Friday, June 1, 2012

Love is a two way street

I do hope you all had an easy breezy week.  I've been busy with work during the day and making jewelry at night.  I love the long summer days and all the extra time it brings of daylight.  Dinner at 7, walks at 8, reading at 9. Bliss.  The weekends seem to fill up with plans long before they are even here, I'm ok with that too :)

I'm reading a rather interesting book right now called The General Theory of Love, have any of you read it or heard of it?  It's about the science behind love. I have always known that love plays an important role in my life but getting a little scientific proof of that is reaffirming. I also have a new love for my Limbic brain. The last chapter I read this morning ended with this powerful sentence.

"Who we are, and who we become depends in part with whom we love."  The message for me is loud and clear.  Love often, love freely but be careful who you love.  Who we love can make or break us.
Peetee is easy to love and his companionship over the last 8 years has got me through some rough times. I love him with all my heart!
What do you think of my new bag?  I could not resist these colors!
 Another person who's love has changed me forever is Chris.  He will hate that I put this picture up but I don't care, I love you BABE!
Having this blog and all of you has also brought a lot of love into my life and it also allows me the pleasure of loving you back.  
Love should not be exhausting it should be uplifting.  Now let's fly.


Scarlett said...

What a fabulous post hun! Beautiful pictures and a great message ( not to mention a bloody amazing bag!) We love you! Scarlett x

Anonymous said...

Now love vibes are all around me!!
What a beautiful message to spread and the photos of you and Chris kissing and Peetee are the best way to celebrate it!!Can't wait to see your new jewels and today I'm going to copy your manicure and wearing your headpiece, so I'll feel your amazing love superpower beside me!
Kisses my dear (the bag is stunning and so are you in polkadots)
I love you more than pink unicorns and flowers!
Have a great weekend!XXXXXX

Heather said...

Love Love Love!!! sending some your way xx.....I love that bag Where did you get the you must share :) ...I am a sucker for embroidery....and you look adorable in polka dots!! So funny the same has happened in our house the longer days have us eating later and staying up later....and possibly sleeping in a little shhhh don't tell anyone hehehe....So glad you have your cute doggy and great guy to love!! It's a Good Life!! ~Have a great weekend ~Love Heather
p.s. I think I need to make a flower headband for Anna and I this weekend I wonder if the bees would attack us though when were in the garden lol!!

pastcaring said...

Love those polka dots!
You sound just so happy at the moment, and keen to celebrate all the great things in your life. That's a very good way to live, Krista. We get so full of what ISN'T right sometimes, we forget what IS. I'm guilty of that now and again, so a reminder of the power of love is always timely.
Love often, love freely, but with care - sounds like a good philosophy to me!
It's gorgeous to see you with your man and your little canine fella too.
Love to love YOU, baby! xxxxxx

Sian Lile said...

aw. love this post! i love the colours you wear and i love peetees little face


That book sounds fascinating, I have read lots of articles regarding the theory of 'love' but not heard of this book.
I'll certainly love you and Peetee freely. Especially when you look so delicious in polka-dot, pink and amazing handbag splendour!

You have a great outlook and I always feel more hopeful after a visit to your blog.

Have a spectacular weekend!

Lucy x

VainGlorySinner said...

God knows I've had my share of the kinda love that breaks you but now I'm embracing the love that I have today and it really is a different type of love to what I felt with past loves.. this is definitely the type of love that lasts!

The only thing that I worry about.. which is kinda silly.. is that I know some day I'm going to lose my little Bella and that will break my heart more than it has ever broken before.. she is just coming up to her 3rd birthday so I know I've got lots more time to spend with her.. I just don't like to think about what's after her :(

Oh look at me putting a dampener on this cheerful post!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Yep, totally agree with you on this post! And I really love that polka frilly blouse! :) x

Penny-Rose said...

Oh wow Krista, I feel the love flying all the way round the world after reading this post. Pets bring so much love to the world and Peetee is just the cutest. Hope your man does not hate you at all for posting the lovely photo. Aw, you made my day, thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous in here!! I'm feeling marvelously marvelous! I'll be back to savor more marvelousness. haha!

Joanna DeVoe said...

Aw... Peetee looks like a sound LOVE-investment &, Chris's embarrassment be damned, that kissing pic is ADORABLE!!! Cuteness -xo

Trees said...

This is such a beautiful post - you are so right Krista, who we love can make all the difference in our lives! I wish I had a wee Peetee of my own (actually - I want a rabbit more than a dog, but same principle).

That photo of you and Chris is so cute:)

I have to admit, over the past year or so I have met so many amazing people through my blog - its changed my life!! I only wish I won the lottery - so I could come and visit everyone:)

two squirrels said...

Oh such love!!!!
Happiness is the things that make our hearts sing, an amazing man, peetee furry baby and cute clothes tee hee!!!!
The polka dots are yummy and I just love the fab new bag.
Love v

Vix said...

Love this post! Love your polka dots & clashing colours, the perfect Indian bag, that picture of you kissing Chris, Peetee and all your wise words!
Who we love makes a major factor to our lives and happiness but that we love ourselves is the be all and end all 'cos, as my Mum once said, if you don't love you how can you expect anyone else to?
You rock my world!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

mirrorandmoon said...

That is so true!!!
Peetee is so adorable!! And that bag is too cool!


Reva said...

LOVE the bag,the hair, your blog!

Clara Turbay said...

Nice blog!

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE it all! Love Peetee, love your outfit, love LOVE your new bag, LOVE YOU! You make my life happier, brighter, easier, lovelier... you inspire me to love and choose happiness. You are LOVEly! Sarah xxx