Monday, July 2, 2012

Cut offs and being carefree

The festival on Saturday turned out to be a bust.  We caught a few performances ate lunch and then came the rain, and it never stopped so we left pretty soaked feeling a little defeated.  I don't know how you English (Vix) can do festivals in such awful weather I think you must be built a bit tougher than us :) The rest of the weekend I was busy with a ton of little projects.  My latest was this pair of shorts.  These were an old pair of Guess jeans I barely wore anymore so I chopped em'!  I added some Hmong embroidery that I recently ordered from Thailand and VOILA, great summer cut offs.
I'm not done with them yet but it's a good start. The material was too thick so I had to do it all by hand.
  The piece I used in the back is really gorgeous!  I know this sounds weird but I loved the way this stuff smelled when I unpacked it.  It made Chris sneeze but I couldn't get enough of it's far away scent.
I am adding this to Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday.  Have a look at what others did.  
Here is a top from India I picked up for $2.  Because Intel is one of Oregon's largest employers and they employee a lot of Indians I always find a ton of clothes from India when I'm thrifting.
 I just have a pair of shorts and a tank top underneath.

 Summer must be here since I broke out my Nike Gladiators!

 Anyway I'm off to catch up on all I have missed.  Some weekends I don't even turn on my computer and others it seems I never get off it.  New day, new month, big smile, let's hit it!


Vix said...

I remember envying those delicious gladiators last year! Those shorts are even better on, they rock, I love the strategically placed ethnic embroidery and the length you've cut them off at! Your figure is to die for!
Loving the Indian kaftan and how crazy both Ash and Peetee look!
Get used to that rain, the Lake District's famous for it!!!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Ha, Vix is right! And she is definitely made of stern stuff, she can cope with ANY conditions, that one! Shame about your festival, but at least you made good use of your time.
You look so good in shorts, the decorative fabric is gorgeous. And your kaftan-y top is very pretty, such beautiful colours.
You always leave me with a big smile on my face, Krista!
PS. It can't be long till Hottie Helga and G rock up at yours, can it? How exciting! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love the embroidery of your brand new super hot shorts!!! Lovely idea and a huge work..I only can imagine how brave you were to sew that hard fabric!The result completely worth the patience! I also like the Nike gladiators and the pink boots very much and with all this heat going on here, your kaftan would be perfect for me, it's stunning!!! Too bad for the weather...
Have an amazing week
I love you more than festivals!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Here's to a fantastic July. Our real summer is just around the corner.
I LOVE those purple gladiators. That's my color. I love how you can pull off your style and still be comfortable. It's part of who you are. Your shorts look great with that trim you sewed on. Especially that back piece. Bet it looks perfect with your Forever 21 bangles too. ;) I need to come to Portland for some of those tunics!!! I had a good friend who lived there but she's been on backpacking trips so haven't been to Portland in years. You have great second hand shops down there.

Perdita said...

Nice shorts! Haha we're used to summer meaning 'any weather could happen'... just sent loads of the kids at work off camping. It's POURING but they're raring to go!

Victoria said...

I think it is starting to warm up, yeah, perfect for the shorts and tons of other cool outfits I have see you post. Love the caftan!


I love, love your purple sandals, but my first love are always those pink boots of yours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Such is love...

Louise said...

I keep looking at my old jeans, that I've had for about 5 years and that look a bit worse for wear now, and wondering whether to cut them off, or leave them to get proper raggy. I do like what you've done with the embroidery here though, it's so much nicer than just cutting them off and leaving them. Yeah, we're pretty used to the old rain here in the UK... as you'll probably discover in September, unless you bring the sunshine with you (please) xx

Annie said...

All your UK blogger friends will be sighing with empathy over the festival - loads of events around my way have had to be cancelled because of the excessive rain. (It will surely have to have stopped for when you get here!)

Anyway, your cut offs are lovely, the embroidery makes them so unique, and they are perfect with your pink cowboy boots (love those!)

Love the inspiring last line of this post Krista - let's hit it indeed!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Sorry you got rained out; hopefully this weekend will be better.

Love what you did to those shorts; absolutely gorgeous, especially that back piece!

Bella Q said...

The Hmong fabric is gorgeous! I love the trim of it on your cut-offs! And those gladiators are so amazing!

PS: also amazing I get to meet you in a week. I am so looking forward to it! xo. -Bella Q

Heather said...

Wow love what you did with the shorts you will have to tell me again where you found the embroidery pieces I love stuff like that and oh very pretty india top cute sandals too! Love Heather

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about the festival. I know what you mean about the faraway scent. I always notice it on people returning from South America...and I always wonder what the smell is. Would love to thrift the Indian stuff.

Ivy Black said...

Shame about the festie, love. It's getting a bit much here for festival goers really...people still go whatever the weather but I can't do it myself these days. My kids can go on my behalf!
I love the job, and those gladiators are yummy.
Have a lovely day.

Trees said...

I love the DIY you did on those shorts and the gladiators are awesome - great colour!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

The embroidery looks just right on the shorts, really lifts them and makes them unique. The glads are fab too and I love your toenail polish!

I am the same, I get terrible bloggers guilt if I miss a few days and then rush to catch up with everyone's posts - but I don't want to miss out on having my own life!

The Lake District is amazing, I'll be there in August.

Kathi said...

That fabric dresses up denim beautifully! Did you cover the button hole?

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you should've seen my face when I saw the Nike gladiators - OMG I need those! I'm still a sucker for trainers (sneakers) and you always have the best. I love the material on your cut offs too and the Indian top. Oh and Peetee's face!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man! Those shoes are amazing! And the pink boots are always MY FAVOURITES! I love the beautiful floaty Indian cotton number - aren't they the best in summer... so breezy and soft... You're so beautiful!

Love!! Sarah xxx

one denim bird said...

Hi Krista, I have no excuse for not following you sooner! How on earth did I miss you! You have a figure to die for and I love your DIY shorts. Im with Lady Misfit, that Indian cotton tunic is right up my alley x

Nat said...

Loving the kaftan, gladiators and the way you've rocked those jeans into shorts... very nifty :-)

La Dama said...

Hell yeah i love what you done to yo cut off shorts!
Indian tunic dress and Nike Gladiator purple sandals rock!