Friday, November 30, 2012

They are playing our song

It's Friday, we made it!  As a reward I have a pretty cool song and video to share with you.  Not too much planned for this weekend a bit of jewelry making, packing for my trip and maybe a bit of thrifting.  Today I have tortilla soup cooking in the crock pot, yum!
I have been on a legging kick lately.  I like them better than tights because they are warmer.  I picked these up at Target and I swear they are more comfy than my pajama's.  I am trying a bit of pattern mixing, Bella at The Citizen Rosebud is the absolute master of this!  Check her out here. I hope I did you proud Bella:)
This crazy sweater was a recent find on ebay another bright and warm addition to my winter wardrobe.

 I also have to share with you the most gorgeous pendant I picked up by Jasmine Becket.  
I made a cool necklace for it to hang on.  Isn't she sweet with her lil baby dragon?  
Are you ready for our song or what?
Play it loud and be proud!  I love you guys!  I don't think I have told you that enough lately but I do!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peek-a-pretty boo

Thanks for all your sweet Birthday wishes yesterday.  Chris's night out with the boys to a Metal show was a total success!  He came home pretty late and said he had to take a shower because he was covered in other peoples sweat, then he mumbled something about burning all his clothes :) The boys managed to elbow their way to the stage and avoid being crushed, minus some handfuls of hair. Yeah no more mosh pits for me.  I like my metal from a comfortable spot :)

I thought a little eye candy to get you through today would be nice.
 I didn't take any of these pictures and I'm sorry I have no links to give, but let's just enjoy anyway.
I think Peetee found a new palace!
 I would look hot in this car under that sky!
 I haven't seen our racoon in a while, I think it moved on.
 Bath time!
Leopard rainbow leggings $15 at Forever 21.
One more day to freedom!  YAH!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little girls & art warm the heart

Life really is about the little things.  I love it when I'm knee deep in life's bullshit and suddenly something happens that makes you forget everything else and your just happy again.  I ordered and received this gorgeous print from Ilaria Novelli!  She also included a heart throbbing original that to me is a kawaii sugar skull girl, you will have to wait to see that one. Both are getting framed right now and I can't want to show you them hanging on the wall!  Thanks darling, they are most loved!  The frame I am getting is purple!!!!
Her sweet girls also have her talent and included these lovely sentiments! This was the best part of that package!
Sometimes I think kids are the only ones who really get me and then I get bummed because I have none of my own and then I'm over it because I have to be.  Life's weird like that.
Another lil sweetheart who made my day recently was this kid Ivie.  My sister works with her Mom and they read my blog at the office. She recently made the comment that her little girl would love a floral headband that I often wear.  Of course I got busy making one and sending it off.  The day she got it she slept with it on!  How precious is that?!  She said she loved that it made her taller.
I know she is all kinds of adorable isn't she! When I think about how happy these kids make me, kids I don't even know~ I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!  If only adults could love that easy, think how much better our world would be.

It's been really cold here, like 30 degree kinda cold.  I keep our thermostat set to 72 ;)
I picked up this dress for a quid or so when hanging with my girl Vix.  She spotted it for me because she's just good like that.
 I have an update with regard to my squeaky DOC's, they don't squeak anymore.
The leather lotion helped a bit but I added some Ariat boot inserts and suddenly no more squeak and the boots are so much more comfortable.  I mean it made a world of difference!!!
I got this jacket at the Goodwill a while ago, its cute and cheap like me :)

Today is my babe's Birthday:)  Happy Birthday BabeXor!

You are my best friend and I wuv's ya.  Please don't be mad at me for putting up this picture.  Tonight it's a metal show to celebrate!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I cook better in pink

I missed you all last week as mine turned out to be pretty hectic. However, I have spent the last 4 days in a turkey induced coma only to wake up for cookies and ice cream.   I cooked a 23 lb. bird had family over, ate, drank, ate some more and yes shopped a bit too.  I put up my pink Xmas tree and the lights are up outside, I am ready for the holidays!  This week is Chris's Birthday and mine is the following week along with my trip to San Diego. I love this time of year because I don't feel guilty for being lazy!
The animals love it too because they get MEAT!
My bird was cooked to perfection and I was perfectly dressed to cook!

There was more food but these were the only shots I took, too busy cooking and eating and hanging out!
The dreariness of last week was made a whole lot brighter when I received the sweetest gift from Rebecca at Crivens Cottage.  She sent me my very first ever Zandra Rhodes item!
Everything was wrapped super cute!
 I'll be honest this handmade card was the best part of the gift!
 A sweet headband!
Here is my Mac/Jack in a Pack :)  Beautiful colors!
Thanks Rebecca, that was really thoughtful of you and they are my colors for sure!!
I love that our house gets tons of morning sun on the front side.
Bring on December, the cold, the rain, 42 and a nice sunny spot on my sofa with Chris and the animals!  Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Exploring on my own

The last two weekends I have gone off by myself exploring some of Portland's thrift stores.  Sometimes I prefer to shop alone, I can take as long as I want and I do enjoy the quiet time.  Last weekend I scored a hot pink 80's lace dress with matching gloves, it's too cold to sport now but it's all kinds of good.  This weekend I found what could be the most vintage place on earth its called House of Vintage.
They have over 60 venders selling stuff in here.  I spent 2 hours exploring and came away with two dresses.  I was real good.
I wanted this creepy doll, but I am getting better at walking away from stuff that I really don't need.
  I thought these were all kinds of adorable but who has room on their countertops, not me!
 I really wanted that gal in the center but at $15 I had to leave her behind.
 This wall of naughty pictures is brilliant!
 She was my favorite!
 This place was bursting with clothes!

 Stuff everywhere!

 I tried this dress on and it was crazy with my hair, I put it back but at $12 it was hard too.  Lately I am gravitating towards contrasting colors with my hair.  I did pick up this dress for $7.
 When I bought it I knew I would wear it with my space leggings.
 Pretty cute huh.  
 These new boots are squeaky so I have been using leather lotion to try and break em' in faster.

 Other things that made my weekend nice.  Mine is the dark one on the left:)
I also picked up a bottle of KROGSTAD after sampling it at 9 am at Farmers Market :)  I will use it to make Gimlet's for Thanksgiving.  I think it will be tasty with my Thanksgiving menu.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!