Thursday, August 2, 2012


My sister says it best, "When you come to visit its like Kristamas!" I am so lucky to be so loved! The weather was beautiful and I did everything from play in the surf with my nephews to shooting an M1A rifle with my brother in law, to thrifting with my girls and partying with my parents.  I cherish these visits with my family and appreciate the precious time spent together.
 First we grabbed some breakfast and then headed to the beach.
 Aren't they the cutest!
 Belmont Park in Pacific Beach holds a lot of memories for me.
 My beautiful sister and her boys.
 I love how sweet these guys are!
 It was absolutely picture perfect out!
 That called for ice cream!
 For a time, I have traded my evergreen for palms trees:)
 We ended day one with a little happy hour in my sisters cul- da- sac drinking hard cider.
Her neighbors were from the UK and I found myself bragging about my upcoming trip.  OMG it's only 1 month away!
He had a beautifully restored 1969 Norton.
 and ended up winning a trophy for this beauty the following day.

My sister and I grew up playing in this ocean so to come here with my nephews meant the world to me.
The boys were fearless in the ocean and I would not let go of them!
My momma is a pretty cool Grandma!
and then the blue skies made an appearance.
I think I still have sand in my belly button from this one.
 Here are some shots from my Mom's house.  She has created a beautiful rock and succulent garden.

I bet all the lizards love it here!

 My step Dad Jim made me my favorite coffee:)
 I got to see more friends and family!  This is Gwen the only friend I still stay in contact with from high school. Remember I posted a picture of me with her daughter a week or so ago.  She has the prettiest blue eyes!
This is my dear friend and my assistant at work Mary Ann.  She's gorgeous too!
 My adorable niece reminds me of myself and I can't wait until next year when she comes to stay with me!

 I ate my own body weight in Mexican food :) Carne Asada fries!
Fish tacos!
 Lemon drops and ahi tuna!
 Wild boar burger!
 A few pictures at Balboa Park.
He's flying!

 I love this picture best!

 I found this vintage strand of pink pearls and this Armani dress for under $10.
Our last day together :(

Checking out the botanical gardens.
I am so grateful to have such a loving family.  I always feel recharged after spending time with them!

I will catch up with all of you soon.  I have a short week and this weekend Chris and I head to Crater Lake for some adventuring!  I hope everyone is enjoying the days!



Melanie said...

It looks like a wonderful trip and that you had a lovely time with your family. I love your mum's garden xxx
Oh and that Norton is rather nifty too!

Bella Morte said...

Oh I love all these pictures so much! So many happy memories and beautiful sunny days spent with the kiddies! It makes me want to visit America even more! You look so happy in ever picture, I bet you're counting down the months until you go back to visit!

Those Mexican fries look so delicious.. either you or Dora HAVE to do a recipe for them because I want them in my mouth right now! A wild boar burger?! How weird! Was it nommy? Hopefully not hairy :p

I hope you have a relaxing unwinding week before you go on your next adventure, Crater Lake sounds.. meteor like! LOL. xxx

Kathi said...

It looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to hear what you think of Crater Lake. I love that place!

thorne garnet said...

What fun, now I homesick for Cali and hungry. You have a beautiful family.

Perdita said...

Looks so fantastic! The people, the beach, the food and drink! :)

pastcaring said...

Hey, you're back! It looks like you had a fabulous trip, full of all the good things in life - family, friends, sun, beach, food, drink, laughs, beautiful people, places and plants. Can't ask for more than that!
As always, you look radiantly happy in every shot, Krista. Lovely to see you with your sister and her boys, they are adorable.
Yes PLEASE bring some sunshine across with you next month! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm completely full after these beautiful pics! Your nephews are adorable and they look like they have a little bit o' you in them for sure.
Have a good time in Crater Lake. My hubby and I rode our bicycles around there back in 1997. Someone told us it was flat!! OMG! I nearly died. Our truck was the last one in the parking lot as it was dark by the time we made it around. What were we thinking!

That restored Norton about made my stomach leap out of my body. It's freakin' gorgeous and most likely worth a ton! We have a garage full of bikes. My treasure is a 73 Honda restored into a cafe racer. I'd have drooled over that Norton had I seen it in person!

halloweencouple said...

did you say armani for $10, drooling here ;)

looks like a love of a time, your nephews and niece make me miss mine terribly isn't it nice to spoil them rotten!!!

your moms garden is perfect, and the best part it doesn't need much attention at all....

you can see the happiness beaming around you guys what a great trip....

Melanie said...

The happiness is bursting from these photos. Your family is beautiful and everyone is beaming! I can't believe you found that Armani dress for under $10 - it's gorgeous on you!

Ivy Black said...

How fantastic! What a wonderful visit..thank you for sharing.
I love Nortons and all that Mexican food. I'd have eaten my body weight too.

Style Sud-Est said...

Armani for $10!
lovely pics of your family
You look so happy
I adore you hair in a braid, suits you so much!
Belmont park! Funny we had a belmont park in Montreal when i was a little girl.

See hou soon lovely



Nat said...

There is so much love and warmth in your family photos.... just gorgeous!

Vix said...

You're back!!!!!! I can't believe it's only a month till I get a Kristamas all of my own!!!!
What a gorgeous post, all your frocks are just stunning and you are even more beautiful back in your natural habitat, the beach!!!
So many smiles, fab food & drink, lush greenery and hot women I just don't know where to start...I love it all!!
LOVE you, babe! xxxxx
PSG's got a Norton Commando and they were made up the road from us, one cool set of wheels!!

Lynn Dylan said...

Krista, those were awesome pictures!! I loved every one of them. Your nephews and niece are adorable beautiful children! I know you love them. Your mom's garden is amazing!! Makes me want to get out and garden right now!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Wow what lovely pictures! Looks like you had a great time with your family, those are times to be cherished :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh you have such a beautiful, loving, wonderful family Krista! I love these gorgeous pics - you and your sister and so alike - and your Mama is so beautiful and your niece and nephews are absolutely exquisite. The beautiful blue skies and beach shots have me longing for warmer days - and Mexican food! Biggest love to you! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Coolest aunty ever!!!
You look so gorgeous. Always!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet the wee boys are so so so cute, and they love there aunty so much. You look so happy!!!!!! Family time is so special.
I just love miss purple polka dot dress(no surprises), you look so pretty.
Recharged with unconditional love.
Love v

Miss Magpie said...

What wonderful pictures, nephews and nieces are most definitely the best.
Absolutely love the purple polka dots.

Bella Q said...

Great pics of you and your fams! You look gloriously happy !

Victoria said...

To much fun! Love the pics, especially the ocean, makes me so homesick for southern California beaches. Have a great time at Crater Lake. We are headed out to Lassen this month.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a gorgeous family, your nephews are so cute and your niece is beautiful. Lovely sunny pics. I saw my crew at my nephew's christening last weekend and am now hiding from society being rabid in front of the Olympics!

Lucy Nation said...

What a lovely fun post. Time with family is so precious, especially when you all live so far apart. The food you had looks gorgeous. There's been so much delicious foody stuff going on in blogland lately. Making me hungry:( xxx

Anonymous said...

Every post from you brings a little Kristamas to me!!! Your family is lovely and I really enjoy to find all these amazing photos!! Your niece and your little nephews are adorable and your mom and your sister are very beautiful, I love to see all your smiles!!Thank you for sharing these moments of pure joy!!
Love you more than the ocean!!

Heather said...

Awww Looks like a wonderful trip great pictures!! and wow that Armani dress is amazing what a find it looks gorgeous on you!! Love the pink pearls as well. You must be so excited not long now before your trip to Europe!! ~Have a great weekend ~Love Heather

The Canon Girl said...

You have a precious family! Super cute nephews and niece and you look so happy to be with your sister! :-) Also you made me totally hungry and jealous, that food looks SO DAMN GOOD! I love all your colorful outfits, especially your bright pink hair with the green maxidress! It all looks incredibly amazing, your mom's garden is wonderful too. Oh, and the pink pearls are gorgeous!

Helga! said...

OMG,EVERY day spent with you is Kristamas,and this post is like a billions Kristamas' all at once!
I'm gagging for that divine Mexican food,you knbow I would have been ALL over that!
These pix are amazing,I love your Mama's cacti and succulent garden,I love all the colours and sights and the loving pix!I must show G that Norton,he has a 1973 Commando himself,he'll drool over that beauty!
Glorious! I bet you're exhausted!

ana maria bruno said...

Unas fotos muy divertidas y dulces!! me han emocionado, besos ana.