Monday, October 1, 2012

Down By The Water

Despite the undeniable fact that it is October 1st, the sun is stilling shining in Portland!  Much more to my delight is that the entire week looks to be in the 70's:)  No my sweet sisters I am in no hurry for tights, gloves or bulky coats.  My bones like to be warm and my curls hate the rain.
This weekend Peetee had his favorite girl in the world over Shasta.  Aren't they cute? It's Chris's Mom's dog.
 We walked to the pond by our house and sniffed a lot of duck shit. Ew!
We spent a lot of time in the back yard.  How do you like my new lemon tree?
 It was so bright I needed my floppy hat and sunnies!
  I went to Farmers Market two days in a row:)  They still had pineapple tomatillos:) :)
  I got a new skull ring!
 The pink religious bracelet is from Vix and I picked up the Union Jack one while I was on holiday there!  To wear them brings back some good memories!

 Ah Peetee don't get jealous you know mommy loves you best.

The end!


Vix said...

Oooooh! Look at you, Peetee and Shasta enjoying the warmth and sunshine, I've very jealous!! Loving that sweet green frock, that fabulous hat and those groovy trainers, you're a vision of colour and gorgeousness!
I bet Peetee was loving having two beautiful ladies to pander to his every whim! Look how cute & little he looks by your lemon tree!
It's so cold and grey here but I'm still bare-armed and having salad for dinner!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mary Walker Designs said...

Cute puppieeeeeeees!

Anonymous said...

OMG you are the most beautiful girl on earth, what amazing colours and hat and two super cute dogs by your side!!!!
I always wait so much to see your outfits, they are such an inspiration, I'm sure that this one deserve an illustration, it really got me!!
Everything is great and your new ring is an eye candy!!!
I love you more than skulls!!!

halloweencouple said...

First I love the skull ring :)

Peetee was just inspecting the shit for your safety mom! lol

BTW those shoes are gorg!!

Miss Magpie said...

I would love a lemon tree like that, maybe when I am rich enough to buy a house with a conservatory I can grow citrus fruits.

Victoria said...

Okay, you are going to have to tell me about your lemon tree. Do you bring it in the winter, how long have you been growing it, and how did you get it to produce fruit, so you know your basic gardening growing and care tips. The only lemon trees we ever had, grew outside in our yard in Long Beach Calif.

Love the weather we are having here too in Southern Oregon. And, you bring sunshine into any day.

pastcaring said...

So Peetee has a girlfriend? How cute is that?! They do make a great couple.
And you look so gorgeous in the sunshine, what a lovely frock - I do like the lace on the hem and the sleeves.
You always have a great array of bling, and that stripey bag is yummy.
I started off in tights and boots today but felt way too warm (could be the mild day, could be a hot flush, could be I am still feverish, who knows?) so I changed into a frock and bare legs. In October! In the UK! Yeah! xxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

You have your own lemon tree - that's so cool! It's also cool that the weather is still so nice over your way. I love the pink and purple nails xxx

The Canon Girl said...

I love the way your sneakers match your bag perfectly! And all the cute doggies <3

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, your skull ring is adorable! I love it.

Although this weather is crazy, I absolutely love it. Hard not to be out and about!

Louise Mc said...

Aw, what a cutie little girl for Peetee. You look so cute enjoying what's left of the sunshine with your lovely hounds. Xx

lucy joy said...


That dress fits you like a glove, and I'm so happy you're still basking in sunshine. Petee looks proud as a peacock to be waltzing around with two hot bitches. So he should be.


Lucy x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Gaah, you just have to rub in the good weather don'tcha? My hair is frizzed out even more than normal and it's all about jumpers and leather jackets here.

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely weather and the green dress is so cute! It's so cool you can have a lemon tree outside. One day I'd like to have a house with a sun porch and citrus trees. Peetee and Shasta look sweet together x

Heather said...

Oh the picture of Peetee and the lemon tree is toooooo Cute!!! as are you in your nice green dress~ Want some warm weather please take it I am so ugh with the 100+ temps here the Santa Anna winds are blowing today and it feels like we are back in the Middle East lol!! Enjoy the sun and pineapple tomatillo's that sounds yummy ~Love Heather

Melanie said...

How is it possible to shine with so much colour?! Brilliant. I love your hat. That is the cutest skull I've ever seen. I love how your style always makes me happy.

Nerd Burger said...


Trees said...

Awww...doggie friends - how cute (although dogs do like yucky stuff like duck shit!).

Glad to see you still have sunshine - we've had plenty down here too, so LOVELY!!

I love you union jack bracelet and the one Vix gave you too, I always try and buy jewellery when I travel - when I wear it, it reminds me of fun travelling times.

Love the skull ring too (of course!)

Sacramento Amate said...

Do you want to kill me???, ahhhhhhhhhhh that green lace is pure poetry, my gorgeous Krista, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Nat said...

You and Peetee certainly light up any day with your cheery bright selves, despite the autumn drawing in :-)
Oooh, lemons.... will meringue pie, lemonade and lemon drizzle cake be on the menu soon?

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love that dress Krista, seeing lots of gorgeous green outfits on Blogger lately it seems. Love Peetee's little face next to the lemon tree, he is very cute indeed isn't he. Your bracelets make me happy but also sad because I had some similar ones which I can't find anywhere, my daughter is suspect number one though she denies all knowledge of them. xx

Style Sud-Est said...

Cute, cute and cute where did you get those sneakers! so awesome i want some! and the union jack bracelet is just too cool!


Anonymous said...

DOGGIE CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! I love the picture of Peetee next to the lemon tree! He has such a sweet face!
You are rocking that green dress-love it!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love this whole outfit - but especially those sneakers!! I love them!! Shasta is gorgeous and obviously so's Peetee, such a little darling - I want to squeeze you all!

Misfits Vintage said...

Love seeing Peetee out and about having fun! You are GORGEOUS as always - I am dying with envy for those beautiful bracelets - and the hot pink rosaries and I love those awesome shoes.

Every time I wear my favouritest ever jumpsuit, I say Hail Krista Full of Awesomeness! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

I LOVE your lemon tree. I wish I could grow such a thing but I fear the Burgh is too cold. Plus, I have the plant killing opposite of green fingers...however, when I die, I wish to have my ashes sprinkled in a lime tree somewhere warm. Ah, warmth...