Thursday, July 26, 2012

California here I come!

It's hard to put into words how much I enjoy going home to San Diego.  I have so many people I care about there and I cherish the time I get with all of them.  This visit is extra special as my folks are celebrating their 30 year Wedding Anniversary.  My bags are already packed and my mind is already there.
I am packing plenty of floral head gear and these rocking blue heart sunnies!
My pink boots of course.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Jim!
Here's to a wonderful lifetime of memories! I want a marriage just like the one my parents have.  See you guys after a while!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Polka dots and pretty frocks!

Since I haven't had time to snap any photos this week, here are some pretty dresses that I think are drool worthy! Polka dots are classic and look good on everyone.  When in doubt polka dot out!  I love this pink one. Found at The Calico Closet!

Found at Vintage Lover Girl. 80's prom anyone?
Ruby Chic Boutique.
I do love these old square dancing dresses.   Found at Pursuing Andie.
I do love turquiose!  Found at Butterfly Vintage.
Another pink one found at GoGo Vintage. 
These both found at Sarah Kates. 
This one a bit manic but still pretty bad ass!
Found at Many A Moon Vintage.

I recently scored a killer purple and white polka dot dress that I will share with you soon.  Hope you are enjoying the week so far!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Old Friends and New Memories!

Is it Friday yet?  I know how can I say that on a Monday but this Friday is when I head to San Diego so it just can't get here soon enough.  

I had a pretty low key weekend but it was spent with people I really enjoy and that makes anything ordinary pretty extraordinary.   I met up with my friend Gwen, the only friend I still have from high school and saw her little girl who is now almost 5.  Our friendship has endured almost 24 years and although we have had our share of hard times we still remain close.  We are very different people now but we can respect those differences and that is what I call real friendship! 

I wanted to wear something bright and cheery and here is what I wore:)
 Can you spot my kitty?
My bag finally arrived all the way from Thailand.  Two new bags in one week :)
 I picked up this dress at Ross for $11 on clearance, I guess it was too loud for most but I love it!
 Bangles a plenty!
 Barry M Orange polish sent to me from sweet Vix.  
 Necklace made by me :)
Since Gwen and I were so busy catching up we didn't snap any pictures of us together.  She did take this one of me and her daughter, who by the way is most adorable!
However here is an oldie and a goodie.  This picture is about 15 years old and long before my obsession with color began.
These next two pictures are about 5 years old.
 Here's to friendships that not only endure but continue to grow.
What do you think makes a good friend and how long is your longest friendship?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mama's got a brand new bag!

I woke up this morning to the radio alarm blasting news about a shooting in a movie theatre in Colorado, 12 dead and almost 40 injured.  WTF?  I know it's pointless to try and understand the actions of a mad man but I can't help but wonder what brings someone to that point?  My heart goes out to everyone who's been affected by this pointless horror.

Enough of that, it's Friday and aside from some thunder, lightening and a bit of rain all is good in my world.  I wanted to share with you a purse I scored recently on ebay for only $10.
 It's my one and only white bag and I think it's just sweet!
 It has bits of pink, yellow and blue woven in.
 I love it!

 What do you think Peetee?
 well, ok then :)
 In other news, a week from today I head back to San Diego to hang out with my family.  I can't wait, the beach will be involved and I also have one full day to thrift shop with family and friends.  Woot woot!
 What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A vintage dress = a happy girl!

Oh my goodness I must admit I am quite smitten with my new 1970's gingham print dress.  Sarah I am modeling this one just for you.  I call this hair porn, dang my hair is looking good!
 Me on the other hand well I just rolled out of bed :)
 I seriously think this might be a new favorite dress.  It's so comfy and I think it looks pretty good on too.
 I even paired it with my Chucks (just for our sweet Sarah)!
 I will be bringing my hipster DRINK TILL SHE'S CUTE hat to the UK, I think all the Bob's of the world would appreciate it :)
I tried funking up my nails a bit, what do you think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thrifting scores and transformations!

I spent this weekend 2 hours south of Portland in a little college town called Eugene.  I think because it's so far from any big city they have a lot more vintage stock.  I'll start by showing you what I got and re-did for Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday. I found this Samsonite make-up case for $5 but is was pretty discolored outside and perfect inside, so I decided to paint it.  Here is the after shot because I can't bear to start my post with the ugly before shot.
 Inside there was a ID sticker and it also had a luggage tag with a name on it.  I looked it up and the owner of this was Mary Ashbeck.  She and her husband were married 58 years.  He lived to be almost a 100 and she made it to 90.  They owned a working farm in Echo Oregon.  Isn't that cool? I bet she used this every time she traveled.
Here is the ugly before shot.
The treasure trove is just getting started.  The best score of the day was this leopard cape.  At first I thought it was hand made but there is a small tag inside.  The faux fur is soft and it has no weird odor at all, someone loved this very much and now I do.  Are you ready?
 It was $4.  I know, I know, I'm still riding the high on this score!
 Lovely pockets up front.
 Slits for my arms.  Yup this will be keeping me warm with winter and looking foxy!
I also lucked out with a few dresses.  This one is like nothing I own, but it looked too sweet on to pass up and now I have another navy dress.  This was $6.
 Perfect length too I don't have to hem.
  This was another score at $6.
 I love this dress, yes it was probably a square dance dress, but ain't she cute!!!!
 I also found this sweet dress for $8.  I love the Peter Pan collar!
They had a ton of dresses like this in a few different colors.  I only bought one.
 I love the top and with the sheer sleeves you can still see my tattoos.
 Precious cuffs!
 BUT TOO LONG, so I chopped it!  Much better, don't you think?
 I also found a few knick knacks. I thought this was kinda creepy and only a buck.
 Hipster trucker hat, I do wear these every once in a while and this one cracked me up!
 A cute little clown I could not leave behind.
 That's about it, I showed great restraint!  I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far!  Just so all my UK followers don't feel alone we are excepting thunder showers today.  Yeah! (That yeah was sarcastic)