Monday, July 9, 2012

I love me some KIWI's!

This weekend totally flew by and finally we had some heat to complain about :)  Temperatures nearing 90 had all my cracks sweating.  I also found the time to hem a dress, fix some shorts and finish that purse I told you about.

You don't really care about any of that do ya?  You wanna see Helga, we have all been missing her haven't we?  I'm pretty sure the temperature rose 15 degrees as soon as her and G arrived.  Chris and I drove out to meet up with them and have dinner.  I was so excited we almost forgot to take pictures!  Helga, is more beautiful in person than you can imagine and her big warm heart is full of love.  G is an absolute doll too.  They really are wonderful people!
 After dinner we went up to Mount Tabor so they could have a look at the city.
 Helga's entire outfit was thrifted from a shop in New Mexico.  She looked incredible!
 G had on the cutest white top with rainbow colored stars all over and his bright green Chucks!
 They are a beautiful couple and I can't wait to spend more time with them over the next few days.
Chris and G got along rather well :) as expected really.  Here is the purse I made out of the Hmong fabric .
 I just added the panel to this old denim bag I never used.
 I also made a wrap around belt with the extra panel. It really looks cool on!
I also received a package of goodies from Louise at The Princess Prudence Diaries.
 She made this fascinator by hand, isn't it sweet!  I think even I could do this pattern!
 A really cool brass bangle, coin purse and my favorite is this panther ring!  Thanks Louise!!!!
As if this weekend could not get any better I had fabulous luck thrifting this weekend.  I have been eyeing these Moroccan belts on eBay and Etsy for about a month.  The cheapest used one I saw was for $40 and it was still pretty beat up.  However look what I found this weekend!
 The white one was $4 and the brown was $6.  Not bad huh?

More good times to be had and pictures to follow.  I told Helga you all missed her terribly!
I think they are ready to head home, 5 weeks is a long time to be away from their pookies!  More adventures to follow.


Vix said...

Eeeeek!!! I'm so excited to see you and Helga froclicking together, I only wish I was there, squished in between you!!! I have missed her sooo much so to see her & G pop up with you is just a joy! I knew G and Chris would get along a treat!!!
Love both your colourful frocks and booboid action. Have a blast and take millions of pictures!!!!!
Louise has sent a fab parcel! i had that pattern adn stupidly passed it on, it is easy-peasy, you'll be rocking a baby doll frock in no time!!
LOVE you & Helga! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I'm so pleased you two met, you look glorious together! Like a rainbow went kaboooom!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You and Helga are an amazing duo!!!! I miss her so much, I'm so glad to see her here with you!!
You both look fantalicious!! I need more photos of the event!
I really love both your outfits and also Chris and G are stunning!!
The bag and the belt you made are wonderful and so all Louise's presents!!
Love you more than awesome bloggers meetings!!

Miss Magpie said...

Yay!! You guys finally met! and yes I have missed her, it seems weird somehow to see the pair of them pop up on your blog.

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! Fab to see you all together! Yep, we've missed her.
You two looking amazing frollicking away.
I'm mad for that panther ring.

anton belardo said...

glad your having a really nice time! i missed you dear! Sooo many goodies!!! you look lovely as always and i love your braids on an earlier post

been busy and a little sick but every things going great :) and ooh my lappy is fixed

have a lovely week a had

kisses A.

Lucy Nation said...

"All my cracks were sweating" Ha ha, you can tell you've been spending time with Helga! She makes me laugh. We've missed her Slocombe-esque innuendo!! So good to see you having a lovely time and you both look lovely. Look forward to seeing your further adventures.

Well done on the recent scores. I particularly like the defaced 18th century lady

Lucy xx

Louise said...

Yey, I'm glad my package arrived! I do hope that you're going to model us a baby doll when you make one. Oooh, so good to see Helga, and looking sooo divine too. Complaining about the weather? Is that practice for your trip to England? Xx

Heather said...

LOL Great pics!! So fun to make new friends super excited for you that you get to meet up with your bloggy friends!! Have Fun and enjoy your time the new belts especially the brown one and the purse you made is super cute ~LOve Heather


Soooooooooooooo jealous to see you all gorgeous and fun loving people together, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

pastcaring said...

SQUEEEEE! (In honoue of La Helga!)
How fabulous that she and G are with you, I knew you'd have a load of fun and get up to photo mischief!
Give Helga and G a massive snog from me (and one for yourself too, darling!)
You're looking delightful, despite the sweaty cracks, and your belts, and makes, and the parcel of loveliness from Louise are all gorgeous.
Looking forward to hearing what you get up to with those naughty visitors! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Such great photos! I'm getting a kick out of those two purses on the ground near you. They're both kind of the same style except that one is undeniably YOU and the other is undeniably Helga. ha!

Miss Claire said...

Ooooh, looks like you all got along a treat! It's so exciting to see photos of you hanging out! Xxxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

You're all absolutely adorable!!!! By the way I'm so incredibly envious of the heat you are having... what I wouldn't give for a bit of warmth!

Anonymous said...

Oh,oh,oh--Helga and G. look just as outrageous and lovely in the US as they do in Christchurch. And I'm sure you'll have adventures to relate! Love the belt you found.

Trees said...

YAH! I've missed the Helga and I've been lucky enough to meet her a couple of times (and G once too!).

They are such awesome people - of course Helga has the perfect outfit thrifted whilst she was on the road! Awesome!!

I love your wee package and looking forward to seeing you sew something from the pattern.

I love the brown belt - I remember by Auntie had a belt like that when I was little and I always thought it was incredible.

Kitty said...

Now you too know the joy of the Helga!! yay isn't she awesome fun!

two squirrels said...

Oh Krista!!!! You have been miss Helga-ed and g too!!!! It's the best thing ever!!!! She is amazing. So so happy happy for you guys.
It all looks like so much fun.
Both you gorgeous ladies are looking fabulous.
Love the treasure parcel, what treats.
Much love to you all. v

thorne garnet said...

What fun! You both look so bright and colorful. The purse is beautiful. FYI last month I found the same kind of belt at Penneys, where I was shopping for stunt bras, for $15.

peace out

La Dama said...

Yay!!I have missed that prosti Helgita!
You two look good all manhandling each your cheery outfits!
Those are some great gifts you got hope to see you in baby doll soon.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

How fantastic! I'm jealous of the heat, jealous of your meeting Helga and G and your teensy little dress - it looks so sexy! xxxx

Bella Q said...

Omg!!!!!! What a wonderful assortment of photos! I love seeing the lot of you posing-. And as someone above put it, each of you are so undeniably you! I can't believe we got to meet them- as you say they arre such a beautiful couple, and you and Chris are, too! Such great style and panache!

Daniel said...

Love Helga!!! Seriously looking at this pics just makes me so happy!! So awesome how bloggers get to be friends and see each other!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Jesus wept - where the crap have I been!?! She is a one in a billion super amazing special treasure isn't she! I'm so happy to see you having so much fun together - and those boys, of COURSE they loved each other too! Your frock is SPECTACULAR! Love! Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh Gawwwwwwd, you are sooooooooooo lucky darling Krista!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!!! The thought of squeezing that heavenly goddess gives me goosebumps and you got her and G to yourselves for days!!! You both look glorious and like you've known each other for years!! Isn't she the most beautiful creature? Such a loving and kind heart - what a woman! xxxxxx

Nerd Burger said...

The two of you hanging out makes me so happy. Looks like you had a rad time. :)