Monday, July 16, 2012

My adventures at the Oregon Country Fair!

This weekend was the perfect way to end one of the funnest weeks I've had in a while.  The Oregon Country Fair turned out to be a total blast.  Not only was it the best people watching of my life but the vibe there was totally about love.  It was pretty magical.  Here is what I wore on the drive down.
 I bought this dress last week for $7.  Super comfy and bright just my style!
 Woven bag made in India, perfect with my new dress!
The B&B we stayed in was so nice!  It really felt more like we were visiting a friend.
 Since Eugene is known for some of it's wineries we decided to drive out to Kings Estate for dinner.
 It was breathtaking.  Am I in France?
 Crab cakes up top and halibut with potatoes in basil sauce below.
 Candied bacon ice cream, and yes it was good!
 Flourless chocolate cake and mint ice cream yum!
The next morning we were up early for our breakfast, this came with our room.
 It was so tasty!
Here we are getting in a few snaps before we head out to the fair.
 Cathy is the first friend I ever made here in Oregon.  She is the perfect companion for a trip to the fair!
 Walking into the venue this is the first thing I saw!
 She was also on stilts!
 Same with this feathered beauty!
 They had all kinds of workshops going on.
 Cathy looking cute!
Me hamming it up.
 There were so many interesting people there, all of my senses were overstimulated and I didn't know where to look.

  The entire fair was inside a canopy of trees!
 I'll let you decide :)
 Beautiful art was everywhere.
 There were plenty of painted boobies!
 Tons of freaks!
 Beautiful fairies!
 All kinds of weird stuff too.
 Positive messages were everywhere.
 Tons of music and dancing!
 Sacred spaces.
 More music.
 Tons of people, all being super cool to each other.
 Tree man!
 Tree houses.
 When this marching band and group of clowns came by I about lost it!  The colors were so tasty, I almost just filed in right behind them.  Maybe I missed my calling as a traveling clown :)

 Here's to not giving a crap and just having fun!

 This kid was also on stilts.  The kids at this fair were adorable I just felt weird taking pictures of them.

 This was truly one of the most memorable things I have ever done.  The people were kind, interesting, and carefree.  My face hurt from smiling, my feet sore from walking, my heart full from loving!  If you live in Oregon and you haven't gone to this you are missing out!

 I haven't even got to the part where I tell how insanely good the thrifting was down there.  OMG!  Wait until you see some of the treasure I scored.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, all that wonderfulness AND thrifting too...heavenly.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know where to start..the fair seems amazing, I've got same smiling cramps that you had only looking at those marvellous photos!OMG why I can't be there with you!! I love all the people costumes, the colors are amazing, all the painted boobies and the giant vagina!
The paintings are fabulous too, especially the mantis with the cute!I need that love sign at home..and I almost forget about the food that seems delicious and about how gorgeous you are in your new fantabulous print dress!!
Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

After all this you also thrifted?? What a perfect weekend I'd say. Definitely visually stimulating. The food looked fabulous. Did you really eat all those desserts? ;)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Can I come to this next year?!! It looks heavenly! How fantastic, everything looked like a magical wonderland. You look great in your supercheap dress!! xxx

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

We used to go to the Country Fair all the time when I was a child (painted boobies are especially alarming at that age!) but I haven't been for years now. I love it though. Your lovely photos brought back a lot of crazy and wonderful memories!

pastcaring said...

Oh my goodness, what an insanely brilliant fair!
First things first - both of your dresses are beautiful, you look so happy and bright and gorgeous.
The B&B you stayed in looks fabulous, and such great food.
Love Cathy's hat, she looks a great girl.
So much to see and enjoy, I'm not surprised you had sensory overload. Love all the costumes, the painted boobs (might you join in next year, Krista's?!) and the vaginal art!
The brightly coloured parasols and the gorgeous sunlight filtering through the trees are just magical.
I wanna come next year - shall we all go and paint our boobs?
All this and thriftiness treasures too? I need a lie down! xxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

You're making me long for my next festival (except it won't be as gloriously sunny as yours and the accommodation won't be half as luxurious!!!)
I absolutely love all your pictures, I'm insane with jealously and want to have been there with you. Kathy and you look absolutely beautiful, I want our straw hat and her denim waistcoat! I'll bet the pair of you turned a few heads! Loving those fairies and I want painted boobs, too!!!
I love people watching and there's so many fabulously freaky folk to perv over here!!!
I can't believe you managed to go thrifting, too. I bow to your fabulousness!
Love YOU more than festivals!!!!!! xxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Dang, we sure don't have fairs in my neck of the woods like that! The Azalea Festival would be a lot more fun if we did.I miss the west coast so much

The Canon Girl said...

Nice boobs, beautiful colorful pictures of everything and it seems like loads of fun! All the gorgeous constumes especially, it's almost like cosplay :-D. The first picture of you with the hat is gorgeous, you look so beautiful and that dress is perfect on you too! And as always, super stylish friends :-)

Perdita said...

The fair looks fab. Love all the stiltwalkers and costumes!

Louise said...

Wow, what a fantastic looking festival, and how uber talented are those kids on stilts. Painted boobies are cool, how ace would it be if we could all go topless with painted boobies in the hot weather? Such fun times, and glorious weather too. Xx

Victoria said...

You took some amazing photos and captured the essence of the fair. What a unbelievably great time, music, food, art, entertainment, and those quiet corners. Time to try the Rainbow Gathering next.

Bella Q said...

K, that looks like so much fun! I love the people on the stilts and your wicked little summer dress! Can't wait to see your Oregonian thrifting scores!

Nat said...

Wow!Looks like an overload of sensory stimulation... but in a good way :-) I love your vivid photos and all the fun characters!

Clara Turbay said...

what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to wear your fairy costume... I was looking forward to seeing that. Looks like fun though-Tammy

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love the wind-up man! And that B&B was something else. Bacon ice cream? Be still my heart.

Helga! said...

VAG!!! Bahahaha!
Fark,it really wasn't any old hippy dippy shit,was it?! It looks like a BLAST! I'd love to have gone along!! So much riotous colour and FUN!YAY! So pleased you lasses had a grand time,and I can't get over the delicious FOOD you scoffed!The bacon icecream sounds rather interesting!
You dressed perfectly for the occasion!Yeah!

Heather said...

Ohhh looks like fun I want to be a fairy hehehe!! We did like the exact opposite this weekend we went to comic con and the Zombie parade lol!!! There wasn't as many happy people there :P Oh you look so pretty as well! Really is there anything better than friends what a blessing they are~ And the B&B looks so nice and relaxing as well!! can't wait to see the goodies you got thrifting ~Love Heather

Gina Gao said...

These outfits all look great! Thanks for sharing.


What an interesting adventure, Krista, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I see you are wearing my favourite boots.

Trees said...

Wow - thanks for sharing this Krista! We don't have county fairs here (well - we don't have counties so makes sense) but from what I'd seen on TV I always imagined it would be really cheesy - like who has grown the biggest pumpkin or something. But this looks like the best time EVER - I would love to go!

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...

That looks amazing!!!! I so wish we had stuff like that where I live but we don't and it's poop. Looks like you had an ace time :) xx

Annie said...

Wow Krista, what a fabulous event! I echo what Trees just said, I always thought county fairs were about guessing the weight of the pig! But this is utterly wonderful, and your photos completely capture the colours, the people and the atmosphere.

You and Cathty look so pretty and relaxed, and I really, really want to stay at that B&B! Fantastic post. xx

Kitty said...

How long a drive is Eugene from Portland?? 2 or 3 hours?? Me has to go too!!!

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Great photos! I am happy because of you! I would like to see something like that, it seems like so much fun and their colors are like a therapy for me. Stay pretty and smile much much more! xoxo

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I have never seen anything this amazing in my entire life ... yes I've experienced some awesome stuff, but this is like a dream!!!! Loving the painted tatas, the ladies they belong to look soooooo happy!! The stilt lady is incredible and you just look so excited to be there!!! And what an incredible place to rest your head at night, with scrumptious food!!!! Oh how I WISH I was there with you:))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

La Dama said...

What an amazing magical place!
You ladies look right in your element.Aye, the food, that bacon ice cream. I want to try a bacon shake.
I love how these women are proudly showing their painted chi chis!
You better had got a Tarot reading amor!


Wow so cool !!!
I dig so much your capeline hat with pink curls. Absolutely lovely :D

Aminta Paiz said...

That seems like a really fantastic event... everything looks so cool and interesting..thanks for sharing