Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Polka dots and pretty frocks!

Since I haven't had time to snap any photos this week, here are some pretty dresses that I think are drool worthy! Polka dots are classic and look good on everyone.  When in doubt polka dot out!  I love this pink one. Found at The Calico Closet!

Found at Vintage Lover Girl. 80's prom anyone?
Ruby Chic Boutique.
I do love these old square dancing dresses.   Found at Pursuing Andie.
I do love turquiose!  Found at Butterfly Vintage.
Another pink one found at GoGo Vintage. 
These both found at Sarah Kates. 
This one a bit manic but still pretty bad ass!
Found at Many A Moon Vintage.

I recently scored a killer purple and white polka dot dress that I will share with you soon.  Hope you are enjoying the week so far!


liz said...

Ugh, I looooove that pink dress at the top! I'd wear it in a hot second!

Vix said...

I nearly missed this, you're not showing up in my side bar fro some reason!!
What a fab selection, makes me think about that crazy flamenco frock I tried on when I was playing dress -up with Curtise even more!
My favourite's the turquoise one, second to last and I can totally see you rocking the pink one from Go-Go Vintage!
Love and polka dots! xxxxxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man, I LOOOVE both of the pink frocks - now I want one too! Love! Sarah xxx

Louise said...

I love both of the pink ones. I do love a polka dot myself. X

Ulla-Marie said...

And it is almost impossible to be in a bad mood in polkadots

Bella Q said...

I agree with Ulla- polka dots are happy spots.