Monday, October 29, 2012

A hodgepodge of happiness

It will be difficult to get much done at work today as most of my clients and venders are in Sandy's path.  This storm is turning out to be pretty fierce.  Let's all say a pray for anyone in her way.  Here on the West coast all we worry about are earth quakes and fires, we don't like to see our catastrophes coming.

I finished reading Wild this weekend.  I enjoyed a few parts very much but the rest just seemed like the same story we all share at some point in our life, a journey to reclaim one's self.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver
Peetee is sleeping away most of his.
Little Ash had her stitches removed yesterday and is currently outside getting into more trouble:)
I also hung up my newest pet :)  I named her Grapes, same name I gave my Mom's purple car when I was a kid.
Things to keep me warm.
My friends kids help to keep me young.

 and keep me laughing...
 I hope you guys know none of these kids are drinking but it was fun pretending!
BOO!  This kid cracks me up!  No princess crap here she's going as a skeleton!
 A picture from last week as I didn't take any outfits shots since the rain never stopped and I had my nose in a book all weekend.  I have been trying to digitally disconnect at bit more these days, I am spending far too much time in front of some sort of computer screen. It's making me a bit batty~ for reals!!! Can't wait to see what you've been up too!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love grapes! What a cool addition to your colorful home! Awful news about Hurricane Sandra, I know people in that area and they are scared :( Fingers crossed it passes without too much devastation x

pastcaring said...

Grapes looks right at home there!
That pic of Peetee is just the most adorable one ever, and it's good to know beautiful Ash is out and about and up to mischief again. But hopefully with no more injuries...
Cute girlies, and I love that it's skeletons all the way, no wishy-washy princess stuff, thank you! My girls want to be Zombie Bride and Vampire - go girls!
You look so beautiful in your florals and that fabulous hat from Walsall. Will be there on Thursday - wish you were coming too! Lucy and I were talking about you on Saturday, could you feel the love?
Stay warm, darling. And yeah, unplugging sometimes is necessary for one's sanity. Except then there is SOOOO much catching up to do, it's frightening!
LOVE! xxxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

Sometimes it's good to spend a bit of time away from the screen isn't it? Just like it's good to reclaim yourself every once in a while, all part of life methinks. Xx

Helga! said...

I just caught up on your floral post;what a scrummy frock!The colours are divoon!
I don't do much internetting over the weekends generally.It's good to give the old eyes a break and just get with the real world!
Yaya Ash is coming right,the sweetie!Peepee and Humpers love paper bags too, and boxes...!!
Those kids are so cute! Nice to see the wee one doing a skeleton look for Halloween rather than the usual princess or witch!
Gawd,doesn't that storm sound terrifying?? I'm freaking out for people there,I do hope their well prepped.At leastw ehn you know it's coming you can be prepared!
Love you long time!

Nerd Burger said...

WHERE did you get grapes from. I am in love. He looks so great on your wall. I want one for the bathroom to hand jewellery on.
Also... how cute are you in that blue hat? And i really think i need Pink docks. I can say "my twin pal has them, so she is my twin, so I get them too". I think that should convince my hubbie.

Vix said...

Peetee looks so cute and Ash very, very naughty! You look absolutely gorgeous in your Second To None hat and I love that the girls want to be scary skeletons and not soppy princesses! Those skull glasses are cool!
It's great to spend three days away from the computer, doing real stuff you can write about and a total bloody nightmare to catch up with all you've missed afterwards!
Thursday's going to be so exciting, I only wish you were with us!
Love you and lets-catch-up-this-week! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Such a fun post! I have some sugar skulls on my post today just for you.
I love that you chose a Mary Oliver quote. ;) I plan to be brave, as brave as I can!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post!!I'm glad to see Grapes on your wall, he's such a cutie with the sugar skull doll hanging from his horn!!!All your friends daughters are so beautiful and funny, the one with the yellow t-shirt reminds me a lot of my younger girl!I'm having a huge computer addiction lately, I already use it a lot for work and e-mails, but sometimes it makes me sick!During the past weekend I tried to disconnect from blogger and fb because I needed to enjoy my time with the kids, the net is such a net, I feel like a prisoned fish!
Love you more than Halloween!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh there's another glimpse of my favourite frock! I love this loveliness - Peetee is such a beautiful smoochy boy, I'm so glad Ash is better, those kids are absolutely gorgeous and I could not love that purple deer any more if you covered her in glitter and feathers! Love YOU! Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

I'm glad Ash is out getting into trouble again. Your art on grapes is fantastic! I used to love dressing as a vampire for Halloween, probably because I got to put on lots of makeup - no mask for me. Again, your colours dazzle! Stay dry.

Trees said...

I love that blue hat - perfect on you! Also I love grape, I want a grape of my own. Love the pictures of the kiddies with the skull goblets:)

The Canon Girl said...

Those kids are adorable, that skeleton costume is the cutest I've ever seen! Love that teal hat you're sporting in the last picture, it looks absolutely gorgeous with your pink hair. And, of course, I'm in love with your bright pink docs. Sending some good vibes to all the people who are affected by Sandy.

Thick Threads said...

time away from the computer is a good idea, i really need to do the same. I really have so many books to read but i always end up infront of the computer somehow...meh! I love your pink doc martens and the halloween kids are adorable! :)


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I really love peetee, he looks so adorable! Ash looks so sweet but rather naughty, cats hate being restricted by anything don't they? Your friends children are very sweet and I think everyone pretended they were drinking booze as soon as they got hold of any kind of goblet type drinking receptacle!
You look as lovely as ever!!

Sacramento Amate said...

hahahahhaha, I see your pink boots are back, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

thorne garnet said...

Big Sandy passed by here with out even a rain drop. Yeah, to living inland. But it did change the weather....42 this morning! I'll have to remember how to dress for cold.

Happy to see Ash looking good, the other day a friend's Jack Russel got bitten by an armadillo! Yeah, they're all over the place down here. Huey should be fine.

I'm wanting to see more of the gray/black dress. And those girls are sooooo cute!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi there Krista

I have been enjoying all your posts, you are a pretty pink candy of all things that are good , ha!ha!ha! i just made all that up, it is ok i am french;)
No joke i think you are unique and great! love all that pink girl!
I was reading about your job after 15 years was kind of dull, well join the club my job is the most boring job in the world, but i make so much money and have many advantges, so i am keeping this job for another 2 or 3 years and after that i am gone south for sure!

Like you blogging has been great!

I might put a bit more pink in my hair will see and i will do it myself, it costs 55$ to have it done and it does not last long - i figure i could do it- what product do you use for your pink hair?

Take care

Ariane xxxx

Heather said...

Love your new purple pet!! Looks great on the wall and with your little ornaments hanging on it :) and I love all the color in all the pictures...Peetee and little ash are so cute I had a gray cat like yours only the hair on the ears was long and the tail like an angora. She was the sweetest. She would sit next to my sewing machine when I sewed. ~I hear ya to much computer time is no good!! curling up with a book sounds fantastic :) ~Happy Halloween Love Heather

lucy joy said...

Like Helga, I'll avoid internet absorption on the weekend. It's usually an evening thing, and sometimes I get a headache from leaning forward for too long.
You're looking so well, maybe slimmer (is that possible?) definitely
bright eyed, skin aglow and really happy! Your head is the right head for hats, just like mine is the wrong head!

Those girls look so much fun. I'd like a swap day with a mum of all girls, just for the novelty!

Grapes is magnificent, I hope he looks after Barbed Barbie, or she will.put a spell.on.him I reckon!

Good to hear you have been reading, therefore relaxing? You're such a.lively, busy girl. Gotta rest once in a while, no?


Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love the sugar skull dolly heads! You should totally etsy those! I wish we were getting colder weather here in NorCal but you know how freaky the weather here can be.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have always loved that Mary Oliver poem. I recently finished Wild...and I do think I connected with it in an unusual way. My DH and I think we are going to take a long walk (250 miles) to kick off my retirement...and at our age that seems like a challenging proposition to us.

Anonymous said...

Grapes is just too awesome for words!!
Ash is GORGEOUS!! Glad he's healing!!
PEETEE cuteness!! OMG how adorable is he?? Kae will swoon when she sees him!!

Melanie said...

Oh what a glorious hat! It suits you so much xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I know what you mean about disconnecting from the computer Krista, it can be so hard but very necessary! I haven't read Wild so I'll have to google it now and find out what it's all about. Peetee is so cute and Ash is such a beauty. xx