Monday, November 26, 2012

I cook better in pink

I missed you all last week as mine turned out to be pretty hectic. However, I have spent the last 4 days in a turkey induced coma only to wake up for cookies and ice cream.   I cooked a 23 lb. bird had family over, ate, drank, ate some more and yes shopped a bit too.  I put up my pink Xmas tree and the lights are up outside, I am ready for the holidays!  This week is Chris's Birthday and mine is the following week along with my trip to San Diego. I love this time of year because I don't feel guilty for being lazy!
The animals love it too because they get MEAT!
My bird was cooked to perfection and I was perfectly dressed to cook!

There was more food but these were the only shots I took, too busy cooking and eating and hanging out!
The dreariness of last week was made a whole lot brighter when I received the sweetest gift from Rebecca at Crivens Cottage.  She sent me my very first ever Zandra Rhodes item!
Everything was wrapped super cute!
 I'll be honest this handmade card was the best part of the gift!
 A sweet headband!
Here is my Mac/Jack in a Pack :)  Beautiful colors!
Thanks Rebecca, that was really thoughtful of you and they are my colors for sure!!
I love that our house gets tons of morning sun on the front side.
Bring on December, the cold, the rain, 42 and a nice sunny spot on my sofa with Chris and the animals!  Hope everyone is doing well!


Laura (dusty_rose) said...

I love your My Little Pony dress! And all the food looks delicious. I've had that Cupcake wine too--one of my friends gave it to me as a present because I like cupcakes so much. :)

Ivy Black said...

How yummy are you? Not to mention your lovely food...I could just sit down and help you polish that lot off!
You are a total pleasure to set eyes on this terrible, glum wet day!
You've made me always.

Connie said...

How cute are you in this season of earth tones!!!! Happy Happy Birthday! I wish you lots of pink cupcakes!!!!!!!

Vix said...

You are a sight for sore eyes, you look absolutely ravishing in that sweet frock and I'm drooling over the cheese and biscuits.
I'm glad you survived all that cooking and found the energy to shop, decorate and stay looking fabulous at all times.
What a sweetheart Rebecca is, that card, pack-a-mac and headband are beauties (and so's Peetee!)
Love you!

invisiblefashion said...

You look amazing!! I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

lucy joy said...

Tht top photo of you and Master Peetee is GORGEOUS!!
That turkey looks big enough for you and Peetee to play hide and seek inside, and the weather looks beautiful.
Pink suits you like no other, and that dress would have had you as star attraction with Clare at the Hyper Hyper Japan event - it's cute, kitsch and sexy at the same time.

My gooooodness I could devour all that food, I'm cutting down on carbs, si I'd strip that bird bare and munch on the cheese to my heart's content. That just sounds WRONG!

Lovely personal gifts too - exquisite. And cupcake wine? Sounds HIDEOUS to me!


Lucy x

Annie said...

You look a picture of summer prettiness! I love the last photo, and the top one of you with Peetee.

That turkey looks delicious, and I love a bit of Boursin.

What a lovely gift from Rebecca. the card is ultra cute!

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. More holiday fun on the way! xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

You look like a litttle girls, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, My wonderful Krista.

Louise Mc said...

Seriously, could you look any cuter? What a lovely big bird too. It sounds like you had a lovely thanksgiving. It's hubby's birthday this week too. xx

pastcaring said...

Krista, you look the most Krista-ish ever in that frock, it's so perfect on you! Pink and ruffled and cute and sexy, stripes and spots and lace, bright and sassy - yep, that's you!
How do you do all the Thanksgiving food and entertaining - and then do it all over again a month later? I would be exhausted! All your food looks fabulous!
How sweet of Rebecca to send you lovely gifts, that card and the headband are adorable.
Have you got exciting plans for Chris' birthday? Tell us!
LOVE! xxxxxx

Helga! said...

OMG, YOU are a visual FEAST!
Dressed to satorial perfection for a cooking and eating frenzy!! I love LOVE this frock, and I would have LOVED to have sat down to your Thanksgiving table with you and Chris!!! Heavenly!
I adore you!
Happy Birthday Kisses to Chris for the weekend coming!

Bella Q said...

You look adorbs, and is that a vintage apron you're rockin'?
Glad you had a good holiday week, and happy bdays to you and your sweet hubs!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Of course everything works better in pink! Great look!

Anonymous said...

Wow congratulations for your huge work in the kitchen, I'd love to improve my cooking, I hope to take lessons from you in the future, meanwhile I should find a cute dress/apron like yours!!I love my little ponies since I was little and me and my daughters have a great collection of vintage and new ones, we would love to wear a wonderful dress like that as a daily uniform!!I love Rebecca's presents, the headband looks great on your hair and Zandra's jack in a pack is brilliant!!
A huge hug to you and Peetee!!
I love you more than sunny days!!

delia hornbook said...

aahhh how gorgeous and cute do you look ;-) Your adorable i love your outfit infact your apron reminds me of my ra ra skirt i had as a little girl in the 80's except it was blue and white flowers but i loved it. Your dinner looks lush. I am so with you on christmas is the only time you don't feel guilty for doing nothing its the only time i watch films and enjoy them to ;-) Have a great week, dee xx

Bohemian vanity said...

OMG you look so beautiful and adorable ! This dress is sweet as cotton candy !!! And i am jealous i'd love to go to San Diego too its such a fab place !!! Have fun !!! XX

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Last night I dreamt I'd come to stay with you!

I adore your dress! You just need a pie with steam coming off it and voila - perfect. Seriously, the kick ass Disney princess dress and apron are totally amazing on you. All the food look amazing - I have to keep away from Boursin, it's addictive. The headband looks perfect on you too. The pack a mac is rather wonderful as well
Love you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

How adorable are you in your My Little Pony dress and pink boots!!!!
The grub looked delicious!! I can't wait to see your pink tree!!
How wonderful are your new goodies--love the headband!!
PEETEE!!!! OMG how adorable is he???

His East coast homies KaeKae and MrBill send him some licks and a belly rub or two!!

liz said...

From one Sag to another, happy early birthday! (mine's Dec. 3rd) Hooray for sunshine! Yesterday boosted my serotonin, beeg time!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

that turkey looks dang good