Friday, November 16, 2012

I pledge allegiance to myself

I have learned so much about myself over the last year most of it good and some of it well let's just call it areas of improvement.  Since I quit the gym in January (after 13 years) I've had a lot of success doing Zumba and weight lifting on my own at home.  I've learned that I don't need a gym to stay fit just discipline, desire and motivation!  Another huge leap for me has been expanding the type of clothes I wear.  I used to be that girl who would only wear jeans and tight tees.  I am evolving.  Maturity has taught me that I'd much rather be noticed because I have style.
Look at me wearing red, white and blue.  Who would have thought I could pull this off.
 But you never know unless you try.
 It's getting harder and harder to find good vintage at the thrift stores in Oregon.  Most of it is filled with crap from Old Navy and Target.  I don't wanna wear that stuff anymore.  I found this sweet dress at Deanna Hardy's shop. It was a long dress with long sleeves and she got rid of all that extra bulk and I think she made a real sweet dress.
 I am such a fan of cowboy boots, one for the cute factor but mainly because I swear nothing feels more comfortable on my feet.  The older I get the less I can tolerable when it comes to my feet.
 Ash is feeling better too and looking extra crazy in the beautiful sunshine!
Thanks for giving me a place where I feel comfortable enough to try new things and share them with you!  What new fashion break throughs have you discovered for yourself lately?


lucy joy said...

Shirts and blouses! I can't get enough of them at the moment, I never used to go near them at the charity shop.
I think blogging has a huge effect on my outfit choices. I'm more confident and wear things I like despite what convention says. I was inspired by Sarah Misfit to ditch the anorak and wear fur on the school run. You inspire me to wear more bright colours. Vix inspires me to wear things only if you feel fabulous, and Curtise inspires me to dress well whatever the occasion.

I reckon you've made no end of people's day with your colour and positive vibe, so thank YOU Krista!


Lucy x

Vix said...

Hear, hear! I was another "let it all hang out" kind of girl, it took a while to realise I wouldn't become invisible if covering my arse once in a while.
You look stunning in that frock, It's incredible on you and fits perfectly.
I love how Zoe's lurking the the background and Ash's is soaking up those rare rays of sunshine.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

I absolutely love that frock, if I thought I could get more than one thigh in it I'd have it off you in a flash!

pastcaring said...

I think my breakthrough is combining items I wouldn't have put together a while ago, but now I give it a go and see what happens. Colours, patterns, textures, shapes, I used to have all sorts of weird rules about what "goes" with what, and I've pretty much ditched those now. Also shorter lengths - I am the opposite of Vix, I haven't ever worn anything very short, and I am trying not to feel self-conscious about revealing a bit more leg lately!
And the above is ALL because of blogging, and the inspiration and courage I take from my darling blog buddies!
Including you, wonderful colourful Krista! I LOVE that dress! That mock patchwork print is just adorable. And so is Ash, so pleased she is feeling better.
Have a great weekend, sweetheart! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I apprecciate to have found in our blogs a great source of inspiration and support, I like that everyone is so creative and express feelings or tells stories through their outfits!
I'd love to find such beautiful dresses as the one you are wearing here, but to buy good vintage items (especially coloured) is an impossible mission here!But this makes the moment you scored something you love even more precious!I think that I'm going to wear my parka this weekend and I want to use it as 'grunge' in the daylight and as 'mod' at night!
My fashion mood depends on what I like to wear at the moment!
I adore your striped socks and the red boots with your new dress!!
I love you more than Vintage scores!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ivy Black said...

Like Curtise, I went through a period of putting stuff that goes with matching stuff....probably a symptom of working in an office environment. I don't do any of that now and I'm all out for colour. Recently I have had an eye for a quirky print...the madder the better. Blogging lovelies are always an inspiration, including you gorgeous. Have a fab weekend.xxxxx

Annie said...

That dress is so sweet, and I love the cowboy boots. One rule for me these days is that my feet HAVE to be comfortable. I mostly wear boots, and I think I should really branch out a bit and experiment with shoes again. There must be some funky but comfy ones out there!

I'm glad your cat is feeling better. There must be sort of cat 'lurgy' going around!

Have a fab weekend! xxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Gorgeous frock and I love the boots teamed with the socks. As for my fashion break through...its having a tattoo of birds in black on my inner arm done back in September. I wanted a tattoo back in my 20s, but its taken me another 20 years to decide on something I want permanently inked onto me. Its my first tattoo, but not my last!

Trees said...

I love that dress on you - its like pretty patchwork!

The Canon Girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous dress, I would buy it in a heartbeat myself. The cowboy boots are super cute too, paired with the stripey socks. I've always tried to look a little different because I like to think of myself as a creative soul but lately I've been wearing more figure hugging things. Basically because I feel hot, hahaha :-D However we dress and what we look like always reflects a little on how we feel about ourselves. You're a colorful, unique individual and that shines through, now more than ever with the clothing probably!

Bella Q said...

Holy moly! I love red/white/blue and I so love your rendition of it- you rock! I love how it is still very Krista- the boots, the vintage. You are style.

Nerd Burger said...

I only wear pink black purple or blue. Its the oldschool goth in me that sneeks black into every outfit. So last week i wnt out entirely in pastel including a 3colour pastel tutu. It was scary but exciting.
Im glad you are enjoying life and share your fashion ideas with us.

Anonymous said...

Ash certainly is one gorgeous cat!!!

The red white & blue frock is stunning on you!!! I love it with the cowboy boots and striped socks. The only way it could look better is if you were holding PeeTee!!!

Vintage is practically IMPOSSIBLE to find where i live-and if I wanted OldNavy or Target crap I'd shop there instead of the thrifts!!

Like you--blogging about what I'm wearing and reading all of the wonderful blogs out there has given me so much more confidence, inspiration and the nerve to wear what I want to!! Like LEOPARD!!!

I used to be a pink-hater but seeing you look so amazing in it is opening my eyes up to it!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

It's my dream to own a pair of red cowboy boots (white as well)

Heather said...

Look how beautiful you are!! and please do tell where you got those red boots I love them!!! :) I really like working out at home but your right it does take motivation! For me though if I have good loud peppy music that seems to do wonders for my workout~ and unfortunately I am not able to do much with fashion right now with training the horse and our new rescue dog I am just always full of dirt or have something gross smeared on me lol! But I sure do love to see you looking pretty!! One day soon I will have to throw on a dress regardless...Have a great weekend Love Heather

thorne garnet said...

I'm becoming comfortable with having my picture taken. For years I never liked the way I looked in photos. Probably from years of "bad photos", now I pose, snap away and delete the crap. Works wonders, and so does smiling!

As for fashion, I've gotten to the point in life that I don't really care what people think of me in terms of my clothes. I just turned 57 and I have no freaking idea of what "age appropriate clothes" I'm suppose to wear. When I see magazine stories on that subject I never like any of the over 50 ideas. SO I wear what I want and to hell with it. PS: gyms are smelly.

SimplyyMayra said...

I use to wear high heels all the time. Even my weekend flip flops are 4" platforms. I LOVE heels. Lately, my feet are asking for flats and I don't know how I feel about it yet. You look awesome as always! Thanks for sharing of yourself with us.

p.s. Ash looks lovely too ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a darling dress. I'm with you on the cowboy boots--mine are very old, but remain my most comfy pair of shoes.

Bohemian vanity said...

You totally rock that outfit, the dress looks amazing on you and oh hell yes i love cowboy boots too i am searching for a real vintage pair but wasn't successful yet... Have a nice sunday ! XX

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the stars and stripes dress, it looks perfect. It's bright and attractive and cute with out being over the top and tacky (not always a bad thing) in the way some stars and stripes fabric can look. You look stunning in those colours! You always look lovely though, I'm so glad you ditched the jeans, dunno about you but I hardly wear them any more. You so amazing to have the discipline to train at home, I'm terrible. xxxxxxxx

Connie said...

You have come soooooo far from San Diego, which is probably one of the most fashion challenged places I've ever lived. It's like summer camp for adults! You are so cute. I'm sure you turn heads everywhere you go. Zandra would LOVE you!
ps I live in Carmel Valley (my kids went to Torrey Pines HS) but we're looking for a new place to live in either Encinitas or Carlsbad. Get me OUT of this boring suburb! Augh!

Helga! said...

You are more than pulling off the red, white and blue, darl, you are OWNING my fave colour combination!!! YUMCIOUS!
I joined a gym for a while, some years ago, and I loathed not being able to get on with my workout with someone yabbering in my face!!! I prefer to be very solo when I work out, so cycling and wlaking work well for me.Cycling is great, as it's also transport! I really want to get a Zumba DVD, though,it sounds so good!
Maturity (or hwat passes for it, in my case) has made me way more confident and experiamental with clothes! Hurrah!
(some for Chris and Peetee and the furry babies!)

delia hornbook said...

Bless your heart your just to sweet for words. Finding yourself and being comfortable is a great place to be in life. You look gorgeous in red, white and blue love the dress and i adore your pink hair. I have always dressed different to everyone i don't follow fashion i never have done i know what i like and what suits me. I have no idea about labels i wouldn't know a designer one at all. Its great to experiment though. have a great week lovely, dee xx

Sacramento Amate said...

I want your dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
My beautiful pink lady.

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Cordelia said...

Howdy Doodle

I have been thinking about this very same thing. I hit the big four 0 this year and it brought up a few things. These last 15 or so years I didn't really care about myself, felt pretty worthless but then thought, "Hell I've reached 40 it can't be all that bad as I never thought I would get this old' I made some changes, I have a skin care routine, I wear make up and I've even had a proper hair cut for the first time in years, no I HAVE to style it instead of shoving it in a ponytail everyday. Some days are still hard but I make the effort even if it is just putting on eyeliner and mascara and putting a comb through my hair.

It will take a while to change an almost lifetime of bad habits but I will do it, if not for me for my kids!