Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From Blah to BAM!

I have recently been enamored by what people are doing to their old boring rhinestone jewelry.  Check out a few examples.
 Upon closer inspection I discovered they were just painted.   I think I'll give it a shot!
Here is a bracelet I never ever wear. 
 I applied about 3 coats of paint and then topped it with a glitter clear nail polish.
 I think I'll wear it now :)
I also did this necklace.
Finally I have something to link up to Lakota's Ta-Dah Tuesday :)!!!

I also wanted to update you as I received back my surveys from the female students in San Diego, these are the girls that are refugees from Burma, Uganda and the Middle East. I was very surprised that almost ALL of these girls had NO negative issues about their appearance.  There only seemed to be a bit of worry about being judged by others because of how they dress.   Their responses were some of the healthiest I've had thus far.  I guess if you've had to fight for your life and been forced to flee your country or be killed that puts what's important in a whole new perspective.  We could learn a lot from these girls.

Have a great week everyone!


Vix said...

What a brilliant idea, I love what you've done and that first necklace makes my heart race with joy at it's gaudy beauty! You are a jewellery genius!
It seems that dissatisfaction and anxiety regarding our appearance is very much a first world problem. Possessions and cash don't guarantee a happy life.
You rock and I can't wait to meet you for real and chat until the early hours, putting the world to rights!
How I love you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

I do love rhinestone jewellery anyway, I'd quite happily be a rhinestone cowgirl lol, but what you've done with them is fabulous, and it's far better that you are now going to wear them than for them to be unloved. Well done you. xx

Anonymous said...

I love the result!! This is an amazing ta-dah Tuesday link!! The bracelet and the necklace are perfect!Brilliant way to transorm an old jewel in something fabulous!
I must try it,I only hope to not cover it totally with paint! Enjoy them!
Lots of hugh and kisses my dear!

Heather said...

What a fantastic Idea!! Love it!! I have a few pieces I think I may just try this on thanks for sharing ~Love Heather

Victoria said...

Love the colors on the rhinestones, makes for a whole new look, great idea.

Very interesting the results you got back from those girls. And, I agree, the life you live and how it is presented to you will mold your perception of self, priorities are set by what a person endures.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I quite like diamantes, but it's certainly easier to wear them painted - what a fab idea! You've completely made them yours now. (If you go to the bottom of my post, you can add a little thumbnail of your post so other people can find your blog)

That's very interesting about the refugee girls, I think I've read something similar. It would be particularly intriguing to ask them again after a year or so in America and see if their responses change. Hopefully not, but I wonder if the general pervasive culture of the body beautiful would effect them?

Kestrel said...

What a great creative idea, it's really effective.
And what an interesting comment on body image in our culture - I hope those ladies' views don't change.

Nerd Burger said...

Totally radical idea. I love the bright colours you chose.

two squirrels said...

Oh that is so exquisite!!!! I would so wear that too!!!!
You clever gorgeous sweetpea.
Love v

Miss Simmonds Says said...

ok I have to try that! I've got tonnes of acrylic paint anyway. Fascinating how being afraid for your life makes you less worried about trivial things, well not funny, pretty obvious really. Thank you for sharing all your info! xxx

Emma Litton said...

Ohh it looks great! You did such a wonderful job!


pastcaring said...

I rather like a bit of cheap diamante, but you've really pimped them up a treat, and I can see that you will get tons more wear out of them now they are as colourful as the rest of your wardrobe!
Well, it stands to reason that if you are in fear for your life, worrying about your appearance is a little frivolous. But I hope those girls continue to stay strong and don't get sucked into any self-critical self-esteem-knocking stuff. xxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Oooo I came across this whilst browsing for jewellery making inspiration the other day - it's such an awesome idea and SO easy! No more garish fake 'diamonds' only bright funky jewellery! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwd Krista - you've stumbled onto an amazing DIY idea!!!!! I usually wear my rhinestone costume jewellery piled up with a mush-mash of other junk to give it some colour and I love this idea! It's reassuring that there are girls who have few issues with their appearance, you probably right, they've learned that life is a precious gift. I must relay your story to The Stylist xxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

OMG!!! What a smashing idea!
I have loads of broken down rhinestone necklaces.
I shal try this idea.
Love you glittery paints!
You gotta admired tgem girls.
All cousins in Mexico had no self esteem issues, their worry was also wearing good clothes and make up,but once they crossed to California they thought they were the shit.:)

Anonymous said...

What interesting results from the survey! I like your DIY--especially the bracelet. It must have taken you forever. I'm a sort of impatient soul and anything that takes longer than 30 minutes often doesn't get done.


Soooooooooooo clever. Must try, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my pink lady friend

Trees said...

Woah! This is an awesome but simple idea *love*