Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flowers and Stripes

There really are only a few things in life that rattle my cage.  Dealing with big banks is one of them.  I won't get into all the boring details that would only bore you and cause my blood pressure to rise.  However I can say logically that if the government bailed out the banks with our tax dollars then don't they work for us now?  I mean if we paid them don't we have a say in how they do business?
Can you tell I'm annoyed?
 Ok now I'm over it, not really but I'd rather talk about my dress:) I picked this up in the UK for $3 quid it's a current brand Joe Browns and it meets my three requirements~ COMFY and CUTE and CHEAP!
 I also scored this jacket recently for $4. I really love the print and the fit!
 I picked up this blue religious bracelet too.
 The pink one is from Vix.
 Same with this Barry M #52 :)
 I also picked up these cheap knock offs for $20 quid.
I spent most of the weekend in the sunshine, hanging out with the animals and changing out a ton of pictures in the house.  I am so happy to see pictures from my trip hanging in the hallway.  It just puts a big ole smile on my face.
 I picked up some beautiful flowers this weekend.  I love Dahlias and due to their lack of smell Chris can tolerate them too.
 We also had a yummy dinner with friends this weekend.  They have two hamsters.  They call this one Jabba the Hutt!  No, we didn't eat him, that would be hardly worth the effort.


Mama Wolf said...

Oh man! You're looking pretty in all this pink!

Your coat is radical, and as is your flower crown (or headband!)!

xoxo mama wolf

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

You mean it's sunny there? My son is flying in today for a week. Isn't that always the way-the best weather at home is when you leave.

You scored big time on all your purchases. I just want to know how I can have gorgeous legs like that!!! Is your headband from Desiree? It's spectacular, too.

Anonymous said...

You are a real wonder!!!That jacket has a perfect fit and all the photos seem to come out from a fashion magazine, my dear pink supermodel!
I simply adore the flowers they are so beautiful as artworks and Jabba the Hutt is beyond cuteness!!
A huge hug
I love you more than pets!!!!

pastcaring said...

Oh gorgeous Krista, do not let the bank give you bitch face! You are too smiley for that!
Love your stripey Joe Browns frock, can't believe it's still warm enough for you to wear it - as you've seen, I'm in boots and a cardi! The jacket is so pretty, I like outerwear with patterns, plain gets boring...
Good for you, a relaxing weekend chilling with your darlings and eating good food with friends sounds great to me. Love your hair in the Barry M lippy shot, curly bouncy loveliness.
Don't ever feel you have to rein in your dirty thoughts when you comment on my blog, love, I can handle it, ha! xxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Don't you look blooming lovely? That Joe Brown's frock will forever remind me of Withnail and I as you wore it when we watched it! Love that colourful mac and every other element in the outfit including you, of course!
Banks, local councils, hospitals, social services...these things exist to remind us that there's always a downside to being a grown-up. You never look annoyed, you're far too gorgeous!
Jabba The Hut is too cute!
love you!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous coat!!!I love the cheerful print and it really sets off your hair!
Jabba the Hutt hamster-too funny!!!

Helga! said...

That's a hamster?! Hahaha!
Beaurocacy makes me shudder.I'm generally terrified,and get G to deal with it,as I end up stressed and upset!Loathe it!
That frock and jacket are such a sweet combination!Stripes and flowers totally work,and all the pretty colours!The faux Docs are a great buy,I could do with nabbing a pair or 2 myself!
Love you like a wild thang!

Style Sud-Est said...

Pretty in pink!
This dress is so cute on you!
Love thé stripes with the flowers
But what i like thé most are the pink boots!

Ariane xxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Those boots are so you! Cute dress too, jealous of the evident warmth you have over there, it's PISSING down here!

Misfits Vintage said...

GGgggrrrr I hate banks too... a couple of years ago I swapped over to a small community based credit union AND THEY ARE JUST AS BAD!!!

That jacket is FABULOUS! I absolutely love the gorgeous floral print and it fits you like a dream. The dress is gorgeous too - yay for cheap and cheerful!

Love! Sarah xxx

thorne garnet said...

Man, the hamster has mastered bitch face!

Heather said...

Yuck Banks!! it seems when we need them they are the most unhelpful and charge us extra!! You look smashing love the boots and the lipstick Pretty in Pink. That coat is super cute as well I really really like it ....that floral pattern reminds me of Liberty floral prints. Well if you have to be frustrated at least you look good frustrated right!! ~Love Heather

Melanie said...

Your outfit made me smile! There's nothing like wearing religious figures on one's wrists to make the world a more outrageous and tolerable place!! You're too cool. And the jacket and dress...wow. Don't get me started on banks!

Trees said...

Ugh - banks, pure evil. You look super cute in stripes and flowers and I love that wee hamster - I always wanted a pet hamster, but we don't have them in NZ :(

Ivy Black said...

Preaching to the choir, sister! We all feel the same about the banks over here.
I love that fabulous jacket and those yummy boots.
That's a fairly disdainful look for a hamster!

Ivy Black said...

Preaching to the choir, sister! We all feel the same about the banks over here.
I love that fabulous jacket and those yummy boots.
That's a fairly disdainful look for a hamster!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Look at your luscious hair! I'm very jealous. You look gorgeous - that coat is wonderful.
ARGH - I've hated my bank in the past but currently I'm in the black and they're not hassling me.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog - it made me laugh! And yes, you are right, its nice to see someone have a rant now and then..life is far from perfect, even if we like to pretend it is on our blogs :) I hear you on the bank thing...in fact, any place you have to ring and be on hold with crap automated messages and hideous hold music for 30 minutes (while they charge you for the call) - GAH! x

Annie said...

That Joe Brown's dress was an absolutely snip and suits you perfectly. And I love the jacket.
I will refrain from commenting on the subject of banks because I don't want to spam your blog with swear words! But you see that hamster's face - that sums up how I feel!


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