Monday, June 4, 2012

Digital Narcissism

I can't help my analog self anymore.  Lost in bits and torrents I wonder where she is at times.  Exhausted in her bean bag being digitally amused that's where.  Still plugged in, lost in pixel magic, suspending disbelief.
Carried away by client complaints, the joy of buying tickets the misery of paying bills, the pleasure of pandora, the texts on my phone, the shots on my camera, the games on my iPad, yet the tangible world is all around me.
My avatar is a beautiful young vampire with fiery red hair and a hot pink velvet floor length gown, so tight it wiggles when I walk.  I'd only kill and drink the blood of bad guys.
Painting by Armhan.
I think part of shaking winters chill is breaking away from all my electronic gadgets. I spent most of the weekend working in my yard.  I planted a ton of pretty flowers and even some blueberry bushes.  I finished a book, did some coloring, had a great dinner out with friends and took Peetee on the longest walk in a forrest.

 Coloring completely relaxes me.

 These drinks hit the spot too.

 I have been eyeing these shoes for a month now and yesterday I decided I could not live without them :)
 Still waiting for warmer weather just happy to see the sun!
 Floral gear inspired by the most amusing and talented Desiree.  Check our her shop Sassy Vamps and get your very own.
 Another necklace I made with an old liquor tag.
I hope your weekend kicked ass and I'm looking forward to catching up with you all this week.


Miss Claire said...

I need some time away from the gadgetry too. I spent this evening crocheting in front of the heater and it was awesome. My eyes are tired from staring at the screen, so it's nice to have a break! Xxx

Vix said...

Your weekend sounded perfect and the ideal antidote to a shitty working week! I absolutely love your outfit, the dress is a stunner and totally brilliant with the leopard leggings and the best necklace in the world. I so wish I was there with you, soaking up the sun & downing cocktails and making your pretty garden even more lovelier. Ash looks very fierce there.
Those flower shots are out of this world and your colouring makes me happy.
Your avatar is one hot chick, just like you!
Love your new colourful trainers but love you more! xxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Sounds perfect. You look gorgeous as always, and the flowers are divine.

VainGlorySinner said...

Oooo love that necklace you made and that floral head band is TO DIE FOR!!

I have been a similar frame of mind recently. I've decided to limit my time spent on the laptop so that I have more time to do non gadget related things like spend time reading, catching up on house work and start my jewellery making! When I'm on my laptop the day seems to flitter by so quickly, before I know it the day had finished!

You have such beautiful flowers in your garden, especially those in that first picture, they look like velvet! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely!!
Your coloring page character totally reminds me of you!!I love all the colors you used for her!!
It sounds like an amazing weekend and I'm so glad that everything went right!!The dress is amazing and so your new necklace and pastel trainers! I hope that the sun will shine on us for all this week!
I love you more than Vampire Avatars!!

Bella Q said...

I saw some pink/blue at the Goodwill and thought of you. Of course you need those shoes. Ah the Sassy Vamps headgear- yours is bloomin' fantastic! I need me another!

Trees said...

Such a fabulous blog post all round! But I especially love the picture you were colouring in - how cool is that xoxo

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like getting your hands dirty to remind you of what is real. Love the new kicks.

Ashley Clarke said...

Your hair is looking seriously fantastic. I love that liquor tag necklace too, really creative. I have just seen the 'you're never too old for pink hair' on your bio. I find you really inspirational Krista :)
Ashley xx

Helga! said...

I get really sore,sore eyes when I've been staring to long at the computer!I just have to take breaks!Drinkies definetly help,and then looking at your technicolour fabulousness helps refresh my tired eyes!

Heather said...

Wow you look fantastic you wear color so well. Your hair is gorgeous I wonder if it is hard to keep it so pink I remember coloring my hair red once and it just all washed out......Love your new sneaks!! cute colorful and totally practical.. the headband is super cute love the purple color ...that Desiree has a way with flowers she is a good muse I have been thinking my daughter would love a flower headband I really should make her one :) Enjoy your week...Love Heather

La Dama said...

Love your avatar bitch!
Such lovely images, i also love a good coloring, but with my little niece.
Especiallybthe first batch of burgundy flowers.
I take lots of breaks ,I cant stay on the computer for too long cause Chiari shit gets worse.
Love you in this water color combo get up, perving at your leopard leggings.

Misfits Vintage said...

Such fab inspiration as always - I love your top and LEOPARD LEGGINGS and all of your PERFECT accessories: bangles and headpieces and your beautiful SMILE! Sarah xxx

Bubble My Licorice said...

amazing post :)
I love all those photos!!

two squirrels said...

Oh happiness is all the beautiful things in your life.
Krista I have said it before but I just love your pussy cat!!!!! Grass munching pussy cat.
The sneakers are just perfect for you. Great colours!!!!
Love to you sweet

Nerd Burger said...

I colour in for fun as well. You look super cute in these pics.

Nerd Burger said...
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pastcaring said...

So many beautiful images. As great as it is to be connected, it's good to unplug sometimes. Your flowers and and your art and your drinks look heavenly! And I love the print on your top with those sexy leopard leggings!
It sounds as though you have had a great weekend - not long till the next one! xxxxx

anton belardo said...

this is a lovely post as usual

i miss you dear!!!
i hope you got my last email i sent the other day hope to hear from you soon

kisses A.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh what a heavenly post, my dear Krista, you've whisked me off to dreamland where I have my own garden once again and can dig, pull weeds, plant and nurture to my hearts content. It's impossible to garden and be down in the dumps - have you noticed that? It helped delay me going completely mad for a number of years;). I wish we could have taken Peetee and Poppy for a lovely forest romp, they would have loved each other's company and I think we would have looked like butterflies. Then home to do some colouring-in ... divine!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


Such a well-written post, sort of dreamy, but very real.
I cannot colour inside the lines! How I used to envy my friends who were able to colour as neatly as you.
Blue, I think, is my favourite colour on you, this outfit is perfect. I love the little crystals on your vest, the shoes are so cool, and the necklace - so inspired!

I hope you've had a great few days, enjoying all the good things. I think you have the power to put the world to rights, and if cocktails and Sharpies help - all the better!


Lucy x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Super cool picture for colouring, I love her (you). You're lucky in that you don't need an internet alter ego to express your hidden personality - you are a living avatar! Anyone who met you in the virtual world would be able to recognise you right away

I must find me one of those drinks labels, I love it as a necklace.


Reva said...

I saw a liquor tag necklace soewhere, sometime ago and have been looking for the ever since! I wonder of it was YOU!

Lucy Nation said...

I love colouring in too. I love your colouring book and the Sharpies! I'd be spending a lot more time outdoors if it wasn't raining incessantly! xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

the Scotch necklace is hilarious! I love that you do colouring in with sharpies! You look fab, keep up the colourfulness! xxxx