bacon and pickle topped hamburger.  It was one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth! Trust me on this, I have the stain to prove it.
Lots of cool colors this week.
 What do you think of these bright beaded bracelets?  Forever 21 has tons of cool jewelry from India right now.  I picked these up for $8. I love the colors!
Well that was a long post and a whole lotta Krista :)  Until next time loves!


Vix said...

I want to dive in your wardrobe and play dress up with you! so many fabulously colourful things adn they all look brilliant on you! Love that beaded purse and that Indian jewellery and you look so beautiful in that last picture I want to join Peetee and lick you in adoration!!!
Have the best time at the World Beat Festival. Wishing you lots of sunshine and fun and hopefully speak on Sunday!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'll have to make a run to Forever 21. And have you ever seen there guys tees and stuff? Great guy stuff.

I need some colorful tennies like yours. They're so you. Colorful and happy! Have fun at the festival. Oregon has some of the best outdoor stuff.

Heather said...

Oh you look so pretty in all the bright colors it really suits you!! Love the India bracelets the colors are fantastic! Peanut butter bacon pickle lol!! Ok I will have to take your word for it that it is good hehehe ~Have fun at the festival Love Heather

Heather said...

Oh you look so pretty in all the bright colors it really suits you!! Love the India bracelets the colors are fantastic! Peanut butter bacon pickle lol!! Ok I will have to take your word for it that it is good hehehe ~Have fun at the festival Love Heather

Anonymous said...

A long post, but I'd love to see more and more of you!!! I really can't tell how much your incredible color palette inspires and influences me!
Even if I wear a lot of black I'm buying a lot of pink dresses, I hope to show you them soon!! I'm in love with the hot pink and turquoise combination (I'll call it 'Krista') and all these outfit are stunning!!!
The floral dress is amazing and also the little lace one and the printed one..sounds like I can't pick a favorite!! Super love vibes from one of your biggest fan xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh it was a treat!!!! A whole lot of Krista is wonderful.
I love the lace blue dress on you.
Pee tee is a cute wee licking monster.
Have a splendid weekend.
Love v

Trees said...

You have so many beautiful, colourful clothes! I think I like the blue dress with pink leggings best though :)

The festival you are going too sounds just amazing - I'm hoping you'll take lots of photos to share with us.

Have a super weekend!

Melanie said...

I love that blue dress, you look lovely!

ana maria bruno said...

Eres original, única y maravillosa, me alegra encontrar tu blog, besos ana.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love all this delicious pink and blue combo! I like the glasses too

Perdita said...

Those blues and aquas work so perfectly with your hair. And I love the glasses- you really suit glasses!

VainGlorySinner said...

A whole lot of Krista is a good thing! You and Vix have been really rocking the bright Hawaiian maxi's recently! I love that kaftan type dress you're wearing in the last few pictures - if the weather is nice at the festival then I'd put that one in the running for the dress of the day! Give hugs to cute little Peetee and Ash for me :D xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the glasses! And the blues on you. And THAT Peetee!

Annie said...

I love the beaded purse necklace, the belt and the bracelets. I'm trying to wear some of my old stuff too. I've got some nice accessories that deserve an airing, but I tend to reach for the same things all the time. You've inspired me to have a dig around in my jewellery boxes!

That festival sounds brilliant, can't wait to read your report back.

Love Annie xxx

pastcaring said...

Oh that pink and blue combination is just stunning on you, Krista! I love the print on the first frock, not a length I associate with you but you are rocking it with your hot pink cowboy boots.The little tyurquoise frock is adorable, but I think the last one is my fave, the pattern is beautiful.
And I love your armful of colour! And Peetee giving you a little licky love!
Hope you had a great weekend at the festival. xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Hope the festival was FABULARSEHOLE! Your outfits are all SPLENDIFEROUS - I especially love the pink belt, all of your bangles and the hand painted rhinestone bracelet and the blue frock with the pigtails - you are SO beautiful, Krista! And I have that same hot pink crucifix! Love! Sarah xxx

Nerd Burger said...

The photo of you and Peete is super cute :) I love you in all the blue tones you've been wearing