Monday, August 27, 2012

Too much sugar, never enough color

My feet might be on firmly planted on earth but my mind wanders easily these days.  This weekend was the perfect combination of having fun and getting stuff done.   Topped only by finishing Dexter season 6, and can I just say~ No. Fucking. Way.   This called for rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, well actually a friends house warming did :) Dexter called for booze!
The peaches and strawberries at Farmers Market on Saturday were sublime. A bowl of fruit on top of greek yogurt and granola is my typical summer breakfast.
I wore some pretty flower rompers, probably the last time with bare legs, fall is in the air.
Peetee looked extra cute and got some nice long walks from me, his toe nails clipped and a nice bath. He is ready for Grandma snuggles :)
 I spotted some gray.
 and found myself in color
and then lost myself in crafting.  I'd share the rest with you but I can't their pressies, shh.
 I picked up this dress for $5 on the way to Crater Lake.  She's a beauty!
The skirt is pleated and the perfect length
 for flashing my booty shorts!  (Just for you Curtise)
 Now that wasn't very ladylike. (insert song by STORM LARGE here)
 And you caught me....sometimes a girls gotta tuck her remote :) My Grandma used to pull all kinds of crap out of her bra.  Ah Grandma, I still miss that woman!
a little BAGANGAL love
 and a lil skin
and since I painted this necklace I have worn it more than ever.
Beautiful floral head gear inspired by Desiree at Sassy Vamps!
This time next Monday our plane will be getting ready to touch down at Heathrow baby! That was said in my cheesiest Austin Powers voice.  The longest flight I have ever been on was to Hawaii at about 6 hours, this will take 10.  It's a red eye so I will pray for some sleep and take pills :)

7 days....


Heather said...

Woo Hoo ~Hope this week goes by fast for you I am sure your super excited about the trip!! You look so cute love your dress what a steal that was!! and pretty jewelry ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the colours, the cake and the exciting atmosphere of your upcoming trip, and I read all with my best inner Austin Power accent,yeah baby!
That Believe necklace is so beautiful and so all the jewels sweetness here,
to see you in that dress is my daily eye candy and the flower power Desiree inspired hair band is lovely!

I love you more than "to shag", baby!

Vix said...

Where do I begin? That necklace is beautiful and so are you, flashing your knickers like the bad ass you are! Peetee looks so adorable all ready for his holiday! That cake is so bright it's making my eyes hurt!!!
It's very autumnal here today but yesterday was warm enough for me tyo go to the pub in my sandals and sleep off the booze in the garden!
I love your frock and what a great idea to keep stuff in your bra, Grandma was obviously a very wise woman - there's loads of free space in mine!
This time next week I'll be mega excited!
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Fantastic or wot? Look at all that wondrous it. That's my idea of cake.
That dress is fabulous and it won;t be long until your in Blighty! Hurrah!xxxx

Melanie said...

I'm so glad I checked in here just before heading out for my inspiration walk. You have inspired! I love this post, so much colour, fun, joie de vivre. How can you possibly pack? Will you ship a trunk in advance? I'm excited for you.

Penny-Rose said...

You must be so excited about your trip!!! The painted necklace is the perfect accessory to your beautiful dress - since I read your post I have been looking out for one to experiment on myself. I am counting down the days with you to your trip. How are you going to choose what to take with you????

Penny-Rose said...

Darn, forgot to ask about the rainbow cakes = did you make them? I love the colours and I bet they tasted yummy

Louise Mc said...

I can't believe you will be here spreading colour everywhere in only a week. I am so looking forward to it. xx

Nerd Burger said...

Hurts my eyes. Too much colour. :) Just a lie. You can never have too much colour with you pretty princess. I love that dress and the underwear shot was lovely. HAHAH

Helga! said...

EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! Panty shot!!!
Glorious!!! You have the HOTTEST bod,and I want to grope it!!!
So much glorious colour,this post has perked me up no end!Bright and cheery and full of light and love.Just how I like it!
Fab frock,fab jewellery!! FAB YOU!
O,my,this time next week?!
Love you,darling!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd have trouble sleeping for a week in anticipation of this trip! You're lookin' sassy as ever and that grey hair ain't nothin'.

Misfits Vintage said...

Woowooohooooo!!! Love that gorgeous, bright floral frock SO MUCH! You look so beautiful and happy - I almost can't sit still with excitement for you! Peetee looks super cute too - big hugs for him. I love your necklace too - I am still on the look out for a similar one so I can give it a Krista revamp.

Ten hours is NOTHING - it's 26 hours from here!

Love! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

What a cute garden dress! So very you.
Hope you have a good flight....and take the right pills along. ;) Trazedone works for me. Can't wait to see pictures. Did you see the photo on Vix's blog of the bedroom you'll be sleeping in? Looks just like a room you'd design to stay in for traveling.;)

Anonymous said...

the knee-socks with the cowboy boots is hitting all the right notes 4 me, love feeling like ive happened upon a real personal style!

x Peter


I love colour, as you know, and adore you.
I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time in England, ahhhhhhhhhhh

Melanie said...

So much colour! Glorious! Those cakes look scrumptious!

xStroutx said...

Ok every single thing about this post made me happy. Those cupcakes looked incredible and you are just like this totally awesome explosion of joyful colour. So fantastic!

pastcaring said...

Booty shorts flash, just for me - yay! Thanks love!
Such a lot to love in this post, Krista. Colour and fruit and flowers and darling perky-eared Peetee and jewellery and cake and bangles and boots... I'm a little breathless! And fabulous legs, and stuff in your bra! Woo hoo! xxxxxx

ana maria bruno said...

Qué original, unas imágenes fantásticas, coloridas, alegres, besos ana.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Whoop for Dexter, one for colour and one for the upcoming flight! Really hoping I'll get to see you in Walsall. (I have prepared the Lakes for your invasion ;-) )

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet it is so lovely to finally catch up with you, looking so very beautiful as always.
The wee floral dress is a poppet and you look so cute in it.
I am so excited for you, travelling and seeing the gorgeous Miss Vix. That is so fabulous!!!!!!
Sending a big fluffy squirrel hug.
Love v

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Arrrrgggghhhh no Dexter spoilers!!! The Phoenix and I are ONLY half-way into Season 2 and we are hooked baby, hooked I say!!! Did you know I think this is one of my most favourite, best-ever, sassy Krista outfits EVER-EVER? I love everything ... the frock (!!!!!!!!), knicker-flash, bracelets, painted rhinestone necklace, skin, boob-tuck, Peetee, cupcake and headband that matches your haaaaaaaaiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Gawd I fecking love you!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo

Style Sud-Est said...

Have a fabulous trip Krista and can't wait to see you with the UK girls!

Ariane xxxxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

You are going to have a blast! I love the painted rhinestones :)

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

Dude, you look incredible! So do those cakes! Drop me an email little-scribbler{at} and I'll hook you up with some edinburgh hints n tips! x

The Canon Girl said...

Gorgeous cupcakes, I want to eat them soooo bad! Also, I put stuff in my bra too, like my lens caps when I go out venturing with my camera and I have no pockets on my outfit. :-D You gotta work with what yo mama gave you! Your dress and bootyshorts are tha bomb! And I want to steal Peetee, he is amazingly adorable!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

eeek! you're here now!! I'm so excited! I love this riot of colour, we all need a riot of colour. You looks stunning as ever! xxxx