Thursday, June 28, 2012


See I even wonder about what Janis would do :)  WWJD?  If Janis Joplin were alive today she would totally rocks these shorts, but of course I gotta put a little me into it.
These are the shorts Vix made me.  Could they fit any better?  She's not a seamstress or anything just messes around :)  A bit of a tan would do my legs wonders.  Thanks again Vix, I really do dig them!
Did you see the skirt she just made?  LOOK HERE. 
These shorts and feathers make me feel like I'm channeling Janis Joplin. Southern Comfort anyone? (I can't stand SC)
She was a hot mess.
I still have my moments.
 but she sure had a sweet ride.

I wanted to ask all my lovely English bloggers if you had any advice or opinions on the best area to stay in for exploring the Lake District.  I have been looking into renting a place there for the last part of our vacation.  If it all works out how fun would it be to have a day out at the lake with all you gals?

Oh and can one of you please do this to a dresser you have, my American friends would think I was strange if I did this:)  but stars and stripes just wouldn't look as good.  I love this dresser and right now all things British!  I will be in you soon!!!!


Vix said...

Feck me those shorts are so hot you flipping sizzle! I'm so happy they fit so well.
The whole outfit is just beyond fantastic, I want to take you with me to our next festival, we can drink cider from sunrise, frolic about and blow everyone's minds!!
Love Janis and her car is awesome, she certainly knew how to live.
That dresser is gorgeous, the colours are totally you! The man in the shop I bought your leggings from laughed when I said I was sending them to my friend in the States! Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You rock Vix's hotpants!!!!So gorgeous!!!!
The fabric is stunning and it's perfect with your pink striped socks!!These photos are awesome and I love your attitude..totally a glamorous badass!!I'm almost speachless I adore this outfit!!!
I love you more than cry baby!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those shorts are hot hot hot on you. I love how you've styled them with the sparkly tee and striped socks. That little purse adds the right touch too.

Isn't that dresser gorgeous!!! I love it much more than stars n' stripes too.

Ivy Black said...

You look fab in Vix's short shorts!
What a lovely dresser. I do like it when the Union Flag is pimped a bit with colours.
The UK can't wait to see ya!!xxxxxx

Melanie said...

You look fab, Vix is so clever xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hotpants spectacular! you have the legs for hotpants girl!

I was telling Vix i purchased hotpants at H&M on sale, i wonder if i could pull it off like you girls!

Take care lovely - i will put some of your stuff on my pinterest tonight!

Ariane xxxx

Louise said...

You are totally tank girling those shorts. Love it. Vix is a sewing genius, she's so quick and makes fab projects.

I love Lake District, I've been there several times. I'll dig out the name of the cottage we last stayed in, which is perfect for a couple, and email you details. If you go back to my blog posts of March last year that's last time we went. Xx

Heather said...

Great shorts ~Wow they fit perfect Vix did a great job...I have been wanting a pair of floral shorts I need to dig into my patterns to see if I have any short patterns. How exciting your impending trip!! Have fun planning Love Heather

Rose&Bird said...

You look great in the shorts, luckily you've got the weather for them! Coniston is a good base for the Lakes, watch out for scary narrow lanes and mad local drivers though! Sadly I live too far from Cumbria to join you, but I'll be there in spirit x

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

JJ and you! Two pretty ladies I adore! This post definitely made my day! Beautiful! <3

Perdita said...

You look superb. I love how Vix made those shorts - they suit you to a tee!

I am afraid I have only visited the Lake District for a school camping trip many years ago! There are some interesting rentals though that I've been looking at for next year's hols! These are decorated in an ultra-British scheme so might be right up your street...

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I also visited the Lake District in 1992 on a school trip but I remember it really fondly.... Anywhere round Lake Windermere would be fab, I remember there were caves, waterfalls, a pencil museum!! (get art supplies there), lovely towns, boat trips and loads of Kendall Mint Cake, I'm obsessed with the stuff! I'm dying to visit Beatrix Potter's house.

If you fancy a trip further south you should come to the Chilterns, there's loads of big Mansions to visit - bring Vix with you!

i love the shorts - Janis would rock them as do you! xxx

pastcaring said...

Oh you are rocking those shorts like Janis would! Vix is a Superstar Seamstress! Love the hot pink sequin t-shirt, and are those flowers AND feathers on your F-O headband? I like!
Can't WAIT to catch up with you when you visit. It must be hard to decide which bits of the UK to visit, but at least it's a small country so travel times are shorter. I've been to the Lakes a couple of times but years ago. The Southern lakes are probably more famous, but I love Ullswater in the north Lake District, less busy and very dramamtic. It's all gorgeous though - but be prepared for rain! xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I go to the Lakes twice a year! Curtise is right, the southern lakes are more touristed and busier than the northern. We go to the northern lakes (because my partner's dad lives there). The most atmospheric lake is Wastwater - it's the deepest and also has the highest mountain overlooking it - Scafell. Buttermere and Loweswater - both lovely. Derwentwater - v nice. Pretty places to stay near Derwentwater would be Newlands Valley or Borrowdale. xx

Anonymous said...

Janis was indeed a hot mess--but she could wail, the soul of this white girl.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy bejaysuz, you look AMAZAPANTS in those incredible shorts! Janice was fabulous/bonkers - you are FABULOUS/FABULARSEHOLE! Love! Sarah xxx

Bella Q said...

You remind me of Vix in those shorts- and you rock 'em hard like JJ!