Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today we celebrate our declaration of independence. To think that 13 American colonies then at war with Great Britain said you know we think its time we had our own space and we don't wanna be part of your empire anymore, we wanna start our own.  Pretty incredible if you ask me.  It's hard to believe it's been 236 years since Patrick Henry shouted those words.  I have purchased a small pile of pretty bang bang and I plan on lighting up the summer sky tonight!  I am thankful to call the USA my home and today we celebrate!
Fireworks are legal in Oregon and tents pop up all over the week before selling all kinds of things to blow up.  I'm especially looking forward to the Pink Diamonds :)  
 a happy dance was in order and a sports bra of course :) I picked up this one for $10 at Forever 21.
 So right about now I'm snapping away playing I am a super star when I heard this strange noise
 like something was in rustling in a bush.  GUESS WHAT?  It was the raccoon I was telling you about.
 Isn't she a beauty?  She was up in the cherry tree having a lil din din.  Her baby was nowhere to be found but I was so happy to just watch her eat.
I have the best neighbors :)
and completely unrelated I'm having my eyebrows threaded today!  Have any of you ever done it?  I have plucked my brows forever and frankly they have no shape and are so blonde it's like I have no eye brows at all. 
Wish me luck!  I'll leave you with my favorite song by X called 4th of July.  This song always reminds me of my sister, us driving in the car and singing at the top of our lungs.  
See ya soon.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy 4th July - enjoy the fireworks! Does Peetee get scared?

I am so jealous of you having a raccoon in your garden, so cute. All I get is the neighbourhood cats, an occasional squirrel and some snails!

I've had my eyebrows threaded and I found although it didn't exactly hurt, it did make my eyes water WAY more than just plucking them, so waterproof mascara is required!

Miss Magpie said...

If I was in your garden I would be up that tree as well! Mmmmm cherries.

Kathi said...

I hope you like the threading! I love it - and I've never been one to care about my eyebrows. Now I know that I can't stop because they'll look awful if I don't keep it up.

Heather said...

oh how cute that raccoon is!! so nice of her to let you snap some shots!! I have never threaded I just pluck but in the Middle East I saw they did that there...Happy 4th enjoy the day ~Love Heather

Heather said...

oh how cute that raccoon is!! so nice of her to let you snap some shots!! I have never threaded I just pluck but in the Middle East I saw they did that there...Happy 4th enjoy the day ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July!! And good luck getting those brows threaded. I've seen it in action and the results are great. I have no brows myself because I over plucked them in the 70's and they quit growing in. I'm thinking about having a light brown color tattooed on so I can stop purchasing stock in brow pencils.

Be careful tonight!

Vix said...

Happy July 4th!!! Does that mean that fireworks aren't legal in every U.S state? I love them on November 5th! Pink Diamonds sound like they'll be so pretty, a bit like you in your gorgeous striped frock and sports bra!!
So glad I finally got to see the raccoon, what a beautiful little thing she is, I'd be out in your garden all the time trying to tempt her with titbits!!
Threading is the best! I've had it done in India and there's loads of salons that do it here. You never see a Bollywood star with crappy eyebrows!
Love you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy july the 4th!!Have an amazing evening full of colorful fireworks!! Too cute your raccoon that is eating cherries, I'd love to see her baby!! Your pink hair looks more fantabulous than ever in these photos and the striped dress is amazing!!
I love you more than Exene Cervenka!!!

Annie said...

Happy 4th of July!

What a wonderful privilege to have that raccoon in your garden, even if she is eating all your cherries!

Have a great time with the fireworks. I rather like the look of the Rose Blossom.

Annie xx

Trees said...

Happy Fourth of July!! We get to have fireworks here on Guy Fawkes Day (4th Nov) and its pretty fun - although living in a small apartment these days we usually just watch the display put on by the city council.

I love that frock on you - so cute!

Also that raccoon is cute, we don't have them here. The only time I've seen one IRL was in Taipei when someone was keeping one in a cage as a pet - and that was a pretty horrible experience - animals shouldn't be caged like that. This lady looks very happy in your pretty tree:)

La Dama said...

Happy fourth amor!
Have a grand BBQ for me and cake of course.
We wanted to do a barbeque today but been raining stupidly today.
Loving you in your kick ass chevron bubble gum dress, reminds me of the zebra stripey chewing gum.
Racoon Mama is just too adorable, i heard they can get dangerous, this one looks peaceful.
I had threading done once and hated it, they left my with Chola-ass thin eyebrows. Just tell them bitches to shape them or else you will be left with snail trails.


OOOOOOoooh Your are so blessed ! A raccoon in the garden !! My dream !!

two squirrels said...

Oh I have just squealed with such excitement!!!! I thought it might be a squirrel but it's a beautiful raccoon!!! Wow that must be so amazing just watching the cute wee furry in the tree!!!!
Happy bang bang 4th July, what fun.
Looking super cute in the stripe dress.
Love v

Miss Simmonds Says said...

aww I love the Raccoon, she's so sweet! I hope you had a great time last night and Peetee wasn't too bothered by the fireworks! Threading is a big thing in Wycombe for some reason, lots of Indian/Pakistani ladies offer it for about £3 but you have to sit in the middle of the shopping centre and have it done. I keep meaning to try it.
I love your sports bra what a great colour - have you tried genie bras? I've heard they're good xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Happy 4th of July! I find the history of how America came to be such an interesting subject and definitely an important part of history! We British were a greedy bunch weren't we! Declaring new discovered lands for ourselves and colonising everywhere, I sometime wonder if a member of my family tree long long ago might have went over and settled in America!

I sometimes wish that I was born an American because there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many places that I would love to visit and definitely live in! I remember my nan telling me years ago where some of our family are scattered around and one of them was Florida! I don't know who this member of the family tree is as my nan had lots of family that I'd never met because she came from Holland. I'd sure love to know though!

Enjoy your fireworks, I hope the animals aren't scared of them! xxx

pastcaring said...

Hope you had fun with your fireworks and enjoyed Independence Day. Love your stripey frock, and seeing you kicking up your heels doing a happy dance made me smile!
Now if you are going to have wild animals in your garden, a cute raccoon seems like a good choice - how sweet is she?
Hope the threading was a success. Keep wondering about trying it, but I'm so low maintenance, I'd probably go once and then never again... xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope your fireworks were glorious! Ours were, but we went to a show as they had been banned because of the "drought" in our area. The photos of the coon are incredible!

Misfits Vintage said...

You are bright and gorgeous and beautiful as always - and there's a raccoon in your garden!!! Oh she is so pretty! Hope you had a marvellous celebration! Love! Sarah xxx

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