Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thrifting scores and transformations!

I spent this weekend 2 hours south of Portland in a little college town called Eugene.  I think because it's so far from any big city they have a lot more vintage stock.  I'll start by showing you what I got and re-did for Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday. I found this Samsonite make-up case for $5 but is was pretty discolored outside and perfect inside, so I decided to paint it.  Here is the after shot because I can't bear to start my post with the ugly before shot.
 Inside there was a ID sticker and it also had a luggage tag with a name on it.  I looked it up and the owner of this was Mary Ashbeck.  She and her husband were married 58 years.  He lived to be almost a 100 and she made it to 90.  They owned a working farm in Echo Oregon.  Isn't that cool? I bet she used this every time she traveled.
Here is the ugly before shot.
The treasure trove is just getting started.  The best score of the day was this leopard cape.  At first I thought it was hand made but there is a small tag inside.  The faux fur is soft and it has no weird odor at all, someone loved this very much and now I do.  Are you ready?
 It was $4.  I know, I know, I'm still riding the high on this score!
 Lovely pockets up front.
 Slits for my arms.  Yup this will be keeping me warm with winter and looking foxy!
I also lucked out with a few dresses.  This one is like nothing I own, but it looked too sweet on to pass up and now I have another navy dress.  This was $6.
 Perfect length too I don't have to hem.
  This was another score at $6.
 I love this dress, yes it was probably a square dance dress, but ain't she cute!!!!
 I also found this sweet dress for $8.  I love the Peter Pan collar!
They had a ton of dresses like this in a few different colors.  I only bought one.
 I love the top and with the sheer sleeves you can still see my tattoos.
 Precious cuffs!
 BUT TOO LONG, so I chopped it!  Much better, don't you think?
 I also found a few knick knacks. I thought this was kinda creepy and only a buck.
 Hipster trucker hat, I do wear these every once in a while and this one cracked me up!
 A cute little clown I could not leave behind.
 That's about it, I showed great restraint!  I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far!  Just so all my UK followers don't feel alone we are excepting thunder showers today.  Yeah! (That yeah was sarcastic)


Anonymous said...

Wow all your finds are fantastic and that make up case you've restyled is a great ta-dah!!!I really can't believe you've scored such a perfect leopard cape for only $4!!And all the dresses are lovely, the peter pan pink one is too cute and also the square dancing style dress!!You did a good work chopping the pink sheer sleeved one, now it looks much better!!
That mad hat really made me laugh!!
I love you more than amazing vintage finds!!

Vix said...

Wow!!! What incredible scores! I love that leopard cape soooo much and that gingham maxi and the square dancing dress and what you've done to the vanity case, damn, I LOVE IT ALL!!! I think I need to get the next flight over to Eugene right now because it's all too much to bear!!!
That hat has to be brought to the UK! You'll need a few drinks to find many of the locals pretty around here.
That dress is a million times better shorter, I need to see you wearing all your scores soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Can we call you Heidi now? Cute dresses. The cape is a Hall of Thrfting Fame score. I'm hearing thunder right at my house, please rain, my grass is getting crispy

Pixie said...

Those dresses are amazing. Great finds!

two squirrels said...

Oh Krista you have had the most incredible finds!!!!!!
I just don't know what to start with!!!!! The cape is amazing and when you said the price I said out loud, WOW!!!!
So happy for you.
Then the gingham dress, oh then pink Peter pan collar dress,and the fabulous pink dress that is so much better shortend. So out of breathe. The best scores EVER!!!!!
Love v
PS sweet sorry I have been behind on comments, loved seeing the fun and happiness with blog beauties!!!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Your navy dress and the leaopard print cape are fantabulous! Just popped by from Lakota, and am now your newest follower. I agree, pink hair is fab. Mine's bright red! Em ♥ I'm having a giveaway (pink opal earrings I've designed and made so pop on over)

Bella Q said...

I am shaking with the major score you did with the LEOPARD CAPE!!! Let me repeat: LEOPARD CAPE!!! Wow. Gorgeous and AMAZING. I can not ALL CAP enough on that one. Your tah-dah is awesome- what a great little case, and your other finds make me never want to stop thrift shopping. LOVE all the dresses but the peter panned collar frock is my fave!

pastcaring said...

I think it's official - that leopard cape is THE BEST THRIFT SCORE EVER!
Fabulous finds and prices. The Samsonite case looks just lovely in its new colours, and the gingham maxi is beautiful. Sarah is going to be SO jealous! You found such cute girly frocks which are going to look fabulous on you.
Yay for great thrifting adventures in new places! xxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

Those dresses you've found have left me weak at the knees. They're like something out of a fairytale! Wow, just...wow!!! x

Ivy Black said...

Fab scores, love. I love the dresses...I can see you in them all...much better shorter! That cape is perfect.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love what you did with the vanity case! Looks fab! And great score on that beautiful leopard cape....what a complete steal, hooray for bargains! :))

Perdita said...

Super finds and a very clever restoration there! I am currently loving capes- that one is so cool.

...and the creepy picture makes me think the girl is fishing/hunting down kittens. CREEPY!

Nat said...

Oooh! You did well :-) Lovely, cute dresses... hope you will be modelling them soon :-)

La Dama said...

OMG!! You hit the mother load amor!
I love how you revamped that ugly being make up case.Looks fantastic!
I cant get over that LEOPARD CAPE! $4!!! gorgeous whimsical frocks, love the square dance China girl dress.
That clown has your colorful style.

one denim bird said...

oh Krista, what fab finds! I love your train suitcase make-over! The fur jacket is a steel and you will suit all those pretty dresses, well done!

anton belardo said...

the bag is sooo lovely now O_____O i need to go on a little treasure hunt soon...the card with cat is really beautiful btw.. i miss u dear
sending lots of hugs

Kisses A.

Helga! said...

I've died and gone to Jealousy AA!!! Fark ME!
First,I love the case,dammit,and I think the paint job has jazzed it up beautifully!
Second,the cape makes me want to scream!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I've dreamt about such a cape!! Can't wait to see you rock it in Winter!!!
Third-the frocks are to die for cute! I have a weakness for square dance frocks, and shortening that divine pink one was just the ticket!Now it's perfect! It just HAS to be done sometimes!
Adoring YOU!

Ashley Clarke said...

HAHA oh god the UK weather has been HORRIFIC. seriously.
Anyway I love all this stuff, especially that creepy book and the leopard cape. $4. you make me sick. in a good way. LOVELY.
Ashley x

Anonymous said...

Love the remake of the carry on case! It looks better than it ever did in its previous life. And that cape!

Can't wait to see the tats in those sheer pink sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cape is suppose to be MINE! haha Love it! I think it would look so cool over the feminine dresses as a sort of contrast or unexpected element. Great finds!!
I'm passing on to my son what you said about his hair. I love it too, he loves it too, but his siblings give him such a hard time about it. What is wrong with people? How can anyone not love a man's long lovely locks?

Style Sud-Est said...

The dresses! I Love the dresses!
Amazing finds Krista!
Leaving for Vegas tomorrow


BellaGetsREal said...

Love what you did to the case. I bought one from the antique mall in Cashmere on my way home from Crescent bar. It is getting harder to find nice pieces while keeping cost low.

PS the cape is to die for!

Melanie said...

Your makeup case transformation is brilliant! And with the great story behind it, it's bound to bring you luck. The cape, well, I'm speechless. Absolutely divine!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Right that's it, I'm moving! Transatlantic baby! I love love love that cape - what a score! And the case is an amazing makeover, I know what you mean about starting with the crappy photo, always seems a shame! So cool that you found out about the last owner, bet she'd be pleased it has a new lease of life with you xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man alive - the case is gorgeous! What sort of paint did you use? I've never even considered painting them and I have quite a few that would be FABULOUS in some crazy bright colours!!!

The gingham frock rocks my WORLD - the others are all gorgeous too (especially the cute square dancing frock (petticoats!!) but the gingham is my FAVE.

I wanna come op shopping with YOU!!! Sarah xxx

Aminta Paiz said...

Im so jealous.. you have found amazing stuff!!!

VainGlorySinner said...

Great finds! I particularly love the creepy picture with the young girl and the kitty cat!

The vanity case transformation is awesome, I can't believe you managed to find that much info on the previous owner, you've put my detective skills to shame! I bet Mary would have preferred the case the way you did it!

So many dresses! They do look rather cute cowgirl-ish don't they?! Perfect for your collection of cowgirl boots! xxx

Kathi said...

I love how you redid the case! Fabulous colors!

lady liquor vintage. said...

What amazing finds! All those dresses are bloomin' gorgeous! I love the paint job on the case too, my samsonite is very dear to my heart! XO.

Nerd Burger said...

So much awesome. I love the sweet dress with the peter pan collar. I can't wait to see you in them all :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Oh my gods - I don't know where to start!! Please if you ever see a square dance dress in my size (UK 18-20) please get it (if cheap) and I'll buy it! I love them. I love the two pink dresses - so perfect. The second one did need the chop, it looks much better. I LOVE the creepy Victorian print. And the leopard cape - wowzers!

You can almost hear the pig on the trucker hat laughing hill billy style - "yuk yuk yuk!"
When can I move to Portland?!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous dresses!

liz said...

I love Eugene! And man, I don't normally like leopard print but that jacket...! Adorable!