Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm inside an imploded VOLCANO!!!!!

I'm so thrilled you all enjoyed the pictures yesterday!  I didn't do a thing to the colors in those photos, the water really is that blue! Your reactions had me smiling all day long!  How fun would a blogger meet up be there!
The following day, after an early breakfast we headed down the only trail that will take you to the surface of Crater Lake.   It was switch backs all the way down, slippery and dusty and worth every step.  My pink boots and cowboy hat were perfect for the journey, being outdoorsy doesn't have to be boring:)
 Here we are at the top of the trail.
That is our boat all the way down there.
 The hike down was easy.
 30 minutes later we were at the bottom.
 Boat ride anyone?
Now let's see what this lake looks like from the bottom up, shall we:)
The sky was gray that day which made for a comfortable ride.
There was one section of the lake that had some beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery.

 Cobalt blue, for real!

 The water is at it's shallowest point here.
 Phantom ship is a bit of lava that came up from the water.
  Do you see the distinct change in the color of the water below? The clear green color is the shallow part and the deep blue right next to it is because it goes from a few feet to several hundred feet deep.  It was such a trip to see in real life.

That was awesome!!!  The hike up took about 45 minutes and I was sweating in all my cracks and loving every minute of it!

On our way home we stopped by Toketee Falls.  This is an old wooden water pipe still is use and the holes in it make for a great way to cool down.  It's been really hot here~FINALLY!
Since I grew up in Southern California I never saw lush forestry until I was in my 30's. It's never too late for adventuring! NEVER!
Now I can't imagine living anywhere else, Oregon is my home now.

After a quick 1/2 mile hike we arrived at the falls.
I will never tire of seeing this!
 We even found an old soda fountain on the way home. It wasn't open but the new owner let us in to have a sneak peak.
It was filled with tons of nostalgia!
I would love to have one of these carousel horses in my house!

I love being a tourist in my state and can't wait to get out and explore more of what makes Oregon so special.  Thanks for coming along!


Anonymous said...

I want to go on tour with you!!
I should find a pink cowboy hat and boots and joining you in your wonderful pink adventures!!I'm seriously consider to come to the U.K. to meet you, Vix and the other British pals!
Sometime, even if your posts always make me happy, I feel very nostalgic and sad because I'm sure you could be my perfect mate!
How beautiful are those places, I hope to go there and have a walk through the green forest and visit the falls!
I need some carousel horse at home too, I've always been fascinated by them!
You look so hot in those marvellous shorts, I should try to DIY them!
I love you more than nature!

Vix said...

I want to join you and Edie and go hiking in pink boots and a killer cowboy hat! that is one heck of a walk, the landscape is almost lunar but lush and gorgeous. I could easily dive into those beautiful blue waters!
That bar is a stunner and so are you!
Can't wait till we go touring the Lake District, must get myself some fabulous boots like yours first!
Love ya!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures from your trip! I didn't get down to water level when I was there so these photos are a real treat. And that cobalt blue is amazing isn't it? At the falls the water in a few of the photos looks like it's in a heart shaped pool.
That looks like a pretty darn fancy soda shop. And look at your shapely legs from all that hiking!

Anonymous said...

Krista, you know, I just read yesterday about that harmful bacteria in sun tea if it's left out too long. Now I'm just making it in the fridge too. Yuck! I think I'll put up a warning in my next post.

pastcaring said...

More fabulous photos, Krista! The walk down to the lake and the boat trip look wonderful (despite the sweating!) and the falls are magnificent, what beautiful country. You picked a stunning state to make your home!
And your Zumba-fit bod is hot hot hot in those shorts and your pink boots! The photo of you and Chris is just lovely.
That soda place looks amazing - we should all have carousel horses in our homes, I think! xxxx

Bella Q said...

Gorgeous pics and I loved your "I was sweating in all my cracks and loving every minute of it!" You rock (and look smokin' h.o.t.)

Victoria said...

Awesome photos! What a fantastic trip, I have never been down to the bottom rim of Crater Lake. My husband use to work there (before I met him)summer and winter.

That soda fountain looks super, I would love to stop in sometime, where is it and when will they open?

Heather said...

OOOOHHHHH AHHHHHHHH Love all the photos Oregon is so beautiful!! California is so dry dusty and brown right now hehehe...I am glad I have lived up north and have seen all this prettiness because it really is just breathtaking!! Looks like you had a great getaway ~You look so cute love your pigtails ~Love Heather

thorne garnet said...

Next trip you guys should go down to Mt. Lassen, talk about a volcano! I miss the mountains out west. Here in south Georgia it's swamp, swamp and more swamp. Hiking "under water' is no fun!

Helga! said...

Yes,YES,you NEED a carousel horse at yours!!!
Jeez,this crater lake is sooo gorgeous!Can't wait to get back to Oregon and spend a bit of time in the lush,foresty countryside,and see that lake too!Funnily enough,we've got an eruption going on down here right now!Very exciting!
You are a hot minx,no one could possibly look as sexy as you when tramping!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I've always wanted to go to a Soda Fountain! That one looks amazing! I love all that lush greenery and cool water. The lake is fascinating too! You look so cute - and it's less than a month til you come to the UK!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

A soda fountain! Never heard of that before but looks like a cute little example of one!!

Beautiful scenery again. Love all the exploring. We've got a volcano that's waking after after 150 years. About 3 hours drive from here so that's OK! Kids are a little freaked though!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s fun!

Melanie said...

You do outdoorsy absolutely RIGHT!!! Let's hear it for pink cowboy boots, hat, and hair!!! Can you please come up here and teach locals how to dress for the outdoors?

Anonymous said...

I like being a tourist in my state too, although all of the green has gradually seeped out of things this summer with the drought. So, all this green was a great change of pace. And I'm very impressed by the blue water in Crater Lake.

Lynn Dylan said...

Just a beautiful, beautiful place!!

Annie said...

Just been looking at these photos and your last post. What a truly stunning place. Even looking at the pictures makes you glad to be alive! Just wonderful.

Trees said...

Your trip looks so fabulous - that water is just so stunning. Also I love your hiking gear!! SO bright and awesome:D

Miss Magpie said...

These are the kind of pictures that make me think of America. How I wish we had soda fountains in the UK.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy cow - I LOOOOVE these pics Krista - the lake is SO beautiful and the lush green forests are incredible - and SO ARE YOU! And that soda place is fantastic - I would also ADORE a carousel in my living room... you look so happy and beautiful - I wanna come visit and adventuring with you! LOOVE! Sarah xxx

Bella Morte said...

I've really really enjoyed seeing this pictures! More fuel for my burning desire to visit America!
What a breathtaking place! A little bit on heaven on earth! Such spectacular views! I am very jealous!

I bet it would be nice to swim in that lake.. although I don't like the idea of what might be lurking down in the deep dark depths! Eeeek!

It's a shame that soda fountain wasn't open.. I love the term soda fountain! It looks so welcoming and inviting after a long hot hike! xxx

Nat said...

More fabulous photos!

CityScape Skybaby said...

What an absolutely beautiful place, I love walking and this just looks like heaven. I love the carousel horse too, always had a thing for carousel horses and Victorian rocking horses, and those beautiful old tills. It looks like a great trip. You look stunning here too Krista, those legs! And your cute plaits really suit you. xx