Thursday, October 25, 2012

More pretty things

Continuing on with my Zandra Rhodes obsession I bet you can imagine how stoked I was to find this book used for under $20 at my local book store.
I had no idea she was such an amazing artist.  She was HUGE on creating her own textiles and pairing those prints with fabric she thought would show them off best.  Most of the prints were all kinds of crazy good.  This was one called shells, the second picture shows it actually on the garments.

 I would marry Chris again in this dress!
 This skirt is the epitome of feminine beauty!
 I love how all of her stuff has an exotic foreign feel.

Here is a lil of my color she would appreciate.

I feel alive in bright colors and patterns.  The necklace I'm wearing was made just for me by Edie Pop's Mom!! BTW did you know Edie is now selling her prints!!!  Find them here! I can't wait to get mine up on the wall! Only two more days until freedom!  What will you do with yours?


Vix said...

Edie's Mum's necklace is beyond amazing, I can see where she gets her mind-blowing talents from!
Zandra's creations are incredible, aren't they? If she ever saw how fabulous and colourful you were I bet she'd donate her back catalogue to you, no-one could wear it better!
My weekend starts now, it's beer o'clock in less than an hour!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

When I look at her fabrics I just think she's a master at creating youthfulness that's somehow also mature. If that makes sense. It's wonderfully rich and playful at the same time. Definitely a gift.

My weekend will include a Greek restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood, more of our home-brew, and rest!

Anonymous said...

How sppoky you should post this now, I was sorting out my old walking gear yesterday and came across a Rhodes pack-a-mac...and was going to send it to a charity shop. It is a bright jade and Pink and is just you.... if I can figure out how to contact you, I would be happy to post it to you xx

Heather said...

What a neat artist/designer I had not heard of her before love her stuff the patterns and the design of the clothing is amazing. And I could not imagine you not in bright colors Ha it wouldn't be you!! You look great love all the little peeks at your wardrobe. Is there any way to make the weekend come early?? LOL ~I will no doubt be covered in mud hanging out with the horses across the street at the farm :) Love Heather

The Canon Girl said...

Oh wow, those dresses are like exotic elf princess dresses! SO gorgeous!

Frocktasia said...

She's an amazing artist and designer.
Some of her early stuff is like gold dust. Every now and again an original Zandra Rhodes garment will come up on ebay but they are always way out of my league. I've got a an 80s skirt suit, 80s cocktail dress that she did for 5th Avenue and an 80s wedding dress that she designed for Berkertex. An original 70s Zandra Rhodes would be the apex a vintage dress collection, I think I'd rather have one of hers than an Ossie Clark. Loving your little selection of colourful snaps :)
Yes, huzzah the weekend is almost upon us....much happiness & joy!
Lot's of love,

Helga! said...

Now that book is a fantasmo score! How fortuitious! Nice tour through it, too.She's incrediblely multi talented with a hell of a gorgeous vision! I agree, quite oriental! I'd love to thrash around in any of those gorgeous numbers!
I reckon she'd take to you like a long lost daughter!
My weekend starts in 2 hoursa and 15 minutes.....I'll drink my first drink to you,my rainbow darling!

Louise Mc said...

I think Zandra Rhodes is a totally under rated artist. You don't hear too much about her, but the fashion and textiles she produced are amazeballs. I could totally see you rocking some of her designs. Xx

thorne garnet said...

gotta work an Saturday. It might be called a "play", but it's a shitload of work.

Wow, to Zandra Rhodes. Can we have clothes like that now, please? Ha, maybe she'll do a line for Target.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I love the dress #99! Many beautiful prints here.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh I am TOTALLY getting one of Edie's prints. So beautiful!

And those whimsical yet edgy creations in that book are amazing!

You are one colourful gal you are!

Melanie said...

Are you kidding? Zandra is beyond pale as are you... so many incredible colours!! Awesome necklace. Organic, fun, interesting, love it. I must check out Edie's prints!

Anonymous said...

I must hunt for that book, I'm almost died of a stroke over those pictures!
The clothes makes my cry,they are artworks, you know that I love Zandra (your granny) so much and you have her same talent with colours!I love the pink boots/polkadots/stripes outfit!!!!
I'm going to show your photo to mom, she would be so happy that you created such a wonderful combination with her necklace!
Have a wonderful weekend!
I love you more than books!

lucy joy said...

I agree with Vix, and think Zandra needs to see you - the perfect example of how pattern and colour can have a huge impact.

My mother has always loved Zandra's designs. In the eighties, Zandra did an affordable range in mum's home shopping catalogue. Mum could only afford the signature t-shirt though. Boy did she wear that thing to death! She's (mum) a saggitarian like you and Vix, maybe that's a trademark for you guys, intense pattern and bright colour?
Such a visually stimulating feast! And that necklace? Beyond talent, art in the purest form.

Have a great weekend, I'm going Charity Shopping! Woohoo!


Lucy x

Melanie said...

I have a Zandra Rhodes dress. I believe it was one of those department store collection type garments that are all the rage these days. It was given to me by my aunt but had the most horrendous sleeves which made the dress really uncomfortable so I took them off and now have a far better dress xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

You and Zandra do seem a match made in heaven Krista, I'm sure she would love your style as much as you love hers if you two ever meet. And Edie Pop's mum is a really talented lady! Edie has obviously inherited her mum's artistic streak. xx

Anonymous said...

What a find with the book!! I am slobbering and drooling over her stuff!!!Such wonderful color schemes. Her artwork is just amazing and the clothes are gorgeous!!
I love the stuff of yours that is Zanraesque!!

Kae wishes PeTee could come ride in the stoller with her! He probably wouldn't hog the fron like MrBill does now (He has quite taken to riding in it!!)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Oh my God, these are just the best dresses I've ever seen! I want them all. They're the perfect mixture of Eastern, Japanese, Hippy, Punk and Romantic fashion and I can see you in all of them. And Edie, and Vix, and Sarah and me. Such amazing patterns, what a wonderful book.