Friday, July 13, 2012

Our last supper

It was almost too much joy to get a parcel from Vix while Helga & Bella were here.  We talked the week before and she showed me this dress she picked up for only 20p.  THAT'S UNDER A BUCK!!!
It's the prefect dress to wear out in the 90 degree heat.
 I think this is the only white dress I own.Oh how I can't wait to go shopping with her.

She also sent me some of the pink Barry M lipstick I have been admiring her wear along with this bright blue polish!
  I needed a little yellow flower power!
 But best of all she sewed me another pair of shorts!  Here is a teaser shot of the fabulous vintage fabric.
My new dress deserved an outing so I wore it our farewell dinner. Helga's wearing a dress she found yesterday.  She looked amazing, as always!
I have been Helgafied!
 Mazzy did her make-up and she was looking extra glamourous! I really could use a Mazzy make over!
Our last supper at Clyde Common was a really wonderful night of great food, silly and serious conversation, hugs, cocktails, and all around merriment!  I had a hard time seeing it come to an end
but, there will be a next time.  Here's to meeting and making new friends!

Today I start another adventure. My friend Cathy and I head down south to the Oregon Country Fair.   We are staying in a super cute B&B for the weekend and hitting up the fair on Saturday.  There will be all sorts of things to share with you when I get back.  Life is pretty busy at the moment and it's filled with all the things I love most!

See ya soon.


Lucy Nation said...

Oh this all looks and sounds so lovely. Must have been hard to say goodbye. I'm looking forward to reading about it again and seeing more pics when Helga gets home

PS. Where did you get that gorgeous pastel bead necklace with the cute little deer? I'm currently swooning over it??


pastcaring said...

Oh I spotted that gorgeous maxi when Vix posted her jumble sale treasures, it's perfect on you! SHE is a treasure, and so are you!
Look at how beautiful you and Helga are together, I love the frock she found, you are such a glamorous pair of hotties.
I can imagine it was hard to say goodbye. You'll see her and G, and Bella, again, I'm sure. And then there are all your UK friends waiting for you to visit! xxxxx


Hello Crazy Chicks ! Have a nice week-end.

Kisses from France.


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's lovely, perfect on you. Have fun at the Country Fair and thanks for your comment re: my matchmaking for Tom Cruise!


La Dama said...

That dress is one of my faves on your hot bod amor. love you more with prosti lipstick.
Hell yeah!!Helgafied is where its at!
Aww I'm sure you will meet Helga and the gang again.
Mazzy gets down with his bad-ass make up skills!
I could do your make up when you come over amor.
Have fun at the fair amor.

Vix said...

You girlies look absolutely beautiful together, you have to frame those pictures!
The dress looks gorgeous on you, I knew it would. Helgita's frock is a triumph, she picked up some fabulous stuff (including you!)
Have a fabulous time at the fair, wishing you lots of love & sunshine!!
Love you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful dress, it's so you. You've got the perfect accessories around your neck to go with it. You both look like a breath of freshness in that bar. Life is so much better with style!

Bella Q said...

Ah Krista, that dress looks so good on you! Perfect summer day maxi. Vix knows you all too well. And the teaser- I can't wait to see you rock those shorties!

How beautiful you and Helga look- I wish I was there with youse! What a wonderful time- I can imagine the conversation was a delight. Thank you for sharing, so that I can have a taste on that marvelous day and dinner.

Have fun at your Oregon County Fair!

Victoria said...

Your new maxi looks lovely with your yellow rose hairband, love the dress, also looks very comfy. You two look amazing together, so much fun loving spirit.

Can't wait to see you photos of the Country Fair, I use to go there years ago and spend the weekend camping out in the parking lot, trading feather clips and magic wands for foot massages, saunas, and other goodies. One time I wore my belly dancing costume, but was way to shy to get up and dance with the other belly dancers, there is always so much good entertainment.

Nat said...

Boo that Helga has to leave :-( but yay for goodies from the fabulous Vix plus a weekend away! Have a blast and bring back some pictures of your adventures....

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh heaven - a B&B and the county fair - I would really love that! Vix is the bargain dress queen! It looks angelic on you and Helga's dress is stunning too. Oh and Peetee is a little darling!

Rose&Bird said...

Such a pretty dress, I remember Vix saying it was for a friend when she found it - and you're that lucky friend! Helga looks great too. Glad that you had such a fab time together, hope you get to meet up again soon. Have a great weekend x

Helga! said...

We are literally just home!!!
O,looking at all these wonderful pix of the fun we had made me a little teary!!! Portland was the BOMB,and you are the fuse,baby!!! We both adore and worship you,and wish we could hang out EVERY day!!! Thanks to you and darling Chris for being the bestest hosts tourists could ever desire!!!
Love you LONG time and can't wait to touch you again!!!

Kathi said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Sara said...

Such gorgeous vixens! Yay for yellow flower power! And that dress is amazing! You look like a goddess! Correction: You ARE a goddess. :D

So glad you had an amazing time. Can't wait to hear about the next adventure!

Trees said...

That dress is just lovely on you and Helga's dress is amazing too - you guys look so happy hanging out together - yah for blog friends!

Trees said...

That dress is just lovely on you and Helga's dress is amazing too - you guys look so happy hanging out together - yah for blog friends!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in that wonderful dress and all the accessories are my favorites ever, especially the white-yellow roses headband and the deer necklace, I bet they are some of your wonderful creations!I love Helga's makeup and the photos of you together are beautiful, you both are so happy and fabulous!
Lots of love!

Perdita said...

The dress and lippy are SO YOU! Just perfect! Loving your Helga photos too, you both just light up that room!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Catchiing up on all your posts with Helga!
So cool you met her! Lucky girl!
Love the lipstick, suits you, looking gorgeous darling

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the portrait photos of you and your smile is just so genuine! Helgafied, indeed.

liz said...

I spy Christopher! He did a great job on Helga's make-up, too!