Friday, September 21, 2012

Holding onto Sunshine

Thanks for taking the time to check out my holiday photos, your comments were all so sweet! It's been so long since I took some outfit pictures, I MISS IT~So I am getting out one of my new frocks just for you!  I picked this up in Edinburgh for $9 quid, not bad huh.  Since it's been hot all week here this dress just feels right.  I am loving this Indian summer and so is Peetee.
I'm wearing a necklace Vix sent me, it's a Dior strawberry.  I could care less about the brand but the strawberry now that's sweet.
 and it sparkles!

 a bit of arm candy too
I got so used to not curling my hair on holiday I think I might give it a rest for a while.  I also went a bit mad at every Boots location and stocked up on Barry M.
 I know but I can't get it over here so I had to get my fix!
 Vix also turned me on to Batiste dry shampoo and I have to say I am a fan.  It totally makes your hair look and smell amazing even after not washing it for 3 days.  A huge part of keeping my hair bright is to only wash it twice a week.   I'm pretty stoked too because I can buy this here:)
If you haven't tried it you are missing out, this one smells like coconut.  I'm looking forward to hitting the Farmers Market bright and early tomorrow, I have a new obession called pineapple tomatillos.  They look like this on the vine
and then you pop them out of that skin
and eat them raw by the handful. They are pretty tasty on a salad too. It's makes me so happy that at 41 I am still open minded when it comes to food.  Now if I could just like olives and mushrooms:)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Vix said...

Ahhh Physalis! Now I know what you mean! We used to put those on cheese boards back in the bad old days of catering! One of my chefs actually through they were called syphilis and got laughed at by the greengrocer every time he ordered them!
That dress is gorgeous on you (but you are totally beautiful anyway) and I'm pleased you've still got the weather to rock it! Yay to label loathing. Who cares who made it as long as it's pretty!!!
That's an impressive haul of Barry M!! Glad Batiste is available in the States, that stuff's a godsend!
Give Peetee a massive squeeze from me. Speak very soon!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

Literally lmao at the amount of Barry M you have bought, have you left any here at all? I've just discovered a brand that is even cheaper than Barry M... And nice too, it's called MUA. I love your hair straight, its really pretty. Bet Peetee is glad you're home. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love peetee!! Ok so do you bleach before you pink up and if so how often do you bleach? anyway enough questions - I love your dress and that necklace as well as the hoard of Barry M!! I've got plans for a painting for you.....

Bella Q said...

Great dress- and so very you! I laughed at your attitude towards the Dior berry- love the strawberry motif, but yeah, labels are less important than the item itself. Glad you've got plenty of stuff from the UK to remind you of your trip.

Heather said...

Oh very pretty dress!! And that Barry M is the best ...and thanks for the tip with the dry shampoo I have been letting mine air dry and no hot appliances as I grow it out...I try not to wash it every day as well so I may have to track some of this stuff down. I am going to grow my bangs out I think that is really helpful when you don't want to shampoo everyday my bangs always get so yicky!! ok I am a rambler. No thank you for sharing all those great photos what an amazing adventure you had as I am sure you will have many more in the days to come ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

Ivy Black said...

Such a pretty dress, you look lovely in it and I like your hair straight.
I love Barry M, can't get enough of it.
I haven't had physalis for years. I managed to grow some one year and my kids loved taking them out of their 'paper' to eat.....they weren't that impressed by the taste though!

Melanie said...

I like how the dress matches the sparkly strawberry, not the other way around. I'm feeling the love in that necklace. I've never tried pineapple tomatillos. I must do. I love your pop of summer on the deck. And the straight hair looks great!

Trees said...

I love Batiste for after the gym! I don't want to wash my hair every single day because I'm working out so its just perfect for me.

I wish we had Barry M here - since all my blog friends say its fabulous! Perhaps I'll just have to make a trip to the UK to try it out:)

I love that summery frock on you and the strawberry is adorable.

one denim bird said...

Love that frock Krista - good score! That dry shampoo thing looks good too, might have to look around for that one! Physalis?? I can't remember what we called them in NZ but I do remember raiding my cousins "Physalis" bush as kids - loved popping them out of their little "shells".

thorne garnet said...

sweet strawberry, too bad about the logo. I don't get it: half the women I see around here have purses with some name on them, usually Coach.Do they really think it make they fashionable to spend money on a overpriced purse? The thing is, most of them are knockoffs.

Your dress is sweet and I like your hair straight. It looks nice like that.I'm also digging the earrings. Cranes?

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love the dress and necklace together Krista, and the Barry M collection. my older kids use dry shampoo all the time but I've still not tried it myself. My hair goes dry and frizzy if it's not washed, rather than greasy, but maybe it would still work. I've never tried those little tomatillos, another new thing to try! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow you and the lovely Peetee are so beautiful and sweet!! Your English vacation gave you a more charming 'allure' and even a more gorgeous smile!!! Your hair are perfect both curly or straight and the color that comes out from these photos is stunning!!How I'd love to dye my hair pink too, but my roots are too dark and I don't have a lot of time to take care of it, that's a shame!
Have a wonderful weekend
I love you more than tasty food!

The Canon Girl said...

Oh your hair looks so gorgeous! That dress looks wonderful on you and I'm so glad to see peetee again! ALL that make up! *drools* Your bracelets are awesome as always too. And dry shampoo is the bomb, it totally helps with hair that gets greasy easily and it's awesome for lazy people (like myself) :-D

Miss Magpie said...

Even I like the dress and you know how I feel about pink! lol It looks so pretty on you.

Bugger if only I had known you were after Barry M I would have told you to go to Superdrug it was on a really good offer there :-(

Misfits Vintage said...

You look so beautiful and relaxed Krista! I'm green with envy over your Barry M collection and I've never seen those tasty looking little morsels but I bet I'd love them! Give Peetee an extra big cuddle for me! LOVE! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Oh darling Krista, forgive me for being so rubbish at commenting lately, I've been I'll so I am catching up now! I read and smiled and oohed and ahhed at your UK posts, loved seeing all your pics from your trip, especially the wonderful time you and Chris had with Vix and Jon. I am delighted to have played a tiny part in your UK experience, wish it could have lasted longer!
Loving that sweet frock from Edinburgh (oh my, the girls look GOOD!) and the cute little strawberry. And your hair is gorgeous any which way! I bet Peetee, Ash and Zoe are so happy to have you back home.
Love you, Beautiful! xxxxx

shooting star said...

coming here for first time...and love your pink hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helga! said...

Phwoar!You look gorgeous in that sexy,pretty frock!9 quid?!Bargain!
P{eetee looks so happy to be back in Mama's arms!
I know I'll be going nuts on Barry M when we get to the UK,of course you had to when you can't get it at home!I wonder if we can get that dry shapoo here? Must look!
OMG those pineapple tomatillos looks crummy!A great way to slowy get into olives in in small pieces on pizza....that's how G and I got into them,cos we didn't like them and wanted to!Now we love 'em!
Like we love you!XXXXXXXXXXXX

Lou said...

Fab choice of Barry M colours, they're all so pretty! I have the turquoise, it's divine x

Anonymous said...

I only like olives soaked with martini juice. ;) And mushrooms can stay in the ground where they belong, thank you!
Great to see you in this pretty dress Krista, with your little Peetee man. I bet he missed you guys while you were gone.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love your curls but your hair does seem even pinker straight. I use that dry shampoo sometimes, gotta be careful it doesn't leave grey streaks though - I managed to age myself 25 years the other day by not brushing it through properly!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dress--it's so cute and so YOU. The strawberry necklace is adorable-but your best accessory is sweet Peetee!!
Vix sent be a bottle of Barry M Cyan and I adore it-it wears like iron!!

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely dress and it's great to see some sun! Do let us know when you need Barry M top-ups - happy to send you things x

Misfits Vintage said...

I've come back for another look at your glorious beauty Krista - you are like sunshine on a cloudy day! Sarah xxx

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