Friday, August 24, 2012

10 days and counting

I hope you all aren't tired of hearing how excited I am about our upcoming adventure.  Aside from picking out one pair of jeans to take along, I am all packed.  The key for me is to start early and take my time.  I usually bring about 5 or 6 outfits into my dressing room and when I find one I like into the bag it goes.  I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have put together some new outfits just for the trip along with some favored old ones.

On this Frocking Friday I wanted to share with you a completely Vix inspired outfit, right down to the purse I recently found on Etsy.  She has one just like it that I'm sure she paid less than a buck for :)  I paid more :)

 This 1970's kelly green dress was a recent find for $4.  Yeah I'll take that.  It fits like a dream!
 I kinda have to squeeze the girls in but the material has a bit of stretch so it's still very comfy.
 Vix would totally try and pinch this :)  Can you imagine how much stuff she has I wanna pinch?!?!?!!?
 A lot....OMG I'm going to the UK!!!!  Happy dance with a twirl!
 Peetee is going to Chris's Mom for two weeks, he loves it there.  The kitties will stay home and my sweet friend Tammy and her daughter will feed and give em' what they need.
 I always miss Peetee so bad when I travel but I know he is well cared for while I'm gone.  I almost forgot to tell you,  I rolled my hair last night and this is the result.  Not bad huh, I think I will take my cheap foam rollers with me.
 You guys are gonna miss him huh:)
 Religious bracelet gifted to my by Vix.  I picked up this ring in San Diego, it too reminds me of her.
I love that we can all inspire each other through our own unique sense of style.  It's important to always be true to yourself no matter your age, no matter you gender.  Just do you, you are worth the effort!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up too!


halloweencouple said...

I love the pink cross necklace another one made by you?

I can see the excitement of your upcoming trip in your pics, heck I'd be jumping for joy to!!

Can't wait to read all about it and of course see the pics!!

Vix said...

Yeah baby, that's totally an outfit I'd wear, from the dress, boots and rings to the bangles and the pink cross, you might have to check your suitcase before you return to the States, I may be full of damp newspaper as I've nicked all your stuff!
Peetee and the kitties are going to be spoilt to bits, I just know it.
Hopefully I'll speak to you Sunday, I can't believe it's days until you're hear!!!!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

That dress is amazing, and such a bargain! Enjoy your time in the UK!! :)

Ivy Black said...

A beautiful dress, gorgeous colour. You look so happy...lots of 'UK here we come excitement I think!

Anonymous said...

You look like the beautiful girl in front of the tiny mirror inside the coolest musical jewelry box! I could not stop lifting the lid with delight if I had that music box with you inside. Love the twirl shot.

Please! Take a picture of yourself in front of Vix's closet pinching her clothes for me. I'd LOVE it! Can't wait! I feel like your mother sending you away for your high school graduation European tour!

Annie said...

It IS exciting! How fab is that dress and jewellery. And those foam rollers have worked a treat - you definitley should bring them with you!
You're really on countdown now! xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

i love your pink hair and necklace against the colour of that dress, gorgeous. I have that same religious bracelet except mine is on a brown background. I'm only new to your and Vix's blogs but I'm looking forward to the photos and stories of your shenanigans together so hope you both remember to take lots of pics while you're having fun. xx

pastcaring said...

Krista's coming, Krista's coming!
I am twirling here too, you are going to have SUCH a great time. Love your happy dance shots, and Peetee giving you a little kiss!
That's a fab dress, looks like a perfect fit, and those beaded bags are lovely, aren't they? I have one with a peacock on.
Love your bouncy curls, love your ring, and LOVE that I'm going to meet you soon! xxxxxxx

Nerd Burger said...

Seeing you twirling in that dress =[ best start to the day ever.
I am so excited for your trip. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

Trees said...

I love your posts - they are always so uplifting! This shade of green and pink work perfectly together and I love your hair, I have some pillow rollers I've never used, perhaps I'll use them tonight?

Nat said...

So exciting!! And such a gorgeous outfit :-)
I just realised that you will be arriving in the UK right around the time I head off to Thailand...

Anonymous said...

You really inspire me always and not only to have a unique style, but to be a better person!And as you know how much I love colours this is my favourite outfit of the Century (look out for the beautiful and dangerous Vix!)I've never seen such a lovely mint dress in my whole life and I really can't describe my delight to see it worn with a pink cross and ankle boots!!


Anonymous said...

The green (or is it teal) dress fits like a dream. I suspect there shall be a bit of mutual pinching when you cross the pond.

Heather said...

Wow what a gorgeous dress!! and your curls came out great looks like the rollers worked well! Sounds like your just about ready for your big trip!! ~Your gonna have a blast! ~enjoy your weekend Love Heather

Miss Magpie said...

I have visions of you arriving at Vix's house with a second empty suitcase that is mysteriously full when you leave!

The Canon Girl said...

Your hair looks amazing, those rollers really gave you wonderful soft curls! That dress is a wonderful color and I love the spikey bracelets! We'll miss you, Peetee!

Helga! said...

You're excited?! I'M excited!!!
LOVE this frock,you look like a dream....I have a similar bag too!Mine had an odd bead handle.Must get it out,I haven't used it in ages.We can all be peacocks together!
It's going to be superb!!!
The babies will be just fine,and sooo happy to see you on your return.
OMG,it's less than 10 days!EEEEEEEK!!!
Love you,darling!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Bella Morte said...

My god.. I can imagine Vix's home turning into a jumbled mess of clothes once you have both finished playing dress up in her extensive collection of vintage! I bet it would be tonnes of fun though!

I have one of those bags! It has bunnies on it, kinda like Thumper from Bambi - it's so adorable!

I can't believe you have packed everything already! I always leave packing until the day before! I am impressed with your organisation skills!

You look beautiful! :D ~♥~

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh holy guacamole I LOOOOVE you in this gorgeous maxi, Krista! You are rocking the crap out of the colour (the pink heart - I have it! I love it!) and I can't wait to see you two amazing women together - SO EXCITING! I love the dancing/twirling pics so much - you look so so happy and beautiful! LOVE! Sarah xxx


Hello, my lovely pink Krista,so very Vix indeed.
Glad to be back home.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I love those colors on you! I think I have a similar dress in red! You rock that maxi!

Lynn Dylan said...

LOVE that blue dress!! And also love the flowered one in the most recent post! I do love dresses. :)


Melanie said...

You look utterly gorgeous in this dress! The colour is spectacular with your hair xxx