Monday, November 12, 2012


I hate that I let last week get to me, it wasn't that bad really.  Thanks for all your kind words, it means the world to me! I feel great this morning and I know that happiness is a choice we make everyday, I just made the wrong choice last week.   My weekend was most enjoyable and I feel recharged and happy.  I had friends over Friday night and made gooey cheesy enchiladas and an apple pie for dessert, drank a few of my now famous passion fruit, pineapple, and orange juice martini's and watched the entire season 2 of The Walking Dead.  What? I'm training for the zombie apocalypse :)
 To anyone else who has watched it just me or do you also enjoy the sound effects of zombies getting their heads bashed in?  Squish, splat, smash!
My knock off DOC's fell apart last week, the soles came unglued and the pink was cracking all over. I took it as a sign that Portland has one of 3 Doc Marten stores in the entire USA.  I went inside and they had one pair left in my size. What you see me wearing now are the real deal baby.  Now to break em' in.  Two new pair of boots in one week, I'm spoiled!
I know I will get plenty of miles out of these and if there is a zombie apocalypse these will be my shoes of choice.
 My friend Cathy brought me the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses in a vodka canister that is mine to keep.

 I wish you could smell them!
Both cats are getting better.  I had no idea cats could get colds.  They have both been on antibiotics and the sneezing is subsiding.
Peetee is now considered low maintenance and cheap compared to our felines.
I also found the perfect frame for that old postcard I bought.
I really think what you hang on your walls helps make a house feel like a home.  Mine is really starting to feel that way.

How about you?  What is your favorite item hanging up in your home and why?
This is mine!  My friend Nick made this for me one year for my birthday.  See Tank Girl right there in the middle.


Anonymous said...

I'd say those Docs are the perfect investment considering you already know they worked so well with your wardrobe, and these will surely last a hell of a lot longer too. I love Docs so much, I tried to get my 14 year old into them so I took him to the Seattle store. He just looked at me weird and said, uhh...Oh well, I tried. In my mind I can see him in the shiny cobalt blue boots.

My favorite thing I have on my walls is a very old vintage mirror. It must be from the early early 1900's, maybe even late 1800's. I was working on getting off restrictions when I was around 14 so I used my regular tactic at buttering up my mom by cleaning the garage. One day I noticed a trap door up high in the garage so I grabbed a ladder and went to see what was inside. There was the old mirror! It's broken a bit at the top but I have my old wedding garter wrapped around it to hide the chips.
It's kind of cool, and I like that you made me think about it again. ;)

Style Sud-Est said...

I am in love with your pink Docs- i want a pair too!
About cats and colds yes it happens, my chouchou had a cold for almost 1 month, it takes a while to go away and he was on antibiotics - i think is getting another one - Poor cat -

Happy you feel better Krista

Take care

Ariane xxx

Vix said...

I'll have one of those cocktails too, they sound delicious! I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend filled with people, pressies and things you love and that the moggies are on the mend.
Those fake Docs did really well, dragged around the UK and up a few mountains, the proper ones should last you a lifetime. Loving that sweet cardi, killer lace mini and your glorious smile.
I don't know what my favourite thing is on the wall, as you know, there's too much to choose!
Love you!

pastcaring said...

Good to hear you sounding cheerier, Krista, though everyone is entitled to feel like life is kicking their arse at times. But hurray for feeling rested, replenished and happy!
You certainly look it, so pretty in your baby blue mini and new real deal DMs. And that pic of you holding beautiful Ash is fabulous (don't tell Peetee I said so, he'll be jealous...)
In fact I am seriously loving your photos in this post - the roses, Ash and Peetee, your super shiny Docs, the postcard in its new frame, and your fave picture, they all speak of happiness and appreciating the good stuff in life.
My favourite thing on my wall is a set of cards which one of my best frends brought back for me from Vietnam. I got them mounted and framed in a line, and love them all the more since my friend died of ovarian cancer. They are beautiful and delicate, remind me of Carol, and that life and friendship continue despite loss and sadness. xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Your Friday night sounds the perfect remedy to the blues Krista, not that I can imagine you being on a downer for very long anyway. The food and drinks sound mouthwatering and, while I'm not a big zombie fan myself, I can enjoy it when I'm sitting happy and cosy with my family and pets, as my oldest son and my hubby love a good zombie film. Love your new boots and those beautiful roses and cute PeeTee and your beautiful cats too. xx

lucy joy said...

I knew you wouldn't be down for long. Proper pink Docs, pink flowers, amazing cocktails, pets on the mend..plenty to smile about.

That frame is perfect for the postcard, I love finding the right things like that. O don't have much on my walls, but my favourite is most definitely the collection of drawings fabrics and photographs my friend Laura mounted for me. She's a super talented lady who can make everything from wooden reindeer, components to fix my broken kitchen sink, toys from socks and beautiful cakes.


Lucy x

Helga! said...

Right, now pour me one of those divoon cocktails and let's talk...!
Yup, you sure do get what you pay for when it comes to knock offs! We never did make it to the Doc store...nxt time! I'd love some leopard ones!
Those pink roses are perfect, I can imagine how strong the scent is!Lovely!
I don't hve anything up on my walls at the moment, as we are rather undecided as to what will go where,still haven't got the electrical stuff sorted, and still have quite a bit packed away...but hwen I get things out, I have a lovely painting I swapped some handmade jewellery for about 15 years ago that I adore.Once it's up, I'll be showing it off, but NO idea when that will be!
Happiness! Yes, I chose it too!
Loadsa LOVE,darling!! I had a Skype with Mazzy (Christopher) last night, and it made me miss the hell out of you all and Portland!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I just can't get enough photos of Peetee! You look fabulous, the first thing that caught my eye was that lovely shrug, it looks so soft. I love those colours. You look gorgeous, I would just love so much to come over and eat gooey cheesy enchiladas and those delicious martinis!! I didn't know that cats could get colds and I'm so pleased they're on the mend! Those boots are stunning on you, you got the real deal baby xxxxxx

Rose&Bird said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad week, I know what you mean about choosing to be happy or not x
I'm not a fan of zombie things, just too much gore (though I can watch ER til the cows come home), but I would definitely choose hot pink Docs come the apocalypse.
The cocktails sound great, would you share the recipe?
I don't really have much that tuly reflects me in the house (except lots of clutter) as my tastes have changed a lot, but I have an acrylic (I think) painting of crysanthemum type flowers that has loads of bright colours that I really love.

Anonymous said...

You look like the rainbow of joy in your lacy mini and those kick-ass Docs!!
I'm with you on this is new week and I'm choosing happy!! So all the life-sucking spoil sports can just bugger off!!

Love the pastcard in the old frame. I adore that kind of stuff!

Peetee is adorable as usual!!!

My fav thing on the walls?? I twould have to be the set of metal 4 seasons plaques from the 50's that hung over my great-grandmother's sofa. I inherited them and repainted them for our home.
They always remind me of her!!

Anonymous said...

The real thing is always better, those Docs are amazing, I've just bought a pair of fake furry UGGs and I feel like I'm wearing Frodo's feet! I wish I could visit Portland one day, I'm sure that the shops are amazing there!!Even if I'm a tv series freak, I still haven't watched The walking dead, I love zombies, but they give me anguish so I want to go to bed without checking if they are around!
This outfit is my eye candy of the day,the cardigan,the blue lace and the stunning headband are awesome!
There is something that is on its way to your wall, I can't wait to see it at home!!
Love you more than cats!

Lucy Nation said...

Those pink roses are stunning. What a lovely gift. I love the Dr Martens too. You can't beat the real thing xx

liz said...

Pink Doc Martens are definitely the shoe of choice for the Z.A.! My husband lerves that show. Pretty hands and nails!

thorne garnet said...

It might be getting col enough here for me to roll out the black and purple zebra Doc's I got in September. The pink one are so girly. And look wonderful with your outfit.

Let's see, my favorite thing hanging on the wall, is a painting my late Mother-in-law made for me when I was sick in 2005. It's King Tuts gardener and is on papyrus.

Melanie said...

If you were in a zombie apocalypse in those Docs I would immediately know that you were on the side of the good. All non-zombies should wear pink footwear like that!! I love that photo of you with kitty.

Perdita said...

Those pink DMs are super, so glad you found real ones!!

delia hornbook said...

Im so glad you had a great weekend and have the last week behind you. I drink red martini's with lemonade everynight only 1 mind in a tall glass i will have to try it with the fruit juice now it sounds lovely. Loving your new pink boots and how adorable is peetee bless him ;-) Glad to hear your cats are feeling better to. I love all my collection of vintage wall art especially my latest tretchikoff in fact i love my home its cosy and makes me feel safe and secure. Have a great week lovely, hugs dee xxx

Louise Mc said...

you can't beat the real thing when it comes to Docs, they will last you years. They are fab too. Glad you are feeling better. xx

Ivy Black said...

You'd be the best dressed zombie if the apocalypse ever came!! I do love to see you, you brighten up the day.
I have heaps of art and crazy crap on the walls. I couldn't stand a bare wall. We have a mix of our own and other peoples paintings and all sorts of stuff we pick up. I do like my Wall of Strangers which is basically old photos of long since departed people.
Could lick those Docs they;re so yummy.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am so in love with your pink Docs, I'm speechless. They are so effing fabulous, just like YOU! Every time I come here, I'm just completely blown away with your adorable and colorful style. You're my fashion inspiration! xoxo

Thick Threads said...

your doc's are amazing! i love them. it makes me want to go get a pair but i doubt they'd look as good on me as they do on you. I am so glad to hear your cats are doing better. aww poor peetee! haha atleast he has his health. I love the vodka canister Idea, it's so much classier than a beer can...i need to make a change! haha. and the art work is awesome. my favorite picture hanging up on my walls is a comic drawing my boyfriends mother did of me and my boyfriend, it's us as superheroes kicking supermans is awesome I should feature it on my blog sometime.

anyway i hope you are having a wonderful week.


Lynn Dylan said...

Krista, you look so pretty in this outfit! It's bright -- so you-- but yet just a little more subdued maybe! It's redhead toned down!! I feel bad that I missed being able to send a cyber hug last week. Sounds like the stresses of life were big. It gets that way here, too, and life has been super busy, hence the not getting around to my regular blogs. Poo. Anyhoo, love ALL the recent dresses! And the skull pendant is really great. I am glad you are feeling more rested! I love that saying, Take Joy. We do have to choose, don't we!

Lynn Dylan

Angela Pricope said...

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Sacramento Amate said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I can smell the pink roses, and adore you, my dear Krista.

Milex said...

exacly what I like.

Bohemian vanity said...

Haha ooh i love The walking dead too !! Glad your cats are getting better my dog also had a cold and i was sooo sorry for him... Well your outfit is fantastic i love your cardi its amazing !
My fave item on my wall is my dreamcatcher. I don't know why, i even don't believe in it but its just nice :) XX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well for a start, I'm going to need to breathe through a paper bag at the sight of your PERFECT pink Docs - the real deal are indestructible - and SO comfy once they've been worn in (doesn't take long). What a wonderful friend to bring you fragrant pink roses in such a beautiful bottle for keeps:). We tend to get totally immersed in tv series' and watch whole seasons in one go too - no ads, more funnage:)). Your dinner sounds beautiful - apple pie is my FAVOURITE dessert! xoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

The Docs are SPLENDID and the roses are beautiful and PEETEE is GORGEOUS! Love your yummy cardigan - and as always, your beautiful happy colours! LOVE! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on new Docs and friends who bring roses in Vodka vases. I think my favorite wall hanging would be our print of American Gothic in an ornate gilt frame.

Punk Glam Queen said...

When I did my "zombie chic" article I should have thought of Docs! Dang I need a new pair (waiting for the teen to outgrow hers, heehee!) Good that you're prepared (and "zombie chic" too!) I'm glad to hear your kitties are getting better. I love those roses, beautiful! Funny, I just mentioned "Tank Girl" to my daughter yesterday as she was describing some new fashion style (that isn't new at all, just has a new name.) XXX