Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stained glass legs

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life was St. Giles cathedral in Edinburgh and I think it has given me a new appreciation for these cathedral leggings made by Black Milk.  That and I stretched out the top a bit as they were not that comfy when I first put them on.
I am a living work of art!
  Ok maybe not but at least I try most days:)

 The sun even came out to say hello!
 I can't help but think of Desiree when I wear these, she is the Black Milk Queen!
  I picked up this big bow recently from a favorite shop of mine called Arte De Mi Familia!
 I also wanted to show you what I did to my Sugar girls hair.

 Ash approved, I think.

 I still have to get some hook screws to twist into their heads so I can hang them off something.
How is everybody's week so far?  I have been getting up extra early and having tea, doing my Zumba and lifting some light weights, it really makes all the difference since I sit in front of a computer all day long.  What is your morning routine?


halloweencouple said...

First off I love the glassed art legs :)

The sugar girls hair is rocking, just like their faces!!

My morning routine is needing a change, for now its waking up to my morning medicine to be able to start my day, Im hoping to get a excersie routine going as well.

Hope your weeks going great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista! Your hat and hair look super cute today. You're always styled up great. I love those cathedral tights so much. We Love Colors have great tights too and very comfy.
My usual morning routine is coffee and computer. I don't get myself to exercise until later after dinner, which is easier to put off by that time.
Can't wait to see your sugar girls hanging like garland!

pastcaring said...

Your gorgeous legs are indeed a work of art, Krista! I love a bit of stained glass, church windows are beautiful but I really like Art Nouveau designs, and Tiffany glass windows are spectacular.
I am intrigued by the top of your dress - is the cute spotted net part of the dress or a little sheer something underneath? Sexy!
Your doll heads are fabulous, especially now you have Krista-fied their hair!
My morning routine? Groaning "oh shit, is that the time?" before lumbering around in a grump, drinking a mug of tea, and telling the kids off for messing around. Sounds peachy at our house, no?! xxxx

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

You. St Giles? It's bloody uncanny! And the heads look tremendous! I always liked a customised barbie better. My morning routine goes: roll out of bed and into shower. Get dressed while drinking green tea. Roll to car, go to work. Shit, eh? I am totally run down these week and desperately need to get back to the gym! Tonight, I am waiting for indian food to be delivered. The spices will help, right? xx

Vix said...

You're psychic, I was just thinking that I needed to look out my fake fur collar soon and there you are rocking yours! How fab are those leggings, your cute braids and bow, the swanky leggings and the arm candy? Very!
Those zombie Barbie heads are total works of art, even Ash says so, in her bitchy Krista cat voice! Dying to see what you plan to do with them now!
My usual wash face, work out, make tea, shower, get dressed routine's been swapped to stagger out of bed, cough my guts up, take drugs, sit at the kitchen table gawping mindlessly at the TV until I go back to bed! Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly!
Love you!

The Canon Girl said...

I WANT THOSE LEGGINGS AMAGAD SO AWESOME!!! :-D This is definitely an outfit I would wear too, I LOVE the print mixing of the gorgeous leggings and the polkadotted minidress. And of course, our everlasting sneaker love. The suger girls have amazing hair! Now I want barbiedolls with heads like that! :-D The picture of your two-toned braid is super cute, I love your hair to no end! <3

lucy joy said...

You really should be inspiring me to do Zumba and weight lifting in the morning because I want a bod like yours.
Tea is all I can lift in the morning, and Curtise's routine mirrors mine!
I can't believe you've been to Edinburgh and I haven't - I'm ashamed. Those leggings must be a lovely reminder of a very memorable trip.
Between your legs and those awesome (Ricky's description) doll heads, you seriously ate living, walking breathing art.


Lucy x

Thick Threads said...

woooow! I love the skull barbies! look so cool!!!!!! and good god do i love that dress you are wearing. the leggins are cool, but the dress! the dress! :D


Perdita said...

You are indeed a work of art lady.

Never let a day pass without being useful, beautiful or both. Like they said in the days of 'arts and crafts'.

Anonymous said...

Your legs are stunning!!!You rock those Black Milk as Queen Desiree herself (try to ask her if you could be In The Leggings Royal Family !!I'm sure she'll agree!)
Your dress is beautiful and the green belt and the fake fur collar are brilliant solutions to make it look even better!The dolls are cute as I imagined, I want to buy some fluo sharpie markers and try to make some of them for the girls!!
I love you more than fake fur on a sunny day!!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You bloody are a walking work of art! Great tights! Love your sugar grlies . x

Nerd Burger said...

One of my favorite outfits you have worn. You look so happy and man am i jealous of you owning those leggings. I love your Barbie art and I'm dead serious, please please make me one :) (flutters eye lids)

Hollie said...

best. leggings. ever.

thorne garnet said...

I've got to find some doll heads, I love what you've done to them

My mornings: kini cat alarm clock wakes me up, then coffee and breakfast, a 30 minute walk or gardening, shower.

Helga! said...

Friggin A you're a work living of art!!! Glory be thy name!
These are amazing leggings!I always think of Desiree when I hear milk mentioned in any context!
Sweet spotty frock and the furry turquoise adds fabularse punch!
The sugar girls look beautiful with their new hair!!!
Morning routine?Pretty boring, just sorting breaky,lunches and getting out the door intime to make it to work on time...which isn't easy, I have to push G around a bit!
Love madly!

Misfits Vintage said...

Love this gorgeous outfit - the blue muppet around your neck is the perfect finishing touch and I OOOOOVE your bracelets - especially the rainbow Union Jacks! Your girls look fab, can't wait to see them hanging around - I'm going to jam mine onto the old knitting needles in the pot plant for extra creepiness! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the signature hair on the sugar girls. And that photo of your legs in these gorgeous leggings/tights is too good.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You feckin' awesome wench!!!!!! You are my poster girl for all that is wicked and insane ... oh how I ADORE the Cathedrals with your spotty frock - what a stroke of hot genius!!!! I love your plaited locks and Barbie is looking better than ever, in fact, the best I've ever seen her! One goddamn arse-squeeze for you honey:)). Mornings: stumble into grotty kitchen, make tea, hug small people, crank up the tunes, miraculously turn into Nigella and churn out splendid, nutritious school lunches the kids never eat. Yell a bit. Dance a bit. Drop kids off at Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children. Breathe. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxo

Heather said...

Well Va Va Voom!! love the stain glass they look fantastic and how cute with the dress!! And the doll heads turned out AWESOME!! and the pigtails love your pink hair threaded through them ~You look fabulous have a great rest of the week ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

You are a work of art regardless of what you wear!!

Your sugar babes are looking awesome--that bow gave me an idea--how about attaching a sugar babe nead to a bow for a hairpiece???

Miss Kae sens love and licks to Peetee!

Lanternarius said...

Aaaw I'm fond of your leggings!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have never seen anything more holy and wonderful than your leggins, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
You kill me everytime.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love old cathedrals but I've never been to St Giles despite not living that far from it Krista, I must redress that soon! Your leggings are gorgeous along with your cute plaits and everything about you. I'm a leggings/jeggings lover so I wish I was brave enough to try a bit of pattern because I do love the Black Milk designs.
It'sbeen holidays this week but my routine is Pat brings me a much appreciated cup of tea in bed while he gets ready for work, then I get up, drink as much tea as I possibly can while having a quick look on the computer to see what's been going on, letting dogs out for a pee, feeding the cat, then waking up kids, in my daughter's case it takes about twenty goes before she gets up, making packed lunches, washing and tumble drying uniform I forgot to do the night before, flinging clothes on me and the littlest one then stagger up to the school and hopefully scrape in just as the bell goes. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I was going for similar hair to the last doll myself! (I've got that exact purple). I love the sugar skull gang so much!

You look so cute, I really want to give you a squeeze! Those leggings are wonderful and that dress is just too cute. Have I said cute enough?

Lynn Dylan said...

Ohhhh, love it! You look good in black! Love the leggings. Can't wait to see what happens with the doll heads!


Edea said...

I can't believe that you are 41 ! you are great! XD

Kisses from Italy