Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To create is to really live

I'm no artist but I am artistic with my appearance. When I look at these creations by Rian Gonzales, only 19,  I am drawn into her world if only for a moment like the beauty of a fading rainbow. These are some of my favorite pieces.

I need bright beautiful things in my life to make up for all the bad in the world.  I recently watched two documentaries The Road of Resistance about the genocide of the Karen people in Burma, and Invisible Children about the journey to capture a warlord in Uganda.  Both of these were recommend to me by my friend who teaches refugees from both areas.  The children in both films can still smile despite all of the evil that has befallen them.  Just like beautiful art, these kids have a spark that cannot be extinguished.
 These children inspire me to be a better person.
 The things they have endured would break most of us, but yet they smile.
If you have the time please check out both films.  I don't mean to be a downer you guys it's just a story that has to be shared.

I did get the results back from my friend's students, not the refugees, the girls here in Oregon and as I thought almost all struggle with their appearance.  It seems silly and insignificant when I think about what these children struggle with.

What is wrong with people?  Why would anyone hurt these kids? 


Victoria said...

Rian artwork is fantastic, I always am in awe when I see someone so young with so much talent. And, it is heartwarming to know that with all the sadness that can affect children's lives, there are people in world who reach out, even putting themselves at risk to help others.

Anonymous said...

Those illustrations are amazing!!
I love the colors, thank you so much for sharing your inspirations and I really loved that you compared the kids to art. I'd love to watch these films, children always surprise me a lot, it's true that despite all they went through they always can teach us to be better persons with their smiles and great humility.
Lots of love!!

Lucy Nation said...

This artwork is amazing. There are some hugely talented teens out there.

You're not being a downer, you're just sane enough to question this deeply screwed up world we live in. Sometimes I think the people who are "away with the faeries" are the real sane ones who have just shut down from the harshness of reality

Lucy x

Ivy Black said...

Wonderful illustrations....what a talent.
You're not a downer being a at all..we can certainly learn a lot from children like these and others who have had a terrible time in their young lives. They are inspiring and humbling

Louise said...

It's a sick old world out there. I don't know if you've been following what's happening in Syria too, but that's another place where you wonder how anyone could find it in themselves to smile. We don't know how lucky we are. xx

Ashley Clarke said...

You seem really compassionate :)
I love how positive your are, your blog is like a little beacon of optimism to me.
Ashley x

Anonymous said...

You know I was pondering this very question today. Why would someone hurt/abuse children? The only conclusion I could draw is that the perpetrators are so powerless that they look about for those more powerless than themselves. It's sick.

Vix said...

Those pictures of just gorgeous, that last one looks so much like you I think the artist must have read your blog and used you for inspiration, just stunning!
The resilience of children never fails to move me, from the dalits (untouchables) I've spent time with in India to the heroic smile of that beautiful Ugandan boy. Sometimes you wonder who is the better off, Western kids with gadgets and designer clothing suffering from eating disorders and on-line bullying or the "third World" child who lives on a street and will play with a empty carton for hours with a beaming smile.
You are never a downer, you are an inspiration!

Annie said...

You are not a downer Krista. It's important to be aware of the bad stuff that goes on in the world. I don't know if the Ugandan warlord is the same one I've heard Bob Geldof speak about (please don't let there be two of them), but it just defies belief.

On a lighter note, the artwork is wonderful. As Bowie says, "Peace through Art". xx

pastcaring said...

The art work you have featured here is so YOU, Krista. I agree with Vix, the last lady is definitely your doppelganger!
There is some awful stuff in the world to read/hear about, but turning away from it doesn't mean it isn't happening. Sometimes it's good to stop, listen and learn, and be inspired by the courage and resilience of others. Kids are especially amazing. So are you! xxxxx

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

This is amazing, I am glad because you loved my post, I really appreciate your style, your imagination, your way of writing. You are also one of a few blogger which I would like to hug and to talk with. Keep on being beautiful... <3

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I should check out these documentaries, thank you for letting me know about them! x

Misfits Vintage said...

I have seen both of these docos and they are heartbreaking. I love that first painting especially - the colours are magnificent!!! Sarah xxx