Sunday, September 2, 2012

One for the road

Before I headed out I had to say goodbye and good luck to my friends daughter Brianna who starts high school next week.  I also wanted us to take some pictures together, can you guess why?
We are both pink heads!  I have a hard time believing that just 4 years ago she looked like this, that's her younger brother Alex with his arm around me.
I gave her Mom Kathi the dye to do her hair pink for my wedding.  Believe it or not but I didn't want crazy bright hair for my wedding, I didn't want it to just be about "my hair".
 Brianna's a beautiful kid inside and out and boy is she tall!
 I like to think she is the daughter I never had :)  Thanks for sharing her with me Kathi!
She is also a wiz when it comes to make-up, the girls at school are going to love her or be totally jealous:)
 I really want her to do my eyes like this!  Have a blast on your first day Brianna!  I can't wait to hear all about it!
Here is a shot of the whole family minus Dad who was busting his butt at work, Alex has grown a ton too.
 Peetee and their dog Owen waited patiently for our walk to continue.
By the time you read this Chris and I are already in London, having a blast I'm sure.  See ya!


Melanie said...

What a sweet post! Brianna's just lovely. And what a cute little poodle! I love poodles, they look such happy dogs.
I hope you're enjoying London xxx

Heather said...

Too Cute!! Wow she did a great job with the eye makeup!! Have a Great Trip!! ~Love Heather

Miss Magpie said...

She's very beautiful.

Have a wonderful time in London.

Nerd Burger said...

HOW CUTE IS SHE? I love her cute shirt and rad eyeshadow. Rad!
Have a great trip. I am so excited for you. Post lots of pictures.
Travel safe

Vix said...

She's a beauty and no doubt inspired by you! How she's grown and how amazing is her eyes shadow? I think she needs to do a tutorial for us oldsters who aren't as clever with the eye-shadow!
Owen's gorgeous, a fab pal for Peetee!
I can't believe I get to see you THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!! Can you hear me squealing?
Love you long time.

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful pink haired girls in one post!Brianna is lovely and she already has a great sense of style!
I'm a little bit sad that children grow so fast, only 4 years ago she was a cute little girl and now she is a stunning and tall young woman!
I wish all my best to you both, have a great fun in the U.K.and to Brianna good luck!


Helga! said...

She's farking GORGEOUS!!
Jeez,I wish I had been that fabulous at that age....lucky her to have an Aunty like YOU to guide her!
Squee,you're probably in London as I type!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
How bloody splendid!!!
Can't wait to hear what's goin' DOWN!

Melanie said...

Briana is beautiful. What a fun photo shoot. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time on your trip!! I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Brianna looks a lovely girl and you're right, very talented with the eye shadow! This looks like a really fun day Krista and loved seeing a photo from your wedding. Hope you're having a great time right now! xx

Kathi said...

You all are too sweet! She has grown into a beautiful young lady. I can't wait to see what she does with her life! Hopefully she'll make sure it includes Krista!

one denim bird said...

You girls are so groovy! Isn't Brianna gorgeous, how lucky she is to have you in her life! Can't wait to see pics of your English trip. Arrrggg, its gunna be insane ;-)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

she's so cool and you look so much a like! I lurve her eye make up!! see you very very soon! xxxx

The Canon Girl said...

Brianna looks awesome, it's obvious you've had quite a big influence on her! :-)Really digging her make up skillz too! What a cute post, you're a wonderful friend to have, that's for sure!

Bella Q said...

One: you are a beautiful bride.
Two: I love how you love your girl- and hope Brianna has a great school day!
Three: Can't wait to hear about your UK trip!!!!!

Lynn Dylan said...

Awwww, love this post. I love the wedding photo! Wow. Your hair is put up so beautifully!! Was fun to read about your relationship with your niece. She is beautiful and sounds like a winner!


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