Friday, July 20, 2012

Mama's got a brand new bag!

I woke up this morning to the radio alarm blasting news about a shooting in a movie theatre in Colorado, 12 dead and almost 40 injured.  WTF?  I know it's pointless to try and understand the actions of a mad man but I can't help but wonder what brings someone to that point?  My heart goes out to everyone who's been affected by this pointless horror.

Enough of that, it's Friday and aside from some thunder, lightening and a bit of rain all is good in my world.  I wanted to share with you a purse I scored recently on ebay for only $10.
 It's my one and only white bag and I think it's just sweet!
 It has bits of pink, yellow and blue woven in.
 I love it!

 What do you think Peetee?
 well, ok then :)
 In other news, a week from today I head back to San Diego to hang out with my family.  I can't wait, the beach will be involved and I also have one full day to thrift shop with family and friends.  Woot woot!
 What are you up to this weekend?


Vix said...

What a fabulous bag, the animals seem most impressed and who could blame them??!!
That frock is beautiful and so are you. Is that a new headband I spy? It's a beauty!!! Beaches and thrift shopping is too much to bear, not fair!! The sun's shining here and it's supposed to last all weekend so we're off to the pub at 6 for some early doors drinking, yeah!!
I was hoping to catch up with you but maybe Sunday if you're around!!
Love ya & have a fab weekend. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear!!!I'm wearing all your creations today and we have just twin- posted together!!! Your hair is brighter and more beautiful than ever and so are you!! Despite all the madness of the world we are living in, I feel relieved to have you!
Your new pastel suitcase is adorable and the photo of kitty cat and Peetee around it is brilliant!!
I love your frock and shoes and you more than ever!!!
Have a great weekend!!We'll see each other in two weeeks, I'm going to the sea!
Love you more than the ocean!

Bella Q said...

Great shots of the pets! That bag is so awesome- reminds me of Sabbath school as a kid. Mamacita would dress me up in girly froth and I'd wear gloves and hold a purse like that. You of course make it look much sexier than Sabbath school in the 70's.

Have a great weekend in Cali! xo. Bella Q

Ivy Black said...

Ooooh so she has! That's lovely.
Have a wonderful weekend.xxxx

Melanie said...

Fab little bag and for some absurd reason, today you remind me the bag I was using today. That sounds really bad, but it's a compliment really it is, it's a pink, white, yellow, lilac and turquoise woven plastic basket. Bet you never had that comparison before, hehe xxx

pastcaring said...

Mama's brand new bag is a cutie! Peetee looks so sweet posing next to it, and he's so excited he needs to sniff the cat's bum, of course. Who doesn't do that when they get excited?! Watch out when we meet, Krista, haha!
Your trip back home sounds fab, could do with some sunny beach action right now...
Taking the girls to a vintage fair tomorrow, then off to visit family for a few days on Sunday. Have fun, love! xxxx

Annie said...

I lived in Denver for a while, not far from where the shooting happened. Nothing I can say seems adequate really.

Anyway, your bag is just fab, and what a bargain! Love the pink Converse too.

I am very envious of you heading off to the beach. I won't be seeing the sea now till Christmas.

Off out later to a Bowie night - 40th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Should be a good one.

Have a great weekend! xx

Anonymous said...

That bag is so you and so fresh! You cracked me up out loud when I saw the Peetee/Kitty photo. I suppose if it don't smell funky the animals have no interest. That's a good thing with second hand shopping, isn't it?
I've been awake since 6am from the thunder. The loudest I've ever heard today!
Have fun on your vacation.


Hello my gorgeou and always PINK Krista, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I want your bag now. Definitely I will have to come ove and get it together with the pink boots, lol.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Wow! What a gorgeous bag! And a complete bargain too. Its alway sunny in your back garden, please send some over here ;)
This weekend I am going to the flea market to rummage for treasure (crap!) x

Penny-Rose said...

Cute bag and Peetee is just gorgeous. Your comment about being at the beach made me realise how lucky I am here in NZ where the sea is never far away. By the way the photo of you holding bag and kissing it made me smile because your cat is in a similar pose but facing the other way as if jealous of the attention! Hope you have a great weekend. xx

Penny-Rose said...

Very cute bag!! Is the photo of you kissing the bag and the cat in almost the identical pose but facing away from you deliberate??? The cat appears jealous to me!! Your comment about being at the beach made me realise how lucky it is to be in NZ where the sea is never far away. As for this weekend, I hope to get some blogging and thrifting done! Hope you are having fun xx

thorne garnet said...

the beach might happen for us, that is if the surf is up. The Doctor will not go if the waves are flat. Of course, it's the Atlantic,not Pacific ocean, boo hoo.

VainGlorySinner said...

Oh yeah, my friend text me asking if I had heard about the shooting but it slipped my mind! I will go read about it in a little bit. It sounds awful though!

What a cute little bag! I bet those types of vintage style bags usually go for way for than $10 so you must have gotten a good deal!

LOL at Peetee sniffing Ashes butt!

This weekend I am doing nothing at all apart from house work, watching Pretty Little Liars and making and photographing jewellery! xxx

Nerd Burger said...

Who knew Peete liked handbags so much? That photo cracked me up.
It's crazy about the shooting. It's going to put a shadow over Batman now... grrr

Trees said...

That shooting is terrible - It was the first thing I read about when I logged on this morning.

I love your wee bag - very cute:D

Anonymous said...

Love the new bag! I kept avoiding getting up this morning, hoping against hope that the news was just a bad dream I was having.

On our agenda for the weekend, what may be our final visit to a sick friend.

Sara said...

Oh, such a beautiful bag! What a find; I absolutely love it! Gorgeous bag for a gorgeous woman! XO

Heather said...

What your coming to San Digeo....I did not know you had family here I know you mentioned you lived here before. If you ever want to visit we would love to have you, try out some of my hubbys good cooking and enjoy our mountain view! Mi casa es su casa! ~That purse is adorable there is some great stuff on ebay and that is such a cute pic of Peetee!! ~Love Heather

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love that fab bag! You look so happy and sunshiny - if I were there I would totally sniff your butt on the bottom step. I hope you have a fabulous time with your beautiful family - obvs we need lots of pics. Love! Sarah xxx

Louise said...

What a gorgeous bag! I've always wanted something like that, but never got one... And now I'm on bag ban so no chance lol. There's so much horror in the world isn't there? That's why it's always nice to pop along and see your smiling face and colourful world. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Such sad and scary news.

Your bag is fantastic and peetee is such a darling, those liquid eyes! I love the woven bits, fantastic. I hope you have a fab weekend by the sea, sea and thrift stores, fantastic! xxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet the bag is fabulous!!!!! Yay to vintage bags!!!
I love that the wee fur babies approve.
I hope you have had an amazing weekend with family.

The news from the shooting is so sad and makes me so mad. How could you be so cruel and evil.
Much love v

La Dama said...

Kristaita what a cool bag!
Love how Pete and Ash are sniffing eachother and the your fab bag.
That is so horrible !Fucken idiots can even go to the movies now.