Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beautiful ending to a dream come true!

I had no idea what to expect when we got to Edinburgh, one of the worlds most haunted cities.  The weather was a lot cooler and the rain did come but the gothic landscapes seemed oh so fitting.

We spent some time exploring the castle.

And wandered through the streets and spotted Will Ferrell playing a bagpipe :)
Ate some delicious pork sandwiches at a place called PINK.
 Did a bit more shopping at Armstrong & Son.
They had an incredible amount of stuff!
Though it wasn't as good as Second to None.
I did like these proper dressing rooms though.
 Desire I couldn't help but think of you when I saw this dress.
 I love playing dress up.
We made our way to Greyfriars Cemetary where graves date as far back as the 1500's.

 The imagery here scared the piss out of me!

 It was also the spot where all the kids come to smoke weed, we saw several little parties going on.

 BUT what really blew my mind was St. Giles Cathedral.  I'm not a religious person but being in here brought me too my knees.

The ceiling was my favorite part.

 I seriously had to sit down because I was getting light headed.

  It felt safe and quiet to just sit in here away from the rain and hustle of the city outside.

If you are still with me I wanted to finish things off with our time spent in the Lake District with Vix and Jon.  We stayed in Ambleside which had the perfect mix of scenery and delicious food and drinks. We popped in here one night for yummy cocktails.
 We ate plenty of chips from a proper chip shop ;)
 The lush rolling green hills were all around.
 plenty of old stone bridges.
  We hiked up a 1000ft mountain in the rain.
 looking fabulous doing it!
 Got a break when the sun came out.
 Kept calm and climbed on.
 This is place of fairies and gnomes.
 And we were rewarded with a rainbow!
 We had to stop and take it all in because nothing beats the beauty of nature.
Chris had a full English breakfast!
 We had time for a little more shopping.
 and proper tea.
 plenty more cocktails.
 and delicious curries.

 Our last day together was bitter sweet but I know our paths will cross again and that puts a smile on my face and butterflies in my belly.
Thanks to Vix and Jon for sharing their home and loving hearts with us.
CHEERS to making new friends and visiting foreign lands!  I am forever changed!


Louise Mc said...

That vintage shop in Edinburgh is the actual vintage shop that I bought the veil for my wedding in. I bought it 2 days before the wedding and mum had to wash it in the bath in our apartment... Happy memories. It looks like you took away a few happy memories too. Xx

Jean at said...

Beautiful pictures and inspiring connections!! I adore Vix and hope to connect with her and all the other fabulistas as well. I have a grandson in Portland so I will be traveling to your side of the world at some point. I'd LOVE to connect when I do. Thank you again for your gorgeousness.

Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

I so wish we had architecture like that here, don't you? Then maybe all the cool people would come and visit us! ;)
I keep trying to see up close your husband's calligram designed t-shirt. It looks very interesting and I'm dying for a close up shot! Was it done by a local artist? Where'd he get it?? Sorry for all the questions. ;)

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

Looks like a great trip! And, as weird twists of fate would have it, I'm off to the Lake District tomorrow - maybe my turn to ask you for tips!
Do you know, for shame, that I have never actuallly been into St Giles. AND, in further shame, I once drank so much irn bru and cheap vodka out the front of it that I was sick all down the steps. Oh childhood!
I LOVE how colourful you and Vix look on that bridge - how brilliant that you guys got to meet up!

Vix said...

This time last week we were in The Unicorn, drinking pints and upsetting those old biddies when we dared to sit next to them!!!
Armstrong's looks fabulous (and you rock that paisley frock. Was it madly expensive?) Nothing beats Second To None as long as you don't mind stripping to your undies to try stuff on!!!
Will Ferrell! Hahahahaha! Never saw that picture!
What nutters we look on that mountain. We definitely out-rainbowed the rainbow.
Love your round-up, can't believe you fitted it all into one blog post!
Love you and speak soon! xxxxxxxxxx

Kathi said...

I can't believe you went all that way and saw Will Ferrell!

It looks like you had a fabulous trip and met some incredible people! When will you be going back?

Rose&Bird said...

Hi Krista

Have loved seeing all your pictures - I'm ashamed to say I've hardly visited any of these places apart from Bath and the Lakes. The pictures of you guys and Vix and Jon are great, you all look so happy together. Love Jon's kagoule! I've never been to Edinburgh, one of my dreams is to take the sleeper train there one day. Armstrongs have an eBay site and I've bought a few things from them.

Helga! said...

OMG what a post of gloriousness,creepiness,love and fabulous nibbles!
Aren't good old fish and chips the best?! that's how we do them in NZ and Australia too.I love vinegar, but most here have tomato sauce(ketchup).
I also love the roofs of churches/cathedrals!They always distract me!Edinburgh looks a little gloomy,but O,the history is shiny and amazing!
SQUEE! Whata trip!You guys packed in an awful lot!
Love madly!XXXXXXXX

Penny-Rose said...

What an amazing trip. Your photos are fantastic - I especially liked the creepy Greyfriars. A trip of a lifetime with such happy memories.

Melanie said...

Fancy bumping into Mr. Ferrell there! Again, great spook factor. I love the balance of imagery between glory and gory. When I see armour I think of comedies, but that must be the real thing.

Your photos with Vix and Jon are spectacular - I see the lights pouring out of you and Chris. I'm happy that your trip gives you fuel for your future adventures!

Nerd Burger said...

AMAZING PHOTOS!!! I love all the Gothic architecture. How amazing was that trough of pulled pork as well :) The best pic through was the one on the hill with you two looking all colorful.

thorne garnet said...

You sure did pack a ton of fun into your vacation. Now you make me wish I had begged me 2 faculty to take me with them when they performed at the Fringe Festival a couple of years ago. What a beautiful city! That Grayfrier place is beyond creepy. Love it. A girl could get lost in Armstrong and Son.

The Style Crone said...

Beautiful photos and it looks like you had a spectacular time! You and Vix look radiant in these pics. May all of your dreams continue to come true!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Edinburgh does have some great vintage shops, must admit I've never been in the cathedral or the castle. Love the photos of you all in the Lake District, that walk looks spectacular and you all look so happy. xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVE these pics - the architecture is amazing - DID YOU BUY THAT FABULOUS MAXI??? And the pics with Vix make me a little teary - you guys are so beautiful together. The rainbow is gorgeous and so are YOU! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I've been to Edinburgh when I was younger and really enjoied it, too bad that I didn't visit that fabulous vintage shop, it's my dream to play dress up in such a place..I hope that you took that amazing dress, you are a beautiful top model in it!
every time I see a photo of you and Vix together my heart fills with joy, even when she posted her hiking photos, my daughter screamed that you are the best looking girls in the world and that she wanted to reach you there!
Thank you for sharing your precious memories and photos with us

Love you more louder than the sound of ten thousand bagpipes

Lucy Nation said...

Loved reading this post, so happy and full of beautiful pics. Greyfriars Cemetry looks amazing. How fabulously macarbe. I must visit one day. Seeing The Lake District always makes me happy. You all look an absolute picture xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Sounds like you had quite a spiritual experience up north. There are so many faery legends in those parts - you'd love Brian Froud's Faery book! I'm not religious but I find some churches and catherdrals completely overwhelming. I love all those extremely gothic statues, deliciously macabre! Talking of delicious - all that food looks wonderful! You obviously all had a wonderful time - Jon's yellow mac cracks me up. Fingers crossed you get to meet again soon! xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time! I love Edinburgh, I'm going again just before christmas and I can't wait.

The Lake District looks too beautiful for words in your pictures.

Oh and now I don't feel so guilty for nagging you to bring warm clothes! ;-)

Annie said...

Your Edinburgh photos are fabulous. I've only been once, and that was on a training course so I didn't get to see anything. I really want to go again now.

I'm so glad you had a great time over here! xx

The Canon Girl said...

I totally made a wonderful friend through blogging too! She's one of my best friends now and I can't believe how awesome it is to come across someone so great in such a unique way. YAY FOR BLOGGING! And gosh, those pictures are all awesome! The food is making me drool and the scenery is gorgeous. I can't wait to go back to Englang again too, it's just a beautiful country. Looks like you had a wonderful time! And hahahaha that guy REALLY looks like Will Ferrell!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow--Edinbourough looks AMAZING!! And as a gal of scottish heritage it makes me long to visit!
THe maxi you tried on in Scotland looked wonderful on you!!
You and Vix looked like two fantastically plumaged birds together-awesome!

Lou said...

I've been following Vix's posts about your visit so thought I'd stop by and see what you've made of our little island! Isn't the Lake District beautiful?! I went on holiday there last year and walked down the path in the picture you took with the barbed wire fence in it! Love seeing you four walking in all your finery, much more exciting than a fleece and a boring waterproof! x

Bella Morte said...

I'm loving all these beautiful pictures of Edinburgh! Grey Friars is going to be such a wonderful place to get some use out of my camera! I better make sure my charger is full as I can tell i'll be in there for a while snapping away :D

I'm not a religious person either but I just love all the architecture that goes into all the old cathedrals and churches in Europe, it is quite unbelievable that they managed to build such magnificent structures without the help of today's modern technologies!

I'm so glad that you made the most of your trip here and Vix is the perfect person to have made you feel welcomed to dreary old England :D God knows what you'll get up to next time!! ~♥~

grunge-queen said...

Your photos are absolutely gorg, and your visit with Vix and company sounds and looks like a blast! We did a bit of the Lake District and wish we could have seen more before we moved .... :)

Nat said...

I am so pleased that you had such a fab time in Edinburgh and in the Lake District... I love both places!