Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peek-a-pretty boo

Thanks for all your sweet Birthday wishes yesterday.  Chris's night out with the boys to a Metal show was a total success!  He came home pretty late and said he had to take a shower because he was covered in other peoples sweat, then he mumbled something about burning all his clothes :) The boys managed to elbow their way to the stage and avoid being crushed, minus some handfuls of hair. Yeah no more mosh pits for me.  I like my metal from a comfortable spot :)

I thought a little eye candy to get you through today would be nice.
 I didn't take any of these pictures and I'm sorry I have no links to give, but let's just enjoy anyway.
I think Peetee found a new palace!
 I would look hot in this car under that sky!
 I haven't seen our racoon in a while, I think it moved on.
 Bath time!
Leopard rainbow leggings $15 at Forever 21.
One more day to freedom!  YAH!!!


Vix said...

Those pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at them! You would look fantastic in that car and you look utterly gorgeous with darling Peetee!
Glad Chris had a great time. I still love the mosh pit but Jon's always worried about me busting a hip!
Loving those leggings.
Speak to you later!!!
Love ya! xxxxxxx

Connie said...

Really sweet photos. I love the cloud in the room.... You have a racoon? I have a little phoebe bird that visits every day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, they make me peaceful and I love the sunset colours and the squirrels!!I think that you would look great in that car, especially with those leggings and Peetee on the side seat wearing a little scarf!I hope that Chris enjoy his Metal concert despite the sweat!!
xxxxLove you more than concerts!!

Trees said...

Such stunning pics! Sounds like Chris had a rad bday. Yah! Love those leggings:)

Helga! said...

I actively avoid mosh pits; I either get shitty with idiots crashing into me, or panicked about the crowd! I like to be in a comfortable place to rock out gently nowadays! Ew, and the smell of sweaty boys and ciggies and stale booze after....yucko!!
Lovely eye candy, but the most satisfying are the pics of you and Peetee (precious!) and your fab new leggings!
Love your candyness!

lucy joy said...

So glad Chris was able to literally and totally 'let his hair down'!

I can see you in that car, music blasting, smiling at all the jealous guys as you slowly roll past.
I'd love to be your passenger, that's for sure.
Those images look hyper real, such intense colours. And that adorable dog, almost as cute as Peetee.

Well, I'm so sorry Ii haven't replied to your mail, I'm a week behind Curtise with the school PTA shit, and boy is it intense - I'll need a drink after it. Just wish it was with you, Vix, Curtise, Clare and anyone else who is up for it!

Have a great Friday!

Lucy x

MistressCatgirl said...

All of these photos are so pretty and positive. I love them. Those leopard leggings are pretty awesome too.

pastcaring said...

Such a gorgeous set of pics, Krista. My girls were oohing and ahhing over them along with me, especially when we got to the chipmunks and the raccoon!
Best of all? You and Peetee, with his cute ears! And your hot legs in your new leggings!
Good to know Chris can still rock out with the best of them! xxxxx

delia hornbook said...

Those pictures are lovely some of those colours are gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Annie said...

Lovely photos to start the weekend!

I'm with you - I stay out of the moshpit these days, but glad Chris enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend xx

thorne garnet said...

Been watching the weather, stay dry! Last time I went to a show, I watched from the balcony. Mosh pit, it was hard to believe I was in the middle of that! Man, but it was fun

Heather said...

Wow that pic of the pool and red water that is something else cool pictures!! and you look super cute as ever!! and Happy birthday to your Main Squeeze ...Enjoy the Metal show!! I am not sure if bang your head would be an appropriate thing to say or shake that hair lol!! Love Heather

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wonderful photos to sit and enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. Apart from the one of you and Peetee I love the cloud. The rainbow leggings are amazing. Hope you're having a great weekend xxxxx