Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little girls & art warm the heart

Life really is about the little things.  I love it when I'm knee deep in life's bullshit and suddenly something happens that makes you forget everything else and your just happy again.  I ordered and received this gorgeous print from Ilaria Novelli!  She also included a heart throbbing original that to me is a kawaii sugar skull girl, you will have to wait to see that one. Both are getting framed right now and I can't want to show you them hanging on the wall!  Thanks darling, they are most loved!  The frame I am getting is purple!!!!
Her sweet girls also have her talent and included these lovely sentiments! This was the best part of that package!
Sometimes I think kids are the only ones who really get me and then I get bummed because I have none of my own and then I'm over it because I have to be.  Life's weird like that.
Another lil sweetheart who made my day recently was this kid Ivie.  My sister works with her Mom and they read my blog at the office. She recently made the comment that her little girl would love a floral headband that I often wear.  Of course I got busy making one and sending it off.  The day she got it she slept with it on!  How precious is that?!  She said she loved that it made her taller.
I know she is all kinds of adorable isn't she! When I think about how happy these kids make me, kids I don't even know~ I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!  If only adults could love that easy, think how much better our world would be.

It's been really cold here, like 30 degree kinda cold.  I keep our thermostat set to 72 ;)
I picked up this dress for a quid or so when hanging with my girl Vix.  She spotted it for me because she's just good like that.
 I have an update with regard to my squeaky DOC's, they don't squeak anymore.
The leather lotion helped a bit but I added some Ariat boot inserts and suddenly no more squeak and the boots are so much more comfortable.  I mean it made a world of difference!!!
I got this jacket at the Goodwill a while ago, its cute and cheap like me :)

Today is my babe's Birthday:)  Happy Birthday BabeXor!

You are my best friend and I wuv's ya.  Please don't be mad at me for putting up this picture.  Tonight it's a metal show to celebrate!


delia hornbook said...

Life is a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions i agree there. Childrens art work is amongst some of the sweetest and the best they draw and write just how they see it ;-) Your little flower headband looks adorable on that little girl and how proud and tall does she look, bless her heart ;-))Glad you sorted the squeek out in your boots there so shinny still they look brandnew. Happy birthday to your other half and im loving the picture you bought so clever love the way their hair is entwined it will look fabulous with a purple frame around it. Take care, dee xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!Please don't be mad at Krista for putting you here because that picture is lovely and Peetee is just too cute!!You wrote a great quote about kids, I always believed that adults are too complicated and it's not pleasant to relate with them, in some uncanny situations I prefer to babysit the children instead of talking with the other parents!
Ivie looks amazing with the floral headband you made for her, now she's more confident and..taller!!
Your dress is beautiful, you are gorgeous with ponytails and I'd love to see more and more photos of your house, that room is wonderful!I can't wait to see the print hanging on your walls!!
Love you more than painting!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday, Krista & Chris! My hub & I have bds a week a part, too. So....there is a playground right behind my house. I can see it from my bedroom window & I walk my dog by there every day. The kids are soooooo cute and I often think how wonderful it would be if grown ups could dress like they do and be as free and happy. And you know what? I feel that lovely child-like spirit coming from you and it just fills me with delight!! Keep it up, Doll. We need more big kids like you!!!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday to Chris!
That little girl is a poppet and so sweet in her new hairband.

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to Chris! Sending him lots of love, pints of beer, pork scratchings, bags of chips, hugs and gothapotamusses from across the ocean!!! Enjoy the metal...rawwwwk!
That's insane, I was in the shop we found that dress in a couple of hours ago. freaky or what? It looks wonderful and shows your gorgeous bod off a treat.
How fab is Ilaria's art? It's almost a perfect copy of you.Her girls are taking after her in the talent department!
Ivie looks wonderful in her Krista-made headband, a blogger in the making!
Have a fab night and speak sooooon!
Love you!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista!

Happy birthday to your sweet half!
Awwwww love your docs , yes i have said it! but i love love the color!
My docs are finally confortable but it took a while -

Love your dress so sweet on you

The little girl wearing the flower head band is so precious, future blogger of course !

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a sweeeet photo in the end there. Darling!
You dont' have to have your own kids to make the dreams come true for another. You made that little girl so happy, and I guarantee she'll never forget it for as long as she lives. And, she'll no doubt be passing around that love to others even as she gets older because you jumped on the chance to be giving and brighten someone's day. And honey, that's what life is all about. NOT passing up those opportunities, even if they seem frivolous or excessive. When that heart starts pounding cause you have something to say, or feel the urge to do, ya gotta do it. Or it will never happen, and the power moves on to someone else to try to be released. It's our responsibility and if more of us listened to those prompts the world would be a better place. Give yourself a hug! Or come up here and I'll do it. ;)

Louise Mc said...

I love that you still look like a beautiful summer flower fairy despite the cold. I also love the Britishisms you picked up, like quid... Or maybe you use that in Oregon anyway? Big hugs lovely Krista, and happy birthday to himself. Xx

Perdita said...

I work with kids... they keep you young. And so much more straightforward than adults, you don't have to AGREE with em (e.g. 'No, Red Bull is not an appropriate breakfast drink') but at least you know how they feel!

Love that pic. Mainly for the squid, I must admit!

lucy joy said...

Happy Birthday Chris!
He's a lucky guy having a wife and best friend who is unique, colourful, funny, smart, hot and who loves life so much.

Adorable paintings by artist and budding artists. Great to see the floral headgear getting love from the little ones too - we can learn as much from children as they can from us.

Hope you have an amazing evening - you sure look fit in that dress.
I found my DOCS at their most comfortable after about a year of solid wear! They are tough boots.

Speak as soon as possible!

Lucy x

CityScape Skybaby said...

Happy birthday to Chris! It was Pat's birthday yesterday and Jake is two tomorrow so obviously a lot of cool men born around this time of year. I love the pic of the little girl wearing the head dress you made for her, she is adorable, I know what you mean about loving being around kids, sometimes I much prefer their company, not that I have much choice! But sometimes it's just good to be around little people that haven't got cynical or are on a power trip or any of the things that mess up adults a lot of the time. Hope you and Chris have a great night! xx

Ivy Black said...

Such wonderful art all round! Can't wait to see your Ila original. I love thst cute dress. Vix is brill at spotting a great frock. Happy birthday to your lovely chap. Xxxxx

Helga! said...

Just look at your hot arse in that fabularse frock!!! YEAAAAAAAAH!
Happy Birthday to lovely Chris!!!
Huzzah! I love seeing men snuggle with animals...
How wonderful to see that huge smile on that little girls face! The headband is awesome, and she's SO cute in it! The added height, I get that! I love having my hair up for mostly that reason!
Brrr, Winter is on your doorstep,doll,but you will brighten and warm it up with your fabulousness!
Yay to non squeaky boots!
Love you like leopard!

pastcaring said...

Happy birthday to your lovely Chris, hope you have a great night out celebrating.
Fab frock on you, Krista, Vix has a really good eye for what works on people, doesn't she? And the art from Ilaria is amazing, so beautiful and so you. How adorable of her girls to do some art of their own to send you too.
Ivie looks incredible in the headband you made for her, she's got the pose too! You are such a generous, kind-hearted soul, Krista.
Hurray for non-squeaky Docs and birthdays and pets and friends and LOVE! xxxxxxx

Bella Morte said...

That is a lovely piece of art! I especially love the Ouija board and the little squid baby coming out of her insides!

I also LOVE Ivie's skirt!

Happy Birthday to Chris! Peetee looks so cute giving puppy dog eyes to the camera! Bless him! ~♥~

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Iliara's art is AMAZING - you are the perfect owner of such a glorious thing - please show us when it's framed. Your friend's little girl looks so beautiful in her floral headpiece - yay for little girls! You look fab in that spunky mini and I LOVE that cheap and cheerful floral jacket! Stay warm - big HUGS! Love! Sarah xxx

Victoria said...

Just stopping by to give you some loves, hugs and kisses 'cause that's the kind of thing you bring out in me. It is a joy to be around kids, so sweet and what a great gift for the little girl, I can only imagine how thrilled she was. Keep warm, Victoria

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are the dearest, kindest friend any wee lassie could wish for and it's no wonder Ivie wanted to look just like her heroine! The Stylist is in awe of you and the sight of you just brightens up her day. Thank you for being such a beautiful person Krista. Edie's work of art is exquisite, both your personality and her's are in the picture, look at the beautiful intertwined hair! And the drawing from lovely Teresa is so sweet - again the hair! I love your glorious coat from Goodwill and the blue frockage - well-spotted Vix! Big hugs to you my friend and happy birthday to Chris:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

OMG--the art is absolutly GORGEOUS!! But the wonderful stuff from the kids is the best--such purity in htem!!
Ivie is just too adorable!1 I wanted to reach thru the screen and squeeze her!! You were so sweet to make her the headband--and she is definitely rocking it with her T and lacy tutu!!

Happy Birthday to chris!! Y'all have fun rocking out tonite!!

How sweet is the pix of Peetee laying on his Daddy??

Annie said...

Tbis is a lovely post Krista. You are so right that the world would be so much better if we could be as open to love as kids are, but you are a shining example of a good person who makes the world brighter.

I love your dress. Vix has such a good eye! And Ilaria's art is fab.

Hope Chris enjoyed his birthday, and the metal gig!

Annie xxx

Nat said...

Lovely post and just love your cute purple dress and the gorgeous pink Docs :-) I used to wear the boots a couple of decades ago.... never had pink ones though!
Belated happy birthday greetings to your man xx

The Canon Girl said...

Aww I'm sorry I'm late but still a very happy birthday for your boo! That robot card is too adorable and I hope he had fun at the metal show! I want your dress, of course. And the kid is too adorable with the flowerheadband, you're such a sweetie <3

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