Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pushing 100

Summer has finally arrived with a sense of ownership few can deny.  I do love the heat just not working in it, by 4 pm my office is a toasty 85 degrees.  The mornings, however are clear cool and undeniably peaceful.  I snapped these pictures bright and early just after a nice morning stretch.
Stretching and regular massages are part of what keeps me feeling good.  
  With this heat I hardly feel like putting on clothes let alone doing my hair.  Hats are the perfect solution and I'm more of a backwards baseball cap wearing kinda girl :)
 My hair has been trimmed and all that's left before our big trip to the UK is a touch up of my roots and a bit of brightening, can you believe that I consider this dull?  
  I recently scored this Bebe top for $2, I love it because it reminds me of millions of pixels.
 Plus I think it looks great with my DIY Hmong jean shorts.  
Tomorrow night my friend Kathi and I head to a book signing of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson).  She is pretty hilarious and sometimes inappropriate which only makes me like her even more.

I hope the sun is shining for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi love!!!
We are separated at birth!!We always post at the same time, this is so funny!! Your new top is lovely, I think that if you stare at it something could come out even if I'm not so good at stereograms!
I'm also in love with your DIY shorts, those embroidery are awesome!
My tattoo is a little ouroboros, that I did long time ago, I would love to have beautiful artworks like yours, but I have to find a good tattoo artist first and save some money!
I love you more than funny hats!

Ivy Black said...

Hello gorgeous! I do love that top...you look fab, a real burst of colour and just what we need in the UK as we hea doff in to autumn.

Annie said...

The top is really pretty and does go so well with those shorts.

Summer seems to have passed us by over here, but I know you'll have a wonderful time anyway. xx

Melanie said...

What a vibrant top, it's lovely on you!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lovely!

Will you show us your newly trimmed hair, or is it on the post or is there something i did not understand? Your trip is coming up soon! you must be so excited!
Looking lovely Krista!


Victoria said...

Love the hot days, I go for a dip in the pool a few times to cool off and my house has great air conditioning.

Love the pixel top and it does look great with those shorts.

Well enjoy your book signing, and now I am off to look up Jenny Lawson and her blog.


Vix said...

You look like a right old sight for sore eyes basking in your sunshine! those shorts are too hot to handle and I'm in love with your cute vest and cowboy boots!
It's been fabulous here today, we've been sitting outside the pub sipping chilled rose and cackling like witches in the sunshine.
Speak soon, miss you loads! xxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Looking hot, Krista! Hot and colourful and ready to brighten up the UK!
It's been warm here too, though I don't look anything like as cool and sexy today as you - love that cute vest and your fabulous Zumba-fit body in those shorts.
The Walsall Wetherspoons regulars are going to LOVE you in that baseball cap! xxxxxxxxx

Penelope Cat said...

You look fab and I really love your top and the details on your jeans. Hope the weather stays nice for your visit too.

Nikki x

Heather said...

Cute Top!! Ugh the heat has been crazy here in Southern California 110 every day all day and night it never changes....I can't wait for it to break a little ...You must be so excited about your trip not long now!! ~Love Heather

Louise Mc said...

Omg, I can't believe that in a month, well less than a month, that you will be here ... We have to meet! I can't wait to see you. X

Perdita said...

That pixl top is FAB! Love it! :)

Helga! said...

OMG,you are one sexy BISCUIT!!!
Phwoar!! Let's get under a sprinkler!Fab,figure hugging top,and I love the Hmong addition to your shorts!
Ooo,your trip is getting close.OOOOOO!!!
Love you!

Sadie Dear said...

I love the top! But I love your hair even better! =)

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hope the good weather follows you for your trip to the UK Krista, we could do with some of that lovely sunshine here this summer. We've had a bit but we need more! xx

Trees said...

I love your pixel top - so cute!! Also you're going to the UK, how exiciting *squee*

Miss Simmonds Says said...

help!! how do you get your pink to stay? mine comes out soooo easily! i bet you look super cute with the cap sideways too xxx

Melanie said...

Fantastic job on the shorts - they look great on you! I agree about the dots on the shirt looking very pixel, or even like a pointillist painting. I also like the clash of the shirt against the pattern of the waist at the back.

Lynn Dylan said...

I enjoy stretching, but need to do more of it! I am going to be out hunting for jean shorts today for a beach trip! Fun stuff!


PS -- Oh yes, massage is on my to-do list. Not giving but getting! :D

Misfits Vintage said...

Those handmade shorts are gorgeous - and I LOVE that top too. And your hair is always fabulous. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yessireeee that's a pixel top for sure - isn't it cute? and I love the braiding on your shorts - don't you love that brief morning spell when it's cool and calm? May it last:))) xoxo