Monday, October 22, 2012

I am doll parts

This past weekend I baked an apple pie, babied a pissed off little cat, painted up a storm while listening to Dead Can Dance in my pink Dr Dre headphones,  started a new book called "Wild" and enjoyed my solitude.  Sometimes it just feels good to be alone.

I was so happy to see Sarah's sweet ass sugar skulls, they are muy bonita!  I love that she put them in  flower pots!  Barbie has never had this much fun!  I picked up a few shadow boxes at Michaels because I wanted to arrange them inside.   Here is my carnival girl.
 I used a postcard by Junko Mizuno and added a few embellishments.
For the second batch of heads I wanted to do a hanging garden:)
Since both the tree and background are highly reflective paper it was really difficult to get a good picture.  I really love how it came out!

    She looks rather wicked in our living room.
This is a handmade vintage find that is pretty in pink.
 and yes this is my current favorite hat :)
 I love crushed velvet.

 Have you missed Peetee?
 He has missed you!!!
 I picked up some nail stickers so I can add a second color of polish.
I hope you are all easing into the week feeling a bit more refreshed. I can't wait to see what I've missed and what you've all been up too!!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

EEK!! I don't know where to start - of course I've missed Peetee, he's such a darling - look at his little folded legs. How much were the shadow boxes? I want some!! Those are fantastic!! The dolls look amazing in their frames - that table of kawaii is wonderful. I want to come round and play at your house! The dress is beautiful and the hat is so very you - Krista Colours! Your nails are great too - Rothko colours!xxxxxxx

Kathi said...

I can just see Barbie heads hanging off your purple deer head right now! And Chris rolling his eyes (or rolling heads) ;-).

thorne garnet said...

more awesome projects, with all the cool ideas floating around the blogs, how can anybody be bored?

Anonymous said...

first off-adorable Peetee!!!! He is just so cute!
Love you in your pink frock!
Those heads--the hanging garden is so creepy but so so COOL!!!
Love the circus one!

Vix said...

Lost.For.Words!!! Those Barbie heads in frames are the most amazing thing ever, you are a blinking genius!! That biatch is rocking the fake fur stole almost as well as you do, watch your back!!!
Your dress is dreamy and I'm not surprised that's your favourite hat, you look so pretty!
We've missed Peetee and his Bambi-face! Hopefully I'll have enough lung capacity to speak to him soon (and you, too!)
Love you! xxxxxxx

lucy joy said...

Krista, these doll heads make me happy for so many reasons. I was obsessed with Barbie and Sindy as a child, right up until my teens!
I used to customise their clothes and punk up their hair. You know the cheap felt tip colouring pens? I'd take out.the middle bit and tear it up to make bright pink purple and blue hair extentions. Clothes would be masking tape skirts and shredded toilet roll jackets. So, you can imagine how much.I love these creations of yours. They speak to the adult and child in me!
How's Petee feeling about you fussing over Ash? Tell him we love him and wish he coulda sneaked on the plane with you.

You're on fire, looking good and on a creative roll. Great stuff.


Lucy x

Thick Threads said...

I love what you did with the barbie heads! it looks so cool framed up, specially the drawn body one, love it! you're so creative :) and I love that dress its so adorable! i want it !!


Anonymous said...

I just adore you in that special hat. I mean, how often would we see that style in those colors? You just had to get it!
I love what you've done with your heads. What a great idea with the shadowbox. I love them!

Melanie said...

I love your pink! And I agree, there is nothing like crushed velvet. ANd, wow, your heads are awesome! These are so spooky, creepy, delicious. I love them - so much better than the original heads clearly. The Barbie family tree is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peetee!!!! And hi beautiful super creative sweetheart!!
I didn't imagine that your beautiful doll's heads were only a part of brilliant masterpieces, this post appears to my eyes like a sparkling rainbow full of bright stars!
OMG my darling those shadow boxes are great and your fantasy and colors really makes me dream!
And your house is the most beautiful place I've ever seen, I'm touched by all its beauty, I want to live there!
I love that little shrine with the necklaces, the pink crystals lamp, the painted sky and the Japanese poseable doll, perfect for your art!The pink dress is stunning too, the lace detail is lovely and the crushed velvet hat is always wonderful with your hair!!
I love you more than listening to 'Dead can dance' in Pink headphones!!!!

pastcaring said...

You have been creating hard, Krista! Do you know, I saw some Barbies in a charity shop today and immediately thought of you, but I don't think my painting skills are up to the job... Your shadow boxes look amazing, you have such imaginative flair.
Oh lil Peetee, we have missed him! How is Ash doing with her collar? Does she hate it?
I am not surprised at all that you love that hat - it's velvet. And it's pink and orange. Nuff said. And you look so cute in that dress, all pink and ruffled and sassy! xxxxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Wow those Day of the Dead Barbie dolls look AWESOME! love them! I also have some hot pink DM's - they are my fave winter cheer shoes and good for stomping around in the snow :)

Ivy Black said...

They all look fantastic! I love them to bits you clever lass!
Love the pink boots too.

Meghan Edge said...

I really love your whole outfit! I should wear my pink docs more- I really really want purple ones. Those sugar skulls are amazing. I love them. :-)

Anonymous said...

The shadow boxes turned out so well! This may be the start of a new art career.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh those dolls are FABULARSE! So much more polished than my feral little biatches, who I've left out in the weather - I wonder how they are faring down at the beach by themselves! I love the shadow box idea so much - you're so clever, Krista! Your pink gloriousness is exquisite as always - and I LOOOOVE seeing Peetee!!! BIG HUGS! Love, Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Frigging HELL,honeypie,you are one clever minx!Those heads are stunning all mounted up!Fark,you could sell shit like that!
How lovely to have a peaceful and productive weekend! I love Dead can Dance,and must dig out my cd's;I haven't listened to them in ages! I always get excited when I hear Lia's voice on soundtracks.
You look rather refreshed,as does Peetee!LICKS!
Much love,gorgeous pink thang!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

what a sweet dress!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Scary and beautiful dolls!

Trees said...

Such a sweet frock Krista! I really have a think about frilled frocks at the moment.

I also LOVE what you did with your sugar skull gals - you're quite the artist!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Baby, you are in the ZONE!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore your doll's heads - I could definitely cope with gazing into all those gorgeous dead eyes! Your art is so incredibly beautiful Krista, you're truly blooming - travel is good for you isn't it lovely? Gets those creative juices thundering like a volcano. You're looking absolutely gorgeous and refreshed hon, big hugs to you:)) xoxoxo

Heather said...

Ha where to start there is just so much Fabulous going on here!! My Gosh!!! Love the art it is really cool the heads came out fantastic and I love the shadow box idea it looks amazing on the one it looks like the heads are almost floating I love it!! And your dress is so cute looks great on you and the hat super cute as well!! Pretty in Pink!! Love Heather

Nerd Burger said...

HOLY CRAP>>!!!! Amazing. I lvoe the hanging garden one. You just blew my mind.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Your week sounds wonderful Krista, very restorative and creative. Love your dolls heads and how you've displayed them. I'd be feeling so pleased with myself if I was you!You ladies here inspire me every day. xx

Lynn Dylan said...

Ohhhhhhh, that light pink looks divine on you!!!!! Lovely, lovely!!