Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheap frills and curls galore

Are we all as happy as I am that today is Friday?!  You have all been so sweet with your compliments about my hair that I wanted to share a bit of my hair routine with you but, before we do that let's have a look at this Desiree inspired outfit.  I find her to be a fireball of inspiration and anyone who follows her blog knows she has an obsession with bloomers at the moment.  I too, own a few pair and after seeing her recent post this outfit was born.
I got the shorts at Forever 21 for $15.  The leggings you have seen before, they are from H&M, and my pink sweater was thrifted for $2.
 I know you all love a lil Peetee shot and the fling of my hair.
I was telling him to stay since we have a large Raccoon loose in our yard.   I have been trying to get pictures but she always takes off.  I saw her this morning carrying one of her babies in her mouth, it was the most precious thing I have ever seen. I haven't the heart to call a trapper. Can't we all just get along :)
Now let's back up because 15 minutes before this picture my hair looked like this.
These are my Remington hot rollers they were $15 on Amazon, and those are the pins that hold them in place.
 I put this leave in conditioner in my hair every time I wash it, it makes it so soft.
 I am a very sloppy roller but it dosen't have to be perfect since I just want some big curls. It takes me about 3 minutes to roll it all up.
 I leave them in 15 minutes or until cool and this is what it looks like after I remove the rollers.
 Then I spray with my favorite hairspray TRESemme.
I comb gently through my hair with my fingers and WA LA!
Whenever I curl my hair and wear a hat people always ask if it's a wig :)
 Desiree's bloomers above inspired this outfit post today.
This weekend I will be picking up those answers from my friends high school class.  I will share the results with you next week.  I also have a friend in California who teaches refugees from Burma as well as Uzbeki girls who are Muslim and wear the full hijab~ both groups will be taking my survey.  Can you even image what their responses will be?  I have been working feverishly on my own story of what its like to be a woman.  I think the working title is, "Love Yourself First, Life Advice for the Daughter I'll Never Have."

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

~Marcel Proust


pastcaring said...

Bouncing curls and frilly bloomers, blog buddy inspiration, Peetee and Proust. I think these may be the elements of the perfect blog post, Krista!
I have some hot rods but can't get them to stay in my hair, maybe I'd be better with good old rollers. I do yearn for a wave now and again!

I love the title of the piece of writing you are working on, I must admit it's brought a little tear to my cynical old eye, and that's no mean feat.
How fascinating it will be to consider the answers to your survey questions across cultures.
I think blogging has given me a version of Proust's "new eyes" and I'm thankful for the discoveries they have brought. Like "meeting" you, love! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I have those same rollers..guess I just need more practice. I answered your questions but couldn't send it back through my phone so I'll have to do it again on the computer. I'll try to do that tonight. Have a good weekend -Tammy

Nerd Burger said...

Thank you for teaching me how to curl my hair. I am hopeless at it. God you are just so rad. Those frilly shirt + you = Awesome

Trees said...

I am ordering some pillow curlers yah!! Also love those frilly bloomers - so cute on you.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I agree with Curtise blogging has definitely given me new eyes and I like it!! You are hot-damn blooming fantastic honey, aren't bloomers the best thing ever? Thank you for sharing your scrumptious frillies, your amazing hair tips and goodness if I'd saved all those newborn baby placentas I could have made my own leave-in conditioner - eeeeeeeek!!!! You've inspired to go out and me a bottle though coz my hair really needs it. Happy, happy hair flinging Friday honey!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The bloomers are unbelievably "Desiree-ish" (new word there). Like some you meet, I had assumed that your hair, the pink part, was some sort of hair piece so I am very, very impressed to see the curling routine. I love the photo where you're flinging your hair.


Desiree will be so proud of you. I love, love that blue skirt and everything about your daring self, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nat said...

You have such gorgeous hair - and you are very talented at curling it like that too! I am hopeless when it comes to my hair- can't do anything, so it's perhaps lucky it is stick straight and can just be left to dry :-)

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet the frilly bloomers are truly scrumptious!!!!
I think you and Desiree are fabulous.
The curls are just perfect and I love you did a little demo!!!!
Happiness to you
Love v

Thick Threads said...

I love the shorts! they are really great i love your hair too! thanks for sharing how you achieve that oh so lovely look :)


Annie said...

Hi Krista, this outfit is so much fun! And what glorious curls! You are lucky your hair curls so easily, mine just drops out no matter how much hairspray I use.

I'd say you were lucky to have a raccoon in your garden, but I guess it's a worry if she's dangerous to Peetee.It's never easy to know what to do about those sort of situations.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment by the way, I've left a seperate reply for you on that.

Annie xx

Heather said...

Thank you for sharing about that gorgeous hair of yours!! Ha you are to cute in your bloomers Desiree and you are great Muse's for those of us that need a little more color in our lives :) ....I can't wait to hear how your survey goes....just coming back from the Middle East and having friends who fully cover themselves I can't wait to hear how all the answers compare. ~Raccoons are so cute but if I have learned anything from the Movie Elf ...remember not to try and hug it hehehehe....Have a great weekend Love Heather

Louise said...

Your research seems to take on a life of its own, I can't wait for you to share the outcome, its fab. Everytime I see you in an outfit like this I just think 'Rainbow Brite', too cool. I love it. Xx

Louise said...

Btw. Would that raccoon hurt Peetee? I hope not, he's such a doggy child. Xx

Vix said...

Those bloomers are just fabulous, I love them on you, you've gotta bring them to England!!! You have the best hair in blogland, I love it straight or curly, it always looks perfect, so vibrant and full of bounce, just like it's awesome owner!
I'm dying to see the raccoon. I've only seen cartoon ones, I can't believe she'd hurt Peetee or the kitties, not when she's got little 'uns to care for.
How exciting about the questions, the working title is brilliant!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yay you did a hair post, thank you! Ok, so that looks pretty easy. What on earth is a Hask though, and why would anyone make conditioner out of its placenta??


La Dama said...

Frilly Chonis! Oh amor your look freaking hot!
I love your hair tut.
I could never use heated stuff on my hair. I only use sponge curlers.
I used that placenta stuff before it really works.
So proud of your recognized efforts.
You go girl!

anton belardo said...

you look really nice with curls dear
extra sweet.. and i love your "can't we get along statement" lots of love from me and the kitties <3kisses A.

Sian Lile said...

woo hoo - love the curls and frills.x

VainGlorySinner said...

Get a load of those bloomers! They are so freaking CUTE! Your outfits are so adorable just like you!

Thank you SO much for this hair curling tutorial - I always admire you soft wavy curls and now I know how you do it!!! I think I may have heard about that placenta stuff before, it definitely rings a bell.. I'm going to go look it up and maybe read some reviews. I'm always on the look out for products to make my hair soft!

Love little Peetee! I hope the Raccoon and her babies are doing well - they always looks so cute in pictures! I can't imagine seeing one in our back garden - it would look so exotic! Haha! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm buying some of that placenta stuff right now... my hair gets ruined by the wind, sun, drying and swimming and yours always looks great so I'll try it.

Let us in on the results! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I am so behind!!! The hair tute is amazing - my hair just won't do that - I think maybe it's too long/heavy?! I didn't realise how much red is in your hair since it's usually down so we see the pink - it's so SOOO gorgeous and I love the placenta stuff! How long do those amazing curls last in your hair?

The ruffly bloomers are frickin splendiferous and Peetee staying is gorgeous. I would love to see a raccoon. And I LOOOOVE the look on your face in the hair fling pic!

Happy weekend, love! Sarah xxx