Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A pillbox of velvet perfection

I loved hearing about some of your favorite things hanging in your home!  Common thread seemed to be something from someone you love and that made me smile.  Have you ever been to those houses that feel sterile like you wonder does anybody really live here?  I love a house I can wander through filled with curiosities, not just store bought crap but really unique stuff that has meaning and stories behind them.  Come to think of it  I am attracted to the same qualities in people.

I'm sure this lil hat has a story.  It comes all the way from New Orleans by way of an adorable vintage shop right here in Portland called Rebelle's.
It's my very first hat of it's kind and I am in love with it!
I also picked up this raincoat at the end of last season I love the color and that is keeps me dry!
It looks pretty good with these boots too.
 I haven't seen the sun in 4 days so I started using my blue therapy light today.
 It helps me wake up.  Yesterday was pretty bad as I started work in the dark and ended in the dark.
 I did manage to paint my nails and get dressed today so I'm going to say that is an improvement to yesterdays sweat pants all day long!
I love my new old hat!


Rose&Bird said...

That's such a cute hat and a lovely colour! Shame you've not seen the sun, good job you have a blue light for the dull days x

lucy joy said...

I love your hat too! Looks quite racy, like.a flirty air hostess!
I detest those clinical homes too, they look straight out of a catalogue and offer nothing to think or talk about. I see so many such homes and the personality is missing, like a shadow of a person.
It has been quite bright here today, so I stayed out all day getting my light fix. I get very sluggish when it is dark, wet and cold all the time.
You coordinate so well, just like Helga! Love the plum nails.

Bring back summer!


Lucy x

Ivy Black said...

Fab hat! Love the colours.
I know exactly what you mean about sterile houses. I don't understand why people can't or won't make there mark on their own homes. Other women have said to me that they're not confident enough to chose art for their walls! What can you say to that?

Vix said...

You look so beautiful in that top picture (well, you always do, but you know what I mean). That hat is amazing and I totally love that mac and the colour of your boots.
Those coordinating rings and nails are fabularse, too.
I hate sterile homes where the artwork's been bought to match the colour scheme. I'd rather have bad taste than no taste!!!
I had a holey leggings, no make-up day yesterday, too. I feel a billion times better for leaving the house in daylight today!
Love you & speak soon! xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I hate sterile looks like everything came from the showroom floor houses (like my sisters!!) No personality whatsoever!

I adore the new hat--great style for you!! and the aqua jacket is AMAZING--what a gorgeous color and perfect with your aqua boots!!

And of course-PEETEE Cuteness!!! MrBill says if they hang out as bro's outfits aren't required. They can be nekkid dog-dudes doing their thing sniffin' and peein' and such!!

Helga! said...

O,don't get me going on sterile homes!UGH!Give me colour and life and decorations with stories!
This raincoat is to DIE for fabularse!Perfect for the season!I do like a good useful score that's also beautiful.The hat is so pretty,and quite unusual! You're looking very bright and cheery, the best way to combat the Autumnal darkness....and you're GORGEOUS!
You rock my world,lovely!

Anonymous said...

These colours really got me and that hat is great, I love the avant-gardesque design, I wonder from which era is from, I bet that it looked astonishing then as it does now!
Yesterday was a pyjamarama day for everyone, I was busy taking my eldest girl to the swimming pool and I went out with a pair of jeans that looks like Kurt Cobain's and I never wear jeans so I felt like a mess!
Your dress is wonderful, I love the print and the laced up front and the colour of your raincot is a Krista's trademark, only you can score such amazing shades!
You made my day brighter!
A big hug to you and Peetee!!!
Lots of Love xxxx

Penny-Rose said...

Oh your hat is so cute I am not sure but I think it is 1940s. The colour coordination is awesomen - the coat is wonderful. Thank you for being a ray of brightness and colour. xx

pastcaring said...

Oh Krista, how cute are you?! That hat is a little bit of millinery heaven, the shape suits you so well, and the colours are beautiful. Perfect with that pretty dress. If you're going to think practical rainy day wear, you have to make it bright and stylish, and your turquoise mac is fabulous.
Gorgeous nails and rings, and sweetheart Peetee too - hurray for choosing happiness! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

those tastefully boring house are all over the home and garden shows. The how to sell your home ones are the worst! Make your house as dull as you can to appeal to the largest amount of buyers....phooey to that. Love your purple ring and how your raincoat matches the boots. (you match Vix too)

Louise Mc said...

Oh wow, I love that hat so much. The possibilities are endless. I love it when you rock turquoise, it's totally your colour, it makes your hair look totally amazeballs. You would love my house, well you would when it's not on the market because then it's a total clutter fest. x

Anonymous said...

I love your new hat too! I've never seen one like it before. It makes me think of those yummy colorful meringue cookies at the fancy bakeries. And the colors are just gorgeous with you hair.

I loved reading your first paragraph. It made me say aahhhh out loud in the end.

Years ago I had my cousins over for Thanksgiving and when they walked in they said, "Thank God your house is not sterile." haha At that time I didn't really know what they meant. Now I remember that expression every time I don't clean my house. ;)

Connie said...

Hi Krista. I've been reading your blog for a while now so I think it's only proper that I turn myself in! I've lived all over the place but I currently find myself living in San Diego which is a place that I think you know a little something about so HEY from SD!

Melanie said...

I love this hat on you!! I just came from Curtise's French resistance look and yours gives me that sense too - your spin would be that you would hide behind your colour, can't see the forest for the trees. Excellent. Something flight attendant about it for me too - now that would be an airline I'd love to fly on! Gorgeous, Krista!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh you look gorgeous in your beautiful vintage hat and the raincoat is the absolute opposite of what you usually see on a rainy day - it's a beautiful colour! It's funny you should mention sterile homes because this evening The Stylist pointed out all the unusual objects, treasures and junk we have in our home, compared to the boring new houses some of her mates live in. I was pretty impressed I must say! xoxo

Annie said...

Glad you're feeling a bit more chipper. You look gorgeous, the hat really suits you and I love it with the coat and boots.

I'm really impressed with your gorgeous nails, they look as though they were done at a salon.

Any chance of the recipe for your passion fruit, pineapple and orange juice martinis? xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you stunner!! I love the front of that dress. You just wear the loveliest colours, the mac is fantastic. The hat is rather fab and really suits you. Love the nail varnish colour too. Love you! xxxx

Bella Q said...

That hat looks so good on you- it reminds me of the Style Crone- two good feelings in one moment.
I'm glad you are feeling better- I've been dealing with my own rollercoaster of emotions lately and am not liking it one damn bit. Rough ride.

Hope your week this week is easier to handle. xo.

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE that gorgeous hat! These colours are beautiful together and the nail polish is GORGEOUS. I especially love the last pic as I am always keen to see your amazing body art. Yay for blue light! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Trees said...

The blue of your outfit looks great against your pink hair! I love the wee hat too - very cute:D

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

"That houses feel sterile like you wonder does anybody really live here" ARE Swedish interior ... We are very "trend-sensitivity". Trends are like the worst influences appear in Sweden. Same styles everywhere, and it switches quickly = we throw a lot. I like Sweden anyway, but I think that our adaptation to trends is a bit scary, sad and ... unnecessary.

Nat said...

Absolutely love the colour of your raincoat... my favourite! It's the perfect companion to your pretty pink hair and accessories :-)
You have a great and unique style, missus - and I love the confidence of your most recent post!

Melanie said...

Andy knew a couple who lived in the most boring house I have ever seen, there was no personality in it whatsoever, I was glad to get away!

You look scrumptious! Your hair and jacket go so well together xxx

Anonymous said...

You would love our's full of treasures and even our grown children never cease to marvel at it all. I like your hat.

liz said...

Oooh...feeling that teal raincoat, missy! With matching boots?! Yeah, I'd be wearing those a LOT! :)