Monday, November 5, 2012

I don't follow trends I set them :)

Thanks for all the recommendations on books!  I have started a list and already finished one of the books on there:) Curtise recommended John Connolly so I picked up and finished Every Dead Thing this weekend.  It was good!  Pretty sick story line about a serial killer who flays his victims while they are conscious but immobile because he has shot them up with Special K.  Crazy huh.  I have always liked gruesome scary stories.  Helga also mentioned a site called Good reads which I think I might join.
I love Oregon in the fall. If you go to any high spot and look out onto Portland this time of year instead of seeing all green you see yellow, orange and red, it's really beautiful.  It's the last bit of brightness before winter takes hold and everything becomes cold and gray, except me~ NEVER!
What do you guys think about my new dress?  It's by Tori Richard, a Honolulu based company who started making women's clothes in the 60's. I found it on ebay for about $20. It was a maxi but I had it shortened otherwise the dress just swallowed me up.
 This is my version of a "fall outfit".  My lemon tree is doing really good but I will have to move it inside before the first frost.
 Not only do I need color in my life but it is an absolute must in the wintertime.
 Aren't these colors and patterns delicious!
My weekend was relaxing.  I spent Saturday exploring a few thrift stores I had never been in and found a killer 80's hot pink lacy number, a rainbow striped purse from the 60's and a metallic turquoise sweater all under $20. I found this pre made paper mache  angel for $4 and I tricked her out!

Vix I gave her your turquoise eye shadow and I named her Sarah, because she gives me divine inspiration!
Tomorrow is election day here in the states, THANK GOD!  I cannot wait for this to be over.  I have already cast my ballot and you can beat your ass it's not for the candidate who's party thinks that even pregnancy from rape is something God intended.   Keep your fingers crossed this might be close.


SimplyyMayra said...

Love the dress! Sarah is a great name for your divine figurine! Love the colors you!

~SimplyyMayra :)
p.s. make sure to bring in your lemon tree ;)

Vix said...

That dress is beautiful. You definitely did the right thing by chopping it up, the prints so loud we wouldn't have noticed you and that would be a crime!
Aren't the leaves an amazing colour? The top photo with darling Peetee is a work of art with all those pinks, reds and browns going on.
Can't wait to see your scores via Skype.
Sarah is perfect, I love her!
Love you and lets speak sooon!

pastcaring said...

Ooh you got started with Charlie Parker! I know, the stories are usually sickening and violent, I dread to think what it says about me that I read that stuff... But whatever it means, you are obviously made of similar stuff, so that's OK! There are lots of books in the series so plenty more gruesomeness to go at.
I LOVE that dress! It fits you like a dream and shortening definitely worked wonders. The colours and print are a psychedelic marvel, and I always love to see you in that fab hat.
Look at those beautiful leaves, what amazing colours. Fit for Sarah the Krista-fied angel and for wonderful colourful you! xxxxx

delia hornbook said...

aaahhh i love what you did with the angel she looks gorgeous now so much pretty colour and glitter a lady after my own heart. Loving your dress to you look gorgeous infact that first photo you cordinate so well with those red leaves, i love this time of year for all the gorgeous colour. Nature is a truely wonderful thing at times. Im so glad to have found you now, you are so bright, lovely and fun. Have a lovely week and happy reading, dee xx

Melanie said...

The dress is incredible, so you! I would love to see all those trees beautifully adorned in their autumn colours xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Sarah!

I love, love this look on you- the hat and dress are perfect, nice styling - great colors -

I love your crafty talents, i have to make time for mine as well -

Take care


Anonymous said...

That dress is awesome!!The colours and are great and I really love when a print reminds me of 60's-70's Barbie doll clothes, it's definitely my idea of style!Yesterday I wore a beautiful vintage shirt that looks like your dress, too bad that it's falling into pieces because I used it too much!
I love Sarah, she's beautiful!
John Connolly's book sounds ineresting and creepy, I should read it!
Love you more than the colorful autumn leaves!!

Nerd Burger said...

You've been doing so much craft lately, it's awesome. I love the dress. The cute little buttons really top it all off.

lucy joy said...

A visual feast, as ever. I think your dress is perfect,the colours, pattern, length, style - I love it.

The book sounds just right for me, I'm not one for romance - sick, twisted, weird and horrific is more my thing.

Great job with the papier mache - not just you setting a trend, Vix has too with the eyeshadow!

I can't get enough of that first picture, those leaves don't look real, they are so pretty!

Keep settin' trends Krista!


Lucy x

Anonymous said...

So, we're not going to see you on some billboard that say's "I'm a moron?" Oops, I mean "I'm a mormon?"

I love that fabric of your dress so much, it's right up my era ally!! It's so very Peter Max. Lucky lucky find! You are adorable in it too.

Love what you did with the little statue. You're great at making things your own.

Louise Mc said...

What a gorgeous frock, I can't imagine it would have looked as good full length. Great close up of the booboid too. I love this time of year too, so colourful in beautiful low sunlight. Xx

Heather said...

Love love love all the color!! winter doesn't have to mean boring! although my clothes since we got the horse are pretty lame lol ...jeans, tee, boots ...I just get to dirty to bother getting fancy I think I am having a drab clothing season I haven't felt like getting dressed up either? I love how you shortened the dress I think it looks great ~and the angel is awesome love how it turned out ~We vote by mail so thankfully we did our voting last week! ~Have a great week ahead ~Love Heather

Heather said...

Love love love all the color!! winter doesn't have to mean boring! although my clothes since we got the horse are pretty lame lol ...jeans, tee, boots ...I just get to dirty to bother getting fancy I think I am having a drab clothing season I haven't felt like getting dressed up either? I love how you shortened the dress I think it looks great ~and the angel is awesome love how it turned out ~We vote by mail so thankfully we did our voting last week! ~Have a great week ahead ~Love Heather

Mary Lou said...

oh wow i love your pink hair and you look like a rainbow, it so brightened up my mood to see you in your rainbow glory ;) kinda remind me a bit of my little pony ;) love love love it!

Annie said...

What an amazing print. It looks just fabulous on you! And the hat goes with it perfectly.

I love how you've transformed the angel. She's definitely for life, not just for Christmas!

I'm envious of your lemon tree. I've had no luck with them here even keeping them in a greenhouse over winter.

Tomorrow is so important for all of us. I have my fingers well and truly crossed!

Annie xx

Helga! said...

You most certainyl DO set the trends,you sexy technicolour dream wench!!! LOVE the new frock,it's frigging gorgeous! Colour is like air to me now,so weird to think I was so into Goth all those years ago!!!
The angel is fabularse! I haven't sone any crafty shit for soooo long, dammit!
Yeah,that election does sound like it'll be fecking close.I so hope Obama gets it,he just needs a bloody chance,poor bastard.Your political system is a lot different to ours,and a bit incomphrehensible at times!
Love you!

Vix said...

Just came back to say, what a dimwit I am. I'm rooting for Obama and shall stay up as late as possible to see the results come in tomorrow night. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Fingers crossed things go the right way xxxxx

I love your psychedelic dress, it looks so gorgeous on you! and I could barely see little Peetee camouflaged there. Those autumn leaves are so gorgeous.
I love what you've done with the angel - I'd really love to come over and have a mad art day with you xxxx

thorne garnet said...

Yes, Edie Pop said it...60's Barbie doll dress. Remembers me for Peter Maxx. You find the coolest dresses.

Misfits Vintage said...

FAVOURITE DRESS EVER!!! You look absolutely amazing Krista - LOVE the first pic so much - the Autumn leaves are gorgeous and you look so divine. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the dress? Good call on chopping it - that's a perfect length - and the fabric/colours are just exquisite on you. I could not care less about trends - I never know what's trendy in what season - I just wear what I love whenever I like! The Sarah angel is just beautiful - I love the colours - and I hope she has a cheeky twinkle in her eye! Love your bones! Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

That dress is fab! And only $20, (I wouldn't shorten anything more expensive than that so I do have this mental yessss! when I find something I want to craft with within my 'not spoiling an heirloom' price range- haha crazy). LOVE the pattern to bits.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

BEST DRESS TOTALLY!! I hope you did something brilliant with the fabric you lopped off. It's AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

PEETEE!!!! How adorable is he accessorizing your FABULOUS dress!!
The print is just FANTASTIC!!
OMG the angel re-do is just so so cool!!!

You might enjoy Patricia Cornwall's Kay Scarpetta mysteries--creepy but very intriguing

Sacramento Amate said...

I am with you about not following, but setting trends, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I adore everything you wear, and yes we are also bombarded by the USDA elections, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fingers crossed the guy with his finger hovering over the nuclear button doesn't isn't half-wit Mitt, that's for sure!

Your dress is amazing, you look incredible and eye-popping and beautiful against those leaves. And I Sarah is a beauty too, you did a great job. xx


Misfits Vintage said...

I've just popped back for another peek at you in this gorgeous dress - AMAZING!!! Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

PS. I forgot to say, definitely join Good Reads, it's great. I'm on there and I love it for finding new recommendations. Also there are some brilliantly funny reviews.

And hurrah for the election result!

Anonymous said...

Miss Kae wanted to tell PeeTee is he looking mighty fine rockin' that hot pink collar!! WOOF!!!!!

She says she'll let him chew her chew toys anytime if he wears it!!

Melanie said...

Someone should license that dress fabric to the military as camouflage wear because you blend so well with the leaves. But who would want to fight in such happy patterns? LOL. I love this! The shorter length is good because we can see those tangerine legs.

BellaBean Vintage said...

I love that dress, it seriously looks like you've coloured the leaves to match! Did you?! I used to be a red head but unfortunately I've faded to a mousey brown :( Thank goodness for hair dye. My favorite book is The Book Thief by Mark Zusac - it's beautifully written(poetic even) and manages to tell a story about WW2 without being graphic or disrespectful to its victims. I love your style and your blog! Jen

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love the new dress Krista, you're obviously not going to let the cooler weather cramp your style or your love of colour. Your little angel is lovely too, if you find any more you could create a little family of blogger angels. I've been so lazy with my reading lately, I feel like all my favourite books are ones I read years ago because I'm so far behind! xx