Monday, June 18, 2012

Burn baby burn

It just so happens there were a few firsts this weekend that I was pretty pleased about.  I shot my first bow & arrow, it was cool and yes the Katniss jokes were flying but so were our arrows.  The other first was watching some friends pour just the right mixture of gas and diesel onto a pile of wood and poof 10 feet of beautiful fire shot up into the night sky.  Now, I feel like a true Oregonian after my first ever Barn Party.
Here is a dress I have been wanting to share.  I got it for $15.  It's a vintage Sears dress.
The print is what sold me!
 My GOD Peetee's cute!

 I know you'd think I'd pair it with some flip flops but I love my sneaks!

  I have to pair up a lot of my dresses with little sports bras like this to keep the girls from falling out.  I own them in almost every color you can imagine.

 Sunday was Father's day so Chris and I had our Dad's over for some yummy shredded chicken tacos and fresh strawberry shortcake.  I love spending time just hanging out in the summer sun~ I think I'll make it through a week of work now.


Vix said...

What a fine weekend you've had yourself!
That Hawaiian dress rocks my world, you look incredible in it and pairing it with that turquoise bra is just genius. Even bra-hating me would be tempted to get my girls into of those beauties!
Love the bangles and your cute hair slide, can't wait to wear mine now!
Peeteee looks cute but you're even cuter!
Love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! Those are definitely your colors, all of them! ;)


One of the best dresses I've seen on you. The sports bra ides is ingenious - I will be copying that idea. I see so many lovely dresses but the spaghetti straps put me right off.
Bow and arrow shooting, barn fires, all sounds so exciting and romantic!

Absolutely LOVE the parcel you sent Vix - you really should have a website of your jewellery. Beautiful.

Loveyouloads, can't wait to chat without the boys distracting me!

Lucy x

Ivy Black said...

I love that dress on you, gorgeous. How sweet are you and Peetee?!xxxxx

Louise said...

That dress is fab, I love the print, and it's great you can find nice colourful bras like that, sports bras over here are white or black :-( I do adore Peetee, can't you smuggle him in your luggage in September? Xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That is such a great idea with the coloured sports bra - I definitely need something like that, having similar 'girls' issues! I do not do the no bra thing, and this is perfect, I thought it was part of the dress to start off with.

I am desperately jealous of your archery stuff too, I wanna be Katniss!

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Gorgeous lady! You have such a nice, colorful style, so much creativity and energy... :) Hugs from Mushroom! :)

VainGlorySinner said...

Bright, fun and funky Krista! That dress is loud and proud and your jewellery always seems to match every outfit.. you must have tonnes of accessories! I'd love to see them all piled up for us all to stare at open mouthed haha!

The archery sounds like a lot of fun - I've not read The Hunger Games but I do know roughly what it is about so I think I know what the Katniss reference is all about.. maybe?!?! xxx

Lucy Nation said...

Awesome dress. It totally matches your hair. Those sports bras are a great idea! xx

Nat said...

Gorgeous dress and I love your idea of the sports bra combo.... you have an amazing bust missus :-)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you look great as always, that dress is fantastic! And Peetee is so adorable! Wear more mad maxi prints xx

Thick Threads said...

i cant get over that print! you look amazing! the dressis so gorgeous i love it! your dog is adorable! i just wanna squeeze him! :)


Anonymous said...

I love this vintage dress and all your amazing matching bracelets!!
The print really caught my eye, the colors are fabulous and so bright!!
I'm so glad that you had an amazing weekend and I wish you a wonderful week too!!
Love you more than Hawaiian maxi dresses!!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Holy smokes, that may be the best dress ever. The colors and the print are just so beyond perfect for you. You look gorgeous!

anton belardo said...

ooh was it hard to shoot an arrow? that sounds like a lot of fun! miss you dear... your looking lovely as always

kisses A.

La Dama said...

Sounds like awesome weekend of fun archery amor.
That colorful Hawaiian maxi frock looks perfect , zooming in on your chi ches. what a great idea to wear sports bra's. Will have to buy lots sports bras now.
Petey is such a cutey.
Love your skull bracelets, your gifts to Vixcita was the best, you really should open up your own little shop of creations.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that dress is FABULARSEHOLE! The colours are so perfect on you!! And that arm full of bracelets has me swooning - the colours! the skulls! the jesus and mary chain! Peetee is super duper cutie patootie. Love your fabulousness! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Amazing colors in the dress! And that fire? Did it take your breath away a bit?

Still admiring the bracelets...

Bella Q said...

That dress is awesome sauce and soooo very YOU! Glad you are having some good chill time. Have a great week!

Perdita said...

That dress pattern is fab... and MADE for you!! Love it! I also have modesty vests in many colours. :)

Charis said...

Love your dress!

pastcaring said...

Oh Krista, the colours and print on that frock are PERFECTION! With all your bracelets, and the best accessory ever, which is Peetee, you look wonderful.
I need a collection of sports bras in a rainbow of colours too, I have the same issue of girl control, haha!