Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swept away

Yesterday I bought a ticket to San Diego in December for my birthday.  It was a spur of the moment decision as tickets were priced at half what I normally pay.  Jumped on that! I also had liquid nitrogen sprayed on my face in three spots.  Fun stuff.   Years of sun bathing has finally caught up with this redheaded girl.  If I had only listened to my Mama back then :)

BUT my favorite Swedish band Katatonia came out with a new album that I am totally digging!
    and I have a really big Betsey Johnson ring on that sparkles in the sun.
Peetee loves me and it's still sunny in Oregon. STILL SUNNY, did you hear that?
I scored a new shimmery purple pair of Chucks for $24.
I'm wearing a scarf as a belt.
  and bling to boot.
I'm on the hunt for some art for the bedroom.
I really love the colors and mood of this, but it's a bit expensive, although how can you put a price on Suzees art.   Why only she can.
I have always loved this print Naiad done in 1893 by John William Waterhouse.  I think this is the one. Chris made some funny comment about, yeah this one has boobies in it~ I guess that seals the deal.  Since we share our bedroom I shy away from stuff that is too girlie, I have the rest of the house for that!


Bella Morte said...

That ring is positively gorgeous and so is that dress you're wearing! So pretty!

Ouch! Having liquid nitrogen sprayed on your face sounds.. cold! I have fear of getting sun spots, my mum has them on her neck and chest and although I love my mum I just wish she'd take more care of herself when she's out in the sun! She loves getting a tan which is the complete opposite to me, I like my pale skin!

I haven't listened to any Katatonia for ages so I had no idea they had a new album out, I think I'll stick some on my iPod to take to Edinburgh next month as they're way overdue for a listen!

I love that Pre-Raphaelite style piece you have chosen for your bedroom! ~♥~

Vix said...

Ouch to the evil freezing but yay to San Diego, sunshine, birthdays and factor 50!
You know I love Waterhouse! What a fabulously dreamy choice (and nice boobs, too!).
I adore you in that dress and how fabulous that it's still sunny enough to rock the bare legs! that ring is amazing (reminds me of those crazy things we were looking at in Bowness but miles classier!). The Chucks, the bangles and cap are all shouting SUMMER at me and making me feel very drab and jealous!
Peetee loves you and so do I!
Speak later! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Peetee looks a bit grumpy - their random mood changes amuse me! That ring is rather gorgeous! It really suits you. You look gorgeous as ever! Look at those chucks!! And the detail on that dress. Love the art work - Waterhouse was wonderful. I think you should just go with your favourite art rather than what matches the colour scheme xxx

pastcaring said...

You look adorable in turquoise, swirly and floofy and lacy and still summery! Gorgeous bling, love the ring and all your bangles. San Diego for your birthday sounds like a great idea, but I don't suppose the liquid nitrogen was so enjoyable...
I checked out Suzee's art, aren't the colours incredible? I can see why you are lusting after one. The Waterhouse print is gorgeous too. You know what you need? Commission a Clare Simmonds original! I'm sure she'll quote you a reasonable price!
Kisses to you and Peetee! xxxxxxx

Lou said...

I adore all the bling - the spikey bracelet is fab. Jealous of the sunshine you're having as I'm currently wrapped up in a blanket in the UK!x

Helga! said...

Love LOVE that turquoise frock too!
Ugh, I need ot get a couple of spots seen to with the old liquid nitro! And I hardly ever sunbathed!
The sun is a lot harsher down our way,as we have the ozone hole!
It's looking like it'll be a lovely sunny weekend down here too, so YAY!
Yep,you gotta grab the deals when they pop up.What airline do you use? We really liked Southwest,as there was no luggage charge.
Kisses to Peetee, and to you,darling!

Rose&Bird said...

Love your ring, so cute! The liquid nitrogen sounds scary - I don't sunbathe, but I hardly ever wear sunscreen either so I'm probably headed that way myself! You don't share Vix's birthday do you?!

Heather said...

Ouchie with the nitrogen...hope that heals up all nice and pretty for you. I had that done before years ago I remember it hurt a little. ~And great shoes Anna has a purple pair she loves them!! You look super cute, it is so hot here right now like 90 again ~And yeah San Diego!!! For Thanksgiving we booked a flight back to New York to visit family. It really is nice to be able to see your family around the holidays~ Maybe you can come for a little visit to meet the Watts!! :) Enjoy your weekend Love Heather

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Love , love Suzees art! Thanks for sharing! I mijpght get inspired by her,!
Love Waterhouse as well, we had an exhibition of his work last year
Why don't you do your own art? Could you?

Have a good weekend!

Melanie said...

Oooo, I can't get the image of that ring out of my head! Betsey had a store here but it recently closed - I guess people here are too conservative to keep her in business. I bought one coat from there, mega sale. I'm sad it's gone - I always loved to browse there. You look great! And your San Diego birthday trip is a great gift to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that we both had a sunny day, here it rained only for few seconds and then we enjoyed the heat and the warm sun beams!
You sparkle like a diamond in your fabulous dress and the Japanese print belt/scarf is lovely, perfect for the new Chucks(I love their shiny strings so much)!!
I'd love to know all Chris comments about Waterhouse painting, I'm sure that he created an amazing funny story about it!
Personally I adore your choice,its fairy tale atmosphere is so inspiring, the only problem is that it's not enough colorful and I don't know if it would match your daily mood.
A big hug to you and Peetee
I love you more than art!!

Trees said...

Your ring is amazing - I love it so much!! The weather looks so lovely and sunny there, its starting to feel like spring here - I love sunshine!

I hope you'll do a blog post of your birthday trip - impromptu trips are the best:)

Anonymous said...

Loving the turquoise dress and how it just looks so aamzing with your hair. All of your bling is gorgeous but nothing could make you look as marvelous as holding the adorableness of Peetee!!

Miss Magpie said...

I am more jealous than I could possibly say of your new chucks. Another Waterhouse fan here too, I studied the Pre-Raphaelites at college and have loved tehm ever since.

thorne garnet said...

love Betsey Johnson jewelry, The stores closed because she went bankrupt, although her stuff is still sold in department stores. I'm also loving the woven bracelett with the rhinestones.

Lynn Dylan said...

I have had the liquid nitro on a couple of spots. No fun. Poo. We fair skinned girls... I love John William Waterhouse! Have fun choosing!



I absolutely adore the ring. The contrast of your blue dress and pink hair is so out of this world.
I also adore the preraphaelite so very much.
have a grand weekend, my friend.

Linda said...

Love your style Crista and your outfits are so fantastic!
You have to try yourself on Lookly:

The Canon Girl said...

That bright blue outfit looks incredible with your pink hair and those shoes <3 I want them! I'd wear them to death! Those paintings are amazing, I'd want both of them! Some Klimmt always works in the bedroom area if you ask me but the boys might disagree. :-D

xStroutx said...

Ooooh nice, a birthday holiday! awesome :o)

Your ring is incredible and I love love love the colour of your dress, it really suits you.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love pre Raphaelite artists too Krista and I hadn't heard of Suzee before but that painting is beautiful. You look lovely as usual, that Betsey Johnson ring seems very you. I like big rings, I'm not good at mixing and matching jewellery but I like to wear one big ring. xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I love that beautiful dress - the pleats and colour and of course, your perfect accessories (love the bracelet shot) - the RING IS AMAAAZING! Love to Peetee! LOVE YOUR BONES! Sarah xxx