Thursday, August 30, 2012

If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you

The time has finally come Chris and I are off to the UK, we fly out on Sunday!  I traded in a lot of dollars for a few pounds :) I gotta ask though what's with the different sizes bills, the 50 is bigger than the rest, doesn't that mess with your wallets or do you all have BIG wallets over there?  These are the things that keep me up at night.  BTW the Queen looks pretty good too, must be nice to be ageless on a bill :)
I have packed 15 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of leggings and 2 pair of tights.
 7 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 sweater, and 2 jackets:)  I wish I could pack Peetee
Eh, no I don't Mama wants to play, but I will miss him dearly because I'm a crazy dog lady.
 My pink John Fluevogs will be coming though.
 and lots of bright jewelry

 Vix sent me this book to read and I am waiting until we get to the airport to crack it open.
Look out UK here I come in all my rainbow brightness!  I will miss you while I'm gone but I promise to share our adventures with you when I get back.  Take care everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Too much sugar, never enough color

My feet might be on firmly planted on earth but my mind wanders easily these days.  This weekend was the perfect combination of having fun and getting stuff done.   Topped only by finishing Dexter season 6, and can I just say~ No. Fucking. Way.   This called for rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, well actually a friends house warming did :) Dexter called for booze!
The peaches and strawberries at Farmers Market on Saturday were sublime. A bowl of fruit on top of greek yogurt and granola is my typical summer breakfast.
I wore some pretty flower rompers, probably the last time with bare legs, fall is in the air.
Peetee looked extra cute and got some nice long walks from me, his toe nails clipped and a nice bath. He is ready for Grandma snuggles :)
 I spotted some gray.
 and found myself in color
and then lost myself in crafting.  I'd share the rest with you but I can't their pressies, shh.
 I picked up this dress for $5 on the way to Crater Lake.  She's a beauty!
The skirt is pleated and the perfect length
 for flashing my booty shorts!  (Just for you Curtise)
 Now that wasn't very ladylike. (insert song by STORM LARGE here)
 And you caught me....sometimes a girls gotta tuck her remote :) My Grandma used to pull all kinds of crap out of her bra.  Ah Grandma, I still miss that woman!
a little BAGANGAL love
 and a lil skin
and since I painted this necklace I have worn it more than ever.
Beautiful floral head gear inspired by Desiree at Sassy Vamps!
This time next Monday our plane will be getting ready to touch down at Heathrow baby! That was said in my cheesiest Austin Powers voice.  The longest flight I have ever been on was to Hawaii at about 6 hours, this will take 10.  It's a red eye so I will pray for some sleep and take pills :)

7 days....

Friday, August 24, 2012

10 days and counting

I hope you all aren't tired of hearing how excited I am about our upcoming adventure.  Aside from picking out one pair of jeans to take along, I am all packed.  The key for me is to start early and take my time.  I usually bring about 5 or 6 outfits into my dressing room and when I find one I like into the bag it goes.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have put together some new outfits just for the trip along with some favored old ones.

On this Frocking Friday I wanted to share with you a completely Vix inspired outfit, right down to the purse I recently found on Etsy.  She has one just like it that I'm sure she paid less than a buck for :)  I paid more :)

 This 1970's kelly green dress was a recent find for $4.  Yeah I'll take that.  It fits like a dream!
 I kinda have to squeeze the girls in but the material has a bit of stretch so it's still very comfy.
 Vix would totally try and pinch this :)  Can you imagine how much stuff she has I wanna pinch?!?!?!!?
 A lot....OMG I'm going to the UK!!!!  Happy dance with a twirl!
 Peetee is going to Chris's Mom for two weeks, he loves it there.  The kitties will stay home and my sweet friend Tammy and her daughter will feed and give em' what they need.
 I always miss Peetee so bad when I travel but I know he is well cared for while I'm gone.  I almost forgot to tell you,  I rolled my hair last night and this is the result.  Not bad huh, I think I will take my cheap foam rollers with me.
 You guys are gonna miss him huh:)
 Religious bracelet gifted to my by Vix.  I picked up this ring in San Diego, it too reminds me of her.
I love that we can all inspire each other through our own unique sense of style.  It's important to always be true to yourself no matter your age, no matter you gender.  Just do you, you are worth the effort!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up too!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Focus, focus, focus, yeah right!

I'm happy to let all my UK buddies know that you have YELP in the UK.  It is by far the most valuable app I have on my iPhone and its free.  Let me paint the scenario. I'm on vacation,  a stranger in a strange land and all I want is a hamburger, a really good one.  I pull out my trusty YELP app and it will, based on location, give me a list of places selling that along with reviews from people just like you and me. Based on all that I can make a better decision on where to spend my money and fill my tummy.    If you want to see my YELP profile you can here.

You guys are gonna miss Peetee while I'm gone right?  Oh yeah and the kitties.
Since the weather is still gorgeous but not sweltering I finally had a chance to touch up my hair :) My dress is washed out in the sunshine but my hair is bright as ever!
 Have no fear, I have my Nike booty shorts on underneath.  This is one of 2 yellow dresses I own.
See how naturally straight my hair is.  Marsha Marsha Marsha!  I ordered some foam roller sticks for my trip as I don't want to have to bring my hot curlers.  I should get them this week and I plan on doing a test run and sharing the results with you.  Fingers crossed.
 I love these sneakers.  I have had them almost 10 years and look at how clean they still are.
 This necklace really is a new favorite.
I am about half way packed too.  My spare bedroom looks like my closet threw up and I kinda love it.
 Things that have made the cut are, this special handmade dress, along with this rainbow dingle ball wrap.
 A sweet pink and red striped skirt.
 4 lbs of Jelly Bellies (for Jon) shhh :)
 Arm candy galore!
 Picking is the hard part.
 These are still maybes.
 I will be done packing this weekend a whole week ahead of time:)
I even sorted out all of our train travel yesterday.  That was confusing and a pain in the ass BUT I think I saved us about $400 by booking ahead of time and online.  Thanks for that link to the RedSpottedHanky Vix.  I figure we have an extra $400 to shop and drink with now!!!!!

How about all my UK ladies give this Yankee some advice on train travel.  Please!