Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm scattered as any puzzle :)

Thanks so much for all your well wishes on our anniversary, you are truly a sweet bunch!  We had a wonderful Italian dinner out at a place I have wanted to try for years now.  The mascarpone and sweet corn ravioli topped with lobster still has me drooling! I currently have over 200 places book marked in my YELP app to try so there is never a shortage of suggestions.  I think YELP is unique to the USA, it's kinda like trip advisor but mainly for foodies.  I love it because I love food and booze!
Check out what I picked up this weekend. ROGUE is a local brewer and Voodoo donut is kinda famous here and this is a limited run on a new seasonal beer.   The pink bottle is what first caught my eye and yes I will buy anything that is bacon flavored, I'm just that kinda gal.  Price tag a bit steep at $13 for a pint. I have to wait a bit to try it I think I ate enough calories this weekend to get me through this week.   Here is a quick picture of the dress I wore to dinner.
I felt very Miami Vice meets Brazil:) This was $22 marked down from $119.  YIKES!
My nails looked great too! I am feeling pretty scattered as of late, unable to focus on anything for too long and really only thinking about our trip to the UK in 12 days!  For those of you asking we are planning a few days in London, then we head up to Walsall to hang with Vix and Jon and all her adorable pals.   Then Chris and I head to Scotland for a few days and after that we head on over to the Lake District to meet up with Jon and Vix again where we are all staying in a little place in Ambleside. CAN SOMEONE PINCH ME PLEASE! I hope to meet as many of you willing to come out and play.    Let me know who is up for what and where!
I got some reading done.  This book is hilariously disturbing and her writing style is super ADD.  I can relate :) I even managed to snap a few pictures of me in a new purple romper.
 I picked up this romper for $15, it was marked down from $89.  Who would pay $89 for this?
 Sweet pink heart rock candy necklace was all of $3 at Forever 21.
 I also found this bracelet from H&M for $5.  It's really rare I go to the mall these days but when I do I still enjoy a bargin.
  Shortly after this little photo shoot Chris and I noticed flying bugs coming out of the ground.  Hmmmm I wonder what that could be?  Oh it's a termite swarm~ that sounds serious.  Even termites can't shake me, I'm going to the UK!


Melanie said...

Tick tock, tick tock! Almost time for your holiday!
I'm glad you had a lovely time on your anniversary xxx

Anonymous said...

You're going to have a great time and I can't wait to see all the photos that are going to arise from this joint venture. How exciting! I don't think I'd be able to sleep starting now!
I love that romper on you. It's very unique. You got a great deal on it and the way it fits you and represents you I'd say it was worth the full price. Just make sure you wear it tons cause it looks gooooood!

pastcaring said...

Not long now, Krista, I'm so excited for you! And for me, as I am sure we can arrange to meet up at some stage of your visit.
Love the dress you wore for your anniversary dinner (that ravioli sounds divine) but I am not so sure about bacon flavoured ale! Is that really what it is? I love bacon too, but as a flavouring for beer? Really?! Let us know what it's like!
That is the cutest playsuit, you look fab.
Termites? Nah, nothing to worry about. You're coming to the UK!!!

Anonymous said...

That ravioli is great!!I think is a kind of global version of our dish and it sounds quite better than our ordinary recipes..I'm so hungry, but I'm eating a lot too these days we had Ferragosto that is a kind of mid-summer celebration!I like the blue embroidered dress that you wore on your anniversary and the romper is super cute, the blue top is perfect with it!Your legs are more toned than ever and the shorts are always a great choice on you!

The book seems interesting too!

Love you more than international trips!

Vix said...

I was so excited to speak to you last night I didn't compliment you on your fantabulous playsuit! You did look gorgeous, as the pictures prove and the nails and bracelet are to die for!
That dress you wore to dinner is just as gorgeous as I imagnied it to be but no wonder it was reduced, who the hell has that much money to flash on clothes when there's travel to be had.
You look so adorable reading that book but the bacon-flavoured ale isn't quite so enticing.
Guess what? Doubles of vodka/gin/rum and whisky with a mixer were £2.50 last night so I think that'll be our first port of call!
That armlet is even more fabulous than mine!!!
Love ya!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

you're 41?! you look way younger than that. just by looking at your photos, you can tell you are so fun and full of life. and you're right. you are NEVER too old for pink hair. great blog! :)

Penelope Cat said...

You look great - I love your outfits and all the colours in this post. So glad you had a great time on your anniversary and your excitement for your trip is so infectious. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! If you need any info on Liverpool, give me a shout!

Nikki x

Helga! said...

OMG,that ravioli sounds like HEAVEN!!! Yay for a lovely meal out...I was introduced to YLEP by you,I reckon we could do with it here,or maybe we do have something like it.Not having a nice flash fab phone I wouldn't know!!!
Your frock is damned frisky!!Phwoar!
Not to mention that funky little romper,and all the fabularsehole jewellery!You are a visual FEAST,my lovely!
Love YOU! Pack hard!

thorne garnet said...

Who'd pay $89 for that romper? Let's see: Nobody! Same with that beautiful dress. Good bargin hunting!

liz said...

cute romper! cute sneakers! cute...everything! agh! :)

Anonymous said...

Va va va boom to the dress you wore for your anniversary dinner. Continue to hope that you can blog while traveling!

Joyatri said...

Bargains that look great on you and an upcoming adventure in the UK -- that is a lot of excitement! Good for you! I spend part of the year in the UK and always end up wearing the warmest clothes that I've packed no matter what time of year I'm there.

Miss Magpie said...

for a minute there I thought you meant you had 200 places bookmarked to visit in the U.K!?! That would be one hell of an intense visit!

Lou said...

Enjoy your time in the UK! I stayed in Ambleside last year, it's beautiful and I'm sure you'll love it. Have an amazing time with Vix! x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm so jealous you're going to Ambleside!! Don't forget to try some kendall mint cake - I'm obsessed with it! Can't wait to meet you! Gorgeous dress too xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Only 12 days - probably LESS now since I am so far behind everything at the moment! Your anniversary dinner dress is SEXXXY!!! Your hair is super gorgeous - and I LOOOVE that gorgeous purple romper - who else could wear that so well? NOBODY! And the beaded bracelet is absolutely beautiful. Happy Anniversary!!! LOVE! Sarah xxx

The Style Crone said...

Happy Anniversary and the UK trip plan is beyond excitig! Gorgeous outfit!

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I love the print on your Formica! Cute manicure too :)

That beer looks fab, even if I am a vegetarian. You had me at maple :)

Lucy Nation said...

Wow, I love those nails. Squee, you're coming to the UK! I'd love to meet up with you guys in the Lake District as it's absolutely beautiful (and the closest place to me you will be visiting) but kids will be back at school so I doubt I'd be able to get there:( You will absoloutely love it. Can't wait to see all your drunken adventures xxx

Trees said...

You look smokin' hot in your anniversary dress and I love the purple romper - but agreed - who pays $89 for that? I rarely buy anything new - prices like that are the reason why *gulp* I am SO jealous of your trip - its going to be incredible!!

Annie said...

Oh no, bacon flavoured beer! Spyro must NEVER find out!

Love your dinner dress, and your nails. Did you do them yourself?

Would love to come over to Walsall when you're here, but I think it may be when I'm in Ibiza. Will check the details with Vix xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

HOLY SHITBOX!!!!! Look at you in your anniversary dinner frock - I'm drooling and I'll bet Chris was absolutely beside himself - rrrraaaaaooooooowwwwww!!!!!! What a bod baby - you're killing it in the romper too and jeez you are gonna be a freakin' bombshell in the UK!! Gawd I wish I could be there to see you and Vix together in September!! So, so happy you had a wonderful anniversary honeeeeee!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

The Canon Girl said...

You look awesome as usual, that anniversary dress fits you like a glove and the romper is just adorable! I love the blue leopard top underneath the romper too, such a simple way to make your look even more colorful! The nails and the bracelet are great too. I wasn't able to go on a holiday this summer but I KNOW I'll be feeling a bit like I'm on vacation when I'll be watching the pictures you took in the UK! Have loads of fun and if you can, for me, take pictures of hot English/Scotsmen! :-D