Monday, October 15, 2012

What are we without art?

This weekend was just what I needed the perfect mix of relaxing, creating and hanging out with a friend. Last night I watched the documentary The Rape of Europa.  If you haven't seen this film you must.  It is about all the art and monuments that were stolen or destroyed by Hitler in WWII.  I knew plundering took place but I really had no idea about the scale of this crime.  As a Jewish American who lost family in Auschwitz, I always see the loss of life first, but what is life without art?  Hardly worth living if you ask me.
This painting by Gustav Klimt was finally returned to his surviving heirs.  They sold it for $135 million.
This painting by Leonardo da Vinci was also stolen.
This 474 year old painting by Girolamo was returned just this year to his decedents.
Composanto Monumentale in Italy was almost leveled.  It's walls used to be covered in frescoes dating back to 1360.
Towards the end of the film they showed a room that was filled with Jewish Torahs and crowns, almost all of these have no owner or place to go home to.

The film shows how no one was spared from the Nazi's when it came to art.  They stole from everyone.        I asked the question earlier what are we without art? I don't think this question can be answered because without art we were never here.  Art really is life and I just made a little of it myself.
Meet the Sugar Girls.

 Yes~ I will be dying their hair too :)
 This was way more difficult than I thought especially with my shaky hands.

It may not be art in the classical sense but when I create anything I feel alive and better for it.  It also keeps me out of trouble and happy, you know what I mean?

Let's get through this week together, shall we :)


Miss Magpie said...

My Great Granddad buried the family treasures in a forest at the start of the war (my Mother's family are from Germany) and then never could remember exactly where!

Sadly art always suffers in conflict.

Miss Magpie said...
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Rose&Bird said...

I knew that a lot of treasures had been seized, but i'll have to try and catch that film. I truly believe that if you're a creative person it's actually pretty damaging not to have a outlet for all that energy. I find that an hour or two at the sewing machine usually makes me feel better and inspires me to carry on with more work.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to see "Rape of Europa". So sad seeing the torah's and other Jewish artwork unclaimed.

If I couldn't create in some way everyday I would shrivel up and die. It's in my DNA.

Those heads are really kinda creepy but oh so COOL!!


Vix said...

You've done a spectacular job on those heads,they look so much better with their gothic makeover! Can't wait to see them rocking technicoloured hair!
The Rape of Europa sounds a gripping watch. I sincerely hope those thieving Nazi b&*s^rds felt some shame when they looked up at those stolen works of art hanging from the walls of their homes.
Art is life, even if it's applying colourful make up or dressing creatively every morning.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

Love those sugar skulls.

They sometimes discover treasures buried in the UK... when invasion looked imminent. So many places were not so lucky and had their heritage destroyed.

Ivy Black said...

They look great you've done a fab job!
When I did my Art History degree I read a lot about the Nazi plundering of European art. Hitler denounced all the avant garde art whilst stashing it away because, crap artist though he was, he knew the worth of all the stuff her stole. And all the Jewish art they stole...terrible.
Art is would be unbearable without it.

Anonymous said...

I need to watch 'The rape of Europa' even if anything related to that period is quite painful for everyone!
Gustav Klimt is always a great inspiration for me and I always love that portrait!
Personally I can't survive without art and!!
Your doll heads are beautiful, seems quite a hard job to work on such little surfaces, I adore the colors and the Bratz doll and the chubby one are lovely!
Can't wait to see how they'll look with the dyed hair!
Love you more than painting!

Lynn Dylan said...

I am truly sorry about the loss to your family during those horrific times!! It's nearly unbearable to even think of what happened, and yet people suffered through it...

Lynn Dylan

Louise Mc said...

Don't you just love Klimt? It's appalling all the art and treasures that the Nazis stole, but then everything they did was appalling. I love those mexican heads. What do you paint them with? You're very artistic, it's great. X

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh Darling, this makes me want to cry (hormones partly to blame). I'm having real trouble actually sitting down and making art and you've gone and painted these fantastically delicate sugar skull dolls and written this lovely post, probably passionately and impulsively because you've got the art fire in your belly. They really are wonderful. I must watch this documentary, such a bizarre and sad thing to think there are crowns and torahs unclaimed through whole dynasties being wiped out. Do more art, you're great at it xxxx

Nerd Burger said...

I flippin love them. PLEASE paint me one ;) i collect Día de los Muertos art. I'd love to have one for the shelf. :) So much detail and colour. SOOOOOOO RAD!!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

I love, love your live art.
What about a wonderful necklace with the creepy dolls head???

Anonymous said...

It is art in every sense! I love those little unique faces you painted.
Imagine how those decedents felt to see those paintings after all that time. Incredible thought.

I see our blogs as leaving a bit of our legacy, and unless someone deletes it after we die, we'll live on forever! Just imagine! We are works of art in every sense too.

thorne garnet said...

you much improved the doll heads. More crafty ideas.

At least the plundered art didn't get tossed in a pile and destroyed.

pastcaring said...

if you say it's art, then it's art, Krista! I love those delicate yet creepy Barbies, the perfect blend of the cute and the macabre!
The documentary you watched sounds really interesting, though deparately sad. Yes, the loss of life is the worst thing, but the willful plundering and destruction of great art is dreadful too.
I didn't realise you had a family connection to the Holocaust, I guess that makes it feel all the more painful to watch films about that time.
What a thought-provoking post, Krista. Thank you. xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

I love it - I started working on a couple of these myself last weekend - they are not as gorgeous as yours but I do like them a lot. YOU are piece of living art, Krista. LOVE! Sarah xxx

Heather said...

Oh some interesting facts here I will have to check out that movie!! and your doll heads came out great ...looks like a lot of fun!! watcha gonna do with them necklaces or something like that?? ~have a great week Love Heather

Bella Q said...

Love your sugar girls!
I agree, life would be life, but living is done only with art in your life.

Annie said...

Completely agree with what you're saying here Krista.
You have done a fabulous job on the dolls, look forward to seeing them with the hair dyed too. x

Helga! said...

Bloody nasty piece of work Hitler was, and his cronies.I'd love to see that film,I expect it can't even cover the extent of their thievery!Bastards.
Indeed,life without art would be no life at all.
I adore that Klimt painting,one of my faves.
EEEEK!! Your Barbie heads arrived! FanTABULOUS!!! they are looking awesome,love 'em!!!
Love YOU!

liz said...

Fun little heads! I love DoD stuff. In fact, I just drooled over the entire DoD display at the party supply shop...they even had DoD baby bibs! I don't even have a baby, but I still wanted to buy them...for the cuteness factor!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

The older I get ... or the older my mother gets, the more I realize that art is really important and a way to continue to develop as a person. My mother (who was one of the Finnish warchildren) getting old and the best way to spend time with her ​​now is to browse artbooks.

Trees said...

Art is everything and it is everywhere - whether its a glorious painting in a gallery or your grandmothers cross-stitch.

Speaking of crafts - I love those sugar girls, you did an incredible job!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Excellent job you did on those heads, i am impress, i do not know if i could something that good!

Yes stolen by the Nazis- that was something else ...

Ariane xxx

The Canon Girl said...

Art really is everything. Art is what makes my heart beat! I will definitely check out that documentary and GOD I love Klimt. I want to LIVE in his artwork. And I really love your sugar girls!

Melanie said...

I have been GAAAA! with work but just dropping quickly in for peeks and I can't help but comment here. I looove your Sugar Girls. They are magnificent. I agree, life is not life without the grace of art, either through the act of creating it or appreciating it.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I agree Krista, the loss of life is the saddest thing by far, anything I've watched or read about the holocaust is absolutely heartbreaking, when you think about families being pulled apart and never seeing each other again it just makes me so sad, never mind the horrors they had to suffer as well. But life without art would seem very empty, at least a lot of it has been found and saved. I love Gustav Klimt's work and it would be a real loss to the world if that had been destroyed.
Love your macabre dolls heads too Krista, I think your heading describes you well, you are an inspiring person! Wish I could send you some so you could keep painting but I think my daughter's going to be a hoarder like me because she won't part with any of her old dolls or cuddly toys even though she's seventeen now. xx