Monday, June 25, 2012

Spoiled ripe :)

I'm so excited to share with you guys what I received in my Jubilee Gift Exchange put on by the clever and creative Lakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.   She paired me up with Bohemian Goddess Vix of Vintage Vixen whom I will be meeting in less than THREE MONTHS!!!  Ok I won't start the countdown now, but know it's coming folks!

I am always commenting on how much I adore the silver gypsy coin jewelry she wears~ she sent me some!!!!!
 It seemed quite at home on my dress.
She wrapped things in comic book stash, do you know how hard it was to even open these.

Inside were more goodies but before we get to those, you will not believe what she made me?
 SHORTS!  They are a beautiful champagne pink, fit me like a glass slipper and were made by her beautiful hands!  Vix I love them!!!!  Check out that glitzy rainbow fringe! I have an outfit picked out that I will show you later this week.
Inside the comics were these treasures~more awesome Barry M polish, PURPLE, some cool blue black lashes, more pretties from India, my coin jewelry and some hair ties in gorgeous colors!
and this precious dream catcher.  I hung it up in the spare bedroom so anyone wanting to come out for a visit will have this protecting you while you sleep. The beads are a sparkly lilac and glisten on the wall.
Sweet dreams.
She also found another one of these vintage chevron rompers and sent it to me! How unlikely is it to find two?  I'll have to pair it with some knickers or my sweet little ass will peep out. I can't believe it fits but it does.  Candy land yum!
In celebration of Jubilee these crazy ass Union Jack leggings that I have already teased Chris about wearing on the flight over to London.  Need I tell you he was mortified at the very suggestion!
 A journal for my travels :) which I hope will be many and vast.
 I also purchased this book that she is in Wearable Vintage Fashion.  I really dig this book!  It breaks down fashion by era and the signature clothes that define it.  I actually learned a lot about style.  Lots of great photos and beautiful clothes. Vix has a whole 2 page spread!  You should be proud of yourself girl!  
Thanks to Lakota again for doing the exchange and Vix for my goodies! XXOO!!!! 
 I wanted to share with you the Nike shorts I mentioned last post.  Check em' out!
God I'm pale but anyway I love them.  So comfy and so much better than having my undies hanging out. 
My weekend was exhausting but a lot fun.
Tacos, bubbles, polar bears oh my!
What three words sum up yours?


Vix said...

You little minx showing off your pants like that! They are fabulous and so's your hot bod in them!
Glad everything reached you. Those leggings are insane but I thought you deserved some jubilee tackiness, we've had it shoved in our faces for months and it's only fair to share!
The use of that gypsy jewellery is inspired, you deserve all your gifts 'cos you is fabulous!
Can't wait to see you modelling those hot pants, you hottie!
Love you & can't wait for a SKYPE date! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

Fabulous gifts! What stood out for me, is that a Rodger Rabbit doll in the background! Anyway she reminds me of you.

Ivy Black said...

How wonderful...what a fab parcel of Vixy loveliness. I do love those shorts and the leggings.

Heather said...

Awesome swap you got some great goodies and what a lucky girl you are with your trip coming up!! You are going to have a blast traveling!! If you get bad jet lag you may want to adjust your sleeping time a little before you leave we did that with our travels and it helped immensely ~Enjoy all your wonderful new treasures you look gorgeous and vibrant as always ~Love Heather

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...

Those pants that Vix made you are LUSH!!! oh my days!!! sign me up for a pair :) xxx


Well, two of my favourite bloggers combine to create the most fantastic creations!
The coin necklace looks like part of the dress, the shorts - AMAZING! The comic wrapping, the details, all so Vix, yet you make it all your own, brilliant stuff.

Cannot wait to see the shorts, but we get a taster with your flash of pink sports shorts!

3 words to sum up my weekend? Wet, sugary, busy! The boys keep me so distracted, I honestly forget what I want to think about once they're asleep!


Lucy x

Bella Q said...

She got you some great gifts- she knows you so well! The picks are perfect! I love the hand sewn shorts, gah!

pastcaring said...

Polar bears? Really? Ha ha!
Oh what a fabulous parcel from Vix! The coins look so great on your dress, you will rock the bejesus out of those hot pants, I INSIST that you wear the Union Jack leggings to fly to the UK (Chris will get over it!) and that little romper suit is so cute.
I have just got that book as a birthday present, I love seeing Vix in it, she's famous!
And yay for flashing your shorts, woo hoo!
PS. My weekend - caramels, Budvar, laughing. It was good! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, those shorts are very special! You always look adorable and radiate happy energy! Love seeing your painted rhinestones again. ;)

Anonymous said...

three words for my weekend: water, sun, beer.

Can't wait to see you in the shorts. And I'm so jealous that you're going to see Vix!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh EVERYTHING is so perfect! Those Vix made shorts are STUNNING (can't wait to see your outfit!), the necklace is fab with that dress, the romper is spectacular, the union jack leggings are frickin awesome, I love your plaits and your SMILE - you are so beautiful! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Trees said...

What an awesome package! I especially love the shorts, yah for handmade :D Also a travel diary - what fun.

two squirrels said...

Oh Knicker Flash!!!! They are great sweet.
The silver necklace is perfect with the dress and you look so happy.
Miss Vix is amazing, the treasures are fabulous!!!!
You must have been so excited when you unwrapped it!!!!
The jumpsuit is so cute.
Love v

Perdita said...

Hahaha! Flashing your pants!

Love all that stuff Vix sent you! Especially the romper!

Anonymous said...

The mythical Lakota's swap is so exciting, next time I want to enter!
Vix presents are fabulous just like her and I'm so jealous of that shorts, the fabric, the print and the rainbow fringe are better than any haute couture designs!I adore the romper and the union jack leggings and the dream catcher is perfect for your room, I love very much the pictures on your wall too!!Everything is so wonderful in your post, I need to order that book, I love Fashion and it sounds great that also Vix is in it!
My weekend was a sort of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', in three words: The road, the vodka and the saints!
Love you more than presents!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

WOW! I hope this really made up for your problems with the swap last time - I knew Vix wouldn't let you down! (maybe I should baggsy her for myself next time ;-) )

Those shorts are amazing, and the incredible jewellery and jumpsuit! Well you deserve it all and are looking fab xxx

Miss Magpie said...

Eeee flashing your knickers at the world!
Lovely swap items, Vix really does do a cracking parcel doesn't she?

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Vix has spoit you! Love all your pressies, they suit your style and palette so well. I can't wait to see what you two get up to when you come to visit! :)

Rose&Bird said...

Vix always sends fabulous parcels - those shorts are amazing and I love the jewellery x

Nat said...

Wow! So many lovely goodies from the fabulous Vix :-) She knows you well... that's going to be quite a meet-up in 3 months time!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

My three weekend words are: Fete, Cake, Sleep.

Vix sent you some amazing stuff, she really finds the best gifts, you lucky girl! xxxx

love the pink shorts!!